The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


82. Pink bubble gum slime

A text banner comes on my screen causing my phone to vibrate, "I can't believe you." Harry texts. "...?" I reply, I don't want to watch The Bachelor anymore, he's wrapped around Kathryn's finger, the other girls don't stand a chance! "Don't act like you don't know." Harry texts. "I don't know!"  I reply, the test was negative thank god, I have to admit Harry was upset, why doesn't he just get married and have a kid or something? "Zayn had to break up with me for you?" He texts, " that's low." Wait, Zayn broke up with Harry for me? I felt anger rising, then it settled. But I should break up with him myself, I can't let Zayn run my life. "I didn't tell him too." I text Harry back. "...wait, what?" He replies. Minutes later a phone call from Harry... Woo hoo... 

"So you broke up with him?" Justin asks. "Yep." I reply. "I'm sorry." He says, I know he's not. I have to admit, I like Justin and I a lot better than Harry and I. "But do you want to go to a movie tonight?" He asks. "Why not?" I ask. "Great." He says,"Pick you up at 8." Then he hangs up. Back with the ever crazy fun Justin. Oh this is going to be... joyful. It's definitely going to be different but only for a little while. Which I'm happy about, I want to forget this whole Harry thing ever happened. I know Justin will make sure that I do. I walk over to the kitchen and open the fridge, pink slime covers my face. It's super cold. I gasp and wipe the slime away from my eyes, there's a note. "Glad you're mine again. Xoxo -boo." Aka Justin. I feel a grin spread across my face. I turn the note over. "P.s. it's bubble him flavored and don't worry it's all edible." I lick my lips to taste the bubblegum substance. I take a picture and send it to Tiffany. "I know that it didn't mean anything, and I do forgive you. But can you forgive me for being such a jerk?" I text Tiffany. "How can I not?" She replies. I feel like everything is being fixed. All back to normal. I sigh, it feels good, I missed it and I'm glad it's back. 


Yes it's short but I'll have another one up soon. Let me be honest, it feels like a weight is lifted off my shoulders. It's so easy to write about Ashley and Justin rather than Ashley and Harry. And if you saw my comment before I posted this, then you knew that they're back together!!!!!!! I'm just as happy as you are haha. And if you want, favorite or like or don't I don't care. THIS IS NOT THE END OF THE BOOK!


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