The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


46. Piper

" That's fantastic!" I say into the phone. " So how's your vacation?" Justin asks. " Well," I glance around the empty kitchen," I don't know where everyone went." I keep stirring. " That helps." He relplies. " It does with my family. Mona's bunny got loose and Izzy's poodle chased it." I comment. " Wow." He replies, there's video game noises. Kit runs in crying," Just one sec." I say pressing the hold button. " Kit what's wrong?" I ask the seven year old little girl. I put her on the counter. " Piper," She sobs," She's gone." " What do you mean" I ask. Pipers four, she always wears a red bow in her hair. " Piper, she's gone!" She crys," She was swinging on the swing set, then she, she" She crys some more. My mom and Aunt Veronica walk in. " What does she mean Pipers gone?" I ask. Veronica is crying just as much as Kit. " What happened to Piper?" I ask my mom. " I I don't know." My mom confesses. Oh my god Justin! I walk onto the back deck, yay it's snowing! " Hey sorry. Where we're we?" I ask Justin. " I don't remember." He says. There's still video game noises. Ok, it's cold out here," Oh yeah, my four year old cousin is gone." " Is that some kind of code?" He asks. " No, she's actually gone." I reply. " Your not joking are you?" He asks. Tears roll down my cheeks," No, I have to go for reasons. Love you." " Good luck babe. Love you too." I hang up the phone and pull at my sweater. " Dad wants us." Izzy says. " I'll be there in a minute." I wave her off. " The other day, I was in Pittsburg nothing going wrong. Then I came here. Where Piper for all I know, could be dead. Why does everything bad happen to me? I walk into the house through a diffrent door. It leads into a hall that goes into a study. " Dad, what happened to Piper?" Gabby asks. He shuts the doors," She was kidnapped." " Why? Why would anyone take her?" Izzy asks. " There's things that go on in our family that you don't know about." He says sitting behind the desk. Gabby sits on a brown leather couch, next to Izzy. I'm leaning against a bookshelf. " Then tell us." Gabby insists. " I can't just tell you everything. Nonno had to be here." He explains. " When will he be here?" Izzy asks. " Tommrow." He confirms. " What about Piper?" I ask," What's going to happen to her? Who has her? Why can't we just go to the police? They'll know what to do. They'll get her back." " Ashley, we can't go to them. They'll only make things worse." He says. " She's right, somethings going to happen to Piper." Izzy agrees. " Who took her?" Gabby asks. " I know this is hard to understand but you'll understand soon. Now I need you to be safe. I need to go talk with Christopher and Logan." He leaves to go talk with our cousins. Candra and Tiffany walk in, Mona in tow. Mona is fourteen and she always has some sort of attitude. " Did you get told the same thing we did?" Candra asks. " My dad told me people took Piper for ransom." Tiffany says," Then something about nonno." " There's things that go on we're unaware of." Izzy says. " But your brothers do know." I look at Tiffany. " So what about Kit? What did they tell her?" Mona asks twisting her brown hair. " Did anyone ask?" Gabby asks. We shake our heads. " Do you smell that?" Candra asks. We sniff the air. " The cookies!" I shout. I run to the kitchen and pull out the cookies. " Those look delicious." Tiffany nods to the burnt cookies. " Then eat one." I toss one to her. " Gross!" She squeals tossing the cookie to Mona. Mona throws in the cookie in the trash. " May I ask what is that smell?" Fredric asks waving a napkin around. " What used to be cookies." Izzy says picking up a cookie from the tray and dropping it with s clank. We walk into the family room. " I'm going to bed." I say walking up the stairs. I glance back at the room that empty besides the girls. " Me too." Tiffany follows me up the stairs. I hate my room here. It's big and plain. Plain to me anyways. I change into pajamas and lay on top of the covers. My phone rings. I pick it up, unknown number," Hello?" I run my head. " Hello." An Irish boy asks. " Hi?" I ask. " Is this Ashley?" The boy asks. " Who is this?" I ask sliding under the covers." Oh sorry, it's Niall." He says. What? " Hi." I say. " Hi." He replies. " Do you need something?" I ask. " Oh yes, uhm I actually don't remember." He says. " Ok just let me know when you remember." I say. " Ok, bye." He says. " Bye." I hang up the phone. That was werid. My phones ringing again?! " Hello?" I ask. " Hey babe." Someone says, most likley Justin. I glance at the caller I.d, it's him. " Hey." I say. " Are you okay?" He asks. " I dont really know." I say, " For a second I was thinking of just going back to L.A and forgetting about this. Then i thought, it won't solve anything and it's not snowing in Cali." I say with a little chuckle. " You know, the cabin were going to rarely gets cell service." He comments. I can't wait to go to that snowy escape. " Good to know." I reply. There's a crash in the background," Can I call you back?" He asks. " Of course." I say. I lay the phone next to me. It's dark in here. It's a very big room just feels empty. The floor to celing windows have curtains blocking them. Where's that bell? I usually don't use this because maids bother me but I'm going to use them this time because I don't feel like getting up. I ring the bell and a maid rushes in. I point to the curtains and the maid opens them. She walks out. I lay on my side to look at the falling snow. I've always loved to watch the snow fall guess it hasn't changed. The phone rings again. So let's see it's ethier Justin or Niall and I really hope that it's Justin. " Hello?" I say.
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