The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


93. Pool

It's a few days into December, and Jc invited me over to watch movies. He lives in a different part of L.A but it's not much farther than Justin. It's like 4 o'clock and it's getting relatively dark, I hate day light savings. As I walk up the path to the front door of his house, I roll my eyes at the fading sky. It bugs me okay? As I reach the door, it flys open, Sam Pottorff, the Sam Pottorff, is walking out. He glances at me up from his phone for a second, looks down and does a double take. "Hi I'm Sam!" He smiles. "Sam who are you talking to?" Jc says walking into the door way, he's wearing black skinny jeans with some band t-shirt and a snap back. "Oh hey Ashley, is Sam bothering you?" He asks. Sam scuffs, "I was just introducing myself. Its nice to meet you Ashley." He says offering his hand. I take it and we formally introduce ourselves. "If you would excuse me i have to make a Taco Bell run, do you want anything?" He asks. "No thanks I'm fine." "Ok, just let me know." He says smiling flirtatious grin before walking to his car. I turned to Jc who just gestures me into the house. "Sorry about Sam, he's... Special." Jc apologizes, "Anyways do you like horror movies?" He asks. "If their not super scary." I say sheepishly. "Their not, I promise." He says. We walk into the living room, and Ricky who is wearing a tank top and khakis is sitting on the couch attempting at catching popcorn in his mouth. After the two failed attempts I witnessed he finally caught one and chanted 'Woo' with a fist pump. "Actually please excuse anyone you see in this house, their all pretty much special." He's now the one with the sheepish grin. "Hey, you're in this house too mister, so you're special too!" Ricky says walking over to us. "Actually we're all special in our own way!" A voice that I automatically knew belonged to Trevor came from behind us. Jc and I turned to look at him, he was leaning against the counter on the side opposite of us.  "Jc, aren't you going to introduce us to your friend?" Trevor asks rather interestingly. "Ashley Trevor, Trevor Ashley," Jc said  to Trevor and I, "Ricky Ashely, Ashley Ricky." "Hi." I said quite shyly which was surprising. "Girl, you are too quiet!" Ricky says,"Hang around us long enough and you won't be." "Where is Sam with my food?" A voice came from where the door is. "And that's Kian, you're here with all of us tonight. Lucky you!" Trevor says. "He's ordering as fast as possible." Another voice followed Kian's. "I hear introductions!" Connor ran in. "And I'm Connor!" He says sliding to stop, "You must be Ashely! Jc said he had a friend coming by and he told me your name, I feel special!" "It's nice to meet you, all of you." I replied with a smile. "Andrea said she couldn't make it." Kian states looking at his phone. "I know Rebecca is coming over soon." Ricky adds. "What movie are we watching?" Connor asks. "Let's watch Oz the Great and Powerful." Trevor chimes in. "Actually we're watching Saw." Jc tells. "Oh blood and gory, how lovely." Ricky comments sarcastically. "So what, it'll be interesting to watch." Trevor comments. "And gross, we shouldn't watch it, let's watch something else." Ricky still argues. "Like what then?" Jc asks. "The hangover!" Kian jumps in. "Is that appropriate for little Trevor here?" Connor asks scratching his head. "Hey who cares?" Trevor replies to Connor. "Why don't we watch Blades of Glory?" Ricky asks. "What do you want to watch Ashley?" Trevor asks me. "I'm fine with what ever." I say refusing to get in the middle of this disagreement. "Let's wait and let's let Sam decide!" Jc says trying to calm everyone down. The guys all say their fine's with scuff's and other boyish remarks. "Let's play a board game!" Trevor sings happily. This is most likely going to start another argument. "We're playing Apples to Apples and that's final." Kian states. "Why is he so obsessed with that game?" Trevor whines, this obviously isn't the first time they've played this. "Because he thinks he's good at it." Ricky says. "We don't have to play if you don't want to." Jc says turning to me. "I don't care if we play or not, do you want to play?" I ask. "I don't care, do you want to play?" He asks. "You'll both play and have fun doing it okay!" Connor says enthusiastically ushering us to a table. "No one gets a choice playing Apples to Apples!" Kian says slamming the box down on the table.   The game was all set up with lots of conversation, I mostly just talked to Jc for the 5 minutes it took to set up the game. Right as we're in the middle of the first round Sam walks in with an unbelievable amount of Taco Bell bags. "Delivery!" He sings. "Finally!!!" Trevor says rushing over to him. "Fooood!" Kian yells. "Look out, your fingers might be taken off." Jc says pulling me back away from the feeding frenzy. "Their like wild animals, I know." He whispers. I laugh at the behavior of the situation. "I'm assuming this is normal?" I asked. 
"Okay, I'll text Jc the address." I tell them standing up from my once aleaning position against the door. "Thank you so much!" Ricky says. "No problem, I don't play pool much anyways," I say to Ricky," anyways it was nice seeing you again." I tell Jc. "You too!" He says. With that I depart. That was fun, I haven't had fun in a long time. We all just sat around watching movies and sharing stories from time to time. Their a different group of people that are a group I would have never seen myself hanging out with them. As I pull into my house my phone starts ringing. It's Tiffany, "hey" I say into the phone. "Ash, you will never guess what just happened." She tells me. "What is it?" I ask. "Are you sitting down?" She asks me cautiously. "Yes." I reply simply. "I'm going to Harvard!" She screams. We scream together. "Oh my god! I'm so happy for you!" I say. "Are you going in the fall?" I asked, I'm well aware that they offer a few spring courses considering I was considering law. "Yes! I'm so excited!" She squeals. "I'm excited for you!" I say genuinely. "We'll have to talk about this over coffee or something but I have to go, Justin's coming back tomorrow and I've got to get stuff done before he gets back I'm sorry!" I apologize. "It's fine! Your boy friend is coming back from a tour, you haven't seen him in a while, go be excited!" She says. "Byeeee." She says. "Byeee." I reply. Once I get inside my house, I'm greeted by Aj, I pick him up and walk into the kitchen, it's 9:30 already? God, I'm wiped out. I don't know what time he's getting back but I don't think I need to do anything we don't stay at my house anyways. Well I didn't tell him about A.j... Oh well Tuts can adjust. That cat hides twenty four seven. Oh that's what I need to do! Justin left Tuts with me, don't get me wrong I love the cat but it's weird! There's food and water and the litter box has been out and I would have to refill it every now and then but I haven't seen that cat in like two months. I should probably find him. Now... I look around how do you find an orange cat? Wait I actually think I know where he is! I put Aj down in his chair and walk into the dining room. I get on all four on the ground and began crawling under the table. Where is that cat? I see an orange striped tail hanging off a chair. There you are Tuts. I haven't really been around this cat to know if he likes me or not. "Hello Mr. Cat, please don't hurt me." I say petting him. He purrs, he must miss Justin. I push the chair next to him and crawl out from the very long table. I pick up Tuts and head back to where I put Aj, I took them both up to my room and set them on a couch in the sitting room. I continue to the bathroom and pull my hair up, and strip my clothes tossing them in the basket before hopping into the shower. The stone is so cold! Ah! I jump out and touch the options from the outside the shower. I watched as the water fall, it's like a rain shower, I like it. A chime noise came from the shower telling me it was at the right temperature and I stepped in being engulfed by the heat. I didn't want to get my hair wet but I didn't put it on the correct water stream setting, oh well rain. I want music. I touch the touch screen and 1975's Chocolate came pouring into the shower and room. "Got guns hidden under our petticoats." He sang. It's kinda hard to make out but he sings really cool. I grab the body wash and scrub away the lotion that I had on, lotion like puts a later of grease on your skin sometimes and I really don't like it. I finish scrubbing and grab a wash cloth to the remove all of my make up. I feel clean. I step out of the shower turning it off. I wrap a very warm towel around myself. I look in the mirror and grab a wide comb and start running it through my hair that is now at my shoulders. I blow dry it so it's not completely dry but it's not extremely damp. I roll my hair into a sock bun on the top of my head, who likes sleeping with it on the back of their head? Not me. Sleep. I want sleep. After I crossed my bathroom to my closet and to a dresser, I pulled out some cotton shorts that really don't cover my butt but eh, who cares? Have you ever slept in a cashmere tank top before? It's heaven. As I slipped into bed I didn't bother to turn the already dim lights off as my eyes found them quite comfortable. I shut my eyes and counted down from ten, when I reached one I fell asleep. 
Something is tapping or scratching on me I don't even know. It's probably A.j wanting to play. I blinked my eyes open to find what had been tapping on me. I see two brown eyes staring into mine. I smile tugged at my lips, I smiled. "Sleep in much?" He asks. "I learned that from you!" I reply. He chuckles, leaning in to kiss me. I was expecting more but it was just a kiss. "I didn't expect you till tonight, I missed you so much!" I say wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling him to me. "I missed you too babe." He says kissing my cheek. He breaks the hug and sits back leaning against his heels. "So who's this?" He asks pulling A.j up from beside him. I didn't even notice A.j's existence because he blended in very well with my comforter. "That is A.j!" I say happily because he discovered the tiny puppy. "A.j? As in our initials?" He questions petting A.j with his index finger. I nodded, he actually gets it! Haha! Boo ya Casey! Casey thought he wouldn't ever get it, but he did! "Do you like him?" I ask uncertain. "I love him." He says kissing me again. "So, how was the tour?" I ask him as he lays beside me, our hands intertwined. "It was awesome but I wish you would have come." He says looking at me with eyes that are telling me he was upset with my choice not to. "I'm sorry I couldn't make it, I just had a lot of stuff to take care of. If you want to go somewhere let's go. Right now, anywhere. Tropical? Hawaii? Brazil? Jamaica? What about the beaches of Italy?" I ask him. "All of those places sound perfect baby, but right now I just want to be here, with you." He says leaning into kiss me. I climbed on top of him straddling him as we continued to kiss. He messes with the hem of my tank top and puts his hands under it, he starts trailing his finger tips up my back. The irritating ring of the door bell sounds. We pull apart. "I'll make them go away." I tell Justin climbing off of him and onto the ground. As I walk out of my room I pull on an over sized hoodie covering the rather little clothing I was wearing. I quickly made my way down the stairs and into the foyer. I opened the door, with very much surprise to was waiting. It was all of O2L, oh no I completely forgot! "Hi!" They all say in sync. "Er hi, I completely forgot you guys were coming." I say. "Do you need us to come back another time?" Ricky asks. "Right now is a perfect time." Justin says from behind me. I turn around accidentally opening the door wider to see Justin holding Tuts in his hands. "Oh my god. It's Justin Bieber." Trevor states. Was Justin angry, annoyed or just carefree? I wasn't sure. "Are you sure?" Ricky asks. "Yeah, I have to go unpack anyways." Justin says. "Uh, come on in." I open the door and Justin and I step back allowing them to come inside. "The living room is right down that hall on the left, I'll meet you in a second." I tell them, adding a smile because I probably seem really unsure of myself. They nod and walk down the hall. "That's Justin Bieber!" I hear Trevor say. "Their just here because their going to shoot one of their videos with two of the pool tables," I explain to Justin, "I can get them to come back another time." "Ash it's fine," he offers a smile, "I really do have to unpack anyways." "But we need to talk more about stuff, like the engagement party. Like when we announce the engagement," I tell him. "Yes we do, I'll text you I'm promise." He tells me kissing me. He departs and I sigh and then head into the living room. All of the boys are sitting down on the couches talking. "I'm so sorry I forgot, first I slept in and then Justin got in early. My morning has just been chaos, I apologize." I tell them. "It's totally fine!" Jc says. "Yeah completely." Connor adds. Their all smiling. "Was that Justin Bieber?" Trevor asks. I nod and look at Ricky, "Is he okay?" "He likes Justin Bieber a lot." Ricky explains. "Oh I see." I say. "Wait so your Ashley Hansen? Your Justin Bieber's girlfriend?" Trevor asks. I nod sheepishly. "Why the heck are you hanging out with us." Scuffs and dirty looks along with glares and some light hits. "Sorry about Trevor." Sam says. I chuckle a little," it's okay, the pool tables are upstairs." I tell them. "Ok!" They all say at different times. The follow me up the stairs, "I'm sorry but I have to ask, do you live alone?" Ricky asks. "Yeah, it gets pretty quiet around here." I say. "You live alone in this giant house?" Sam asks. I nod," there's two in the room," I say opening the door to one of the game rooms," but if you need three two doors down the hall there's three, i have to go do some stuff I'll be back in like twenty minutes though." I tell them. They all nod and exchange words. I leave them be to go put on actual clothes and look decent. After pulling on a hoodie and a pair of jeans and putting my hair in a messy bun. I want a pair of converse. To the closet! Universe Converse...? Yes. I walk past them but stopped and asked them if they wanted and or needed anything, I returned with Arizona's and everyone was grateful. The filming process was quite hilarious, I must say.

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