The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


37. Oreos

" Oreos?" He asks. " Yes Oreos, I hate Oreos." I say watching him examine one. " How do you hate Oreos?" He asks his accent making it sound as if Oreos are a serious subject. " I don't know I just don't." I reply shaking sand off my hand. " That's not logical, everyone loves Oreos." He says. " Not me." I say. " You just don't know you like them." He says. I shake my head, " Mmm no I don't think so." " Yes." " No." " Yes." He says putting one on top of my hand. " No." I say picking it up with my other hand. Justin likes to twist them apart, Harry likes to eat them whole and I just hate them all together. " Just try it." He urges. I shake my head. " You have to." He says. " Says who?" I ask. " Says me." He replies. I shake my head again and layback on the blanket. I close my eyes behind my white wayfarers. He places a cookie on my lips making my eyes snap open. I grab the cookie, sit up and throw both of them in the ocean and lay back down," That settled that." He puts another one on my lips. " Eat it." He says. " If I do will you stop?" I ask. " Yes." He agrees. It tastes disgusting but I do. " Now was that hard?" He asks. I nod, he laughs. " Your not very funny." I say. " Your right I'm extremely funny." He replies, I roll my eyes. " Do you really not like these?" He asks. " I hate them." I reply. " Is that possible?" He asks taking my sunglasses. " Their revolting." I say reaching for them but he pulls his arm back before I can. " They are not." He says standing up and running to the water. " Hey give those back!" I call after him, standing up and dusting sand off my shorts before I'm walking after him. " I don't know." He says backing up as I get closer to him. " Don't know what?" I ask stepping in the cool water. " If I should give these back." He says stopping ankle deep. " I think you should." I say when I reach him. " But you dont like Oreos," He explains," So there for you should not have really cool white sunglasses." " That's a stupid reason." I argue reaching for them. He backs up, trips and falls in the water. " Now this," I manage out of my laughter," this is funny!" I laugh," Help a lad out." He says holding up his hand. I take it but he pulls me in. Thanks Harry for making me swim. Now he's laughing and I can't help but laugh too. " Did anyone ever tell you, you had a delightful laugh?" He asks standing up. A few people, " Not really." I say. " Well you do." He says pulling me up. " Why thank you." I say. We walk to the blanket, thank God our phones were still on dry land. The breeze is blowing, making the evening cool. His phone starts ringing," Sorry." He says walking a few feet towards the water. Its cold now, being drenched in water is never fun. My phone starts ringing, I pick it up off the towel, " Hello?" I say. " Hey." Justin says on the other end. " What's up baby?" I ask, he always says this. He laughs, " Watching Exorcist, what 'bout you?" He asks. How can he watch that? " Being wet, that's it." I reply. " Interesting," He says," Why are you wet?" " Long story I'll tell you later," I say turning around to see Harry sitting on the blanket," But I will tell you but right now I have to call you back." " Promise?" He asks? Ever since I made him promise to call me back once, he's been doing this to me. " Promise." I promise, " Love you." " Love you too." He says. I walk back to the blanket. " Being wet isn't fun." Harry says. " I have to agree." I agree. " It's getting late, I better go." I say. " Okay, wish you 'd stay for the bomb fire." He says. " I wish I could, but I have a really important meeting Tommrow." I say. " See you later." He says. " Later." I say. I pick up my shoes and walk up the giant sand bank as Liam is walking towards where we were sitting," What happened to you?" He asks. " It rained." I say. He looks up at the sky and shrugs.

" Was it a date?" Tiffany asks. " We were just hanging out." I say flipping through a interior designing magazine. " Besides, I'm seeing Justin." I remind her. " Oh yeah." She says thoughtfully. " Green or baby blue for a bathroom on the top floor?" I ask. " Depends, you can do like a frog theme, or if you do wall to wall tiling, gray. With like gray rugs and stuff." She adds. " I saw granite." I say. " That could work. Gotta go feeding time. Bye." Tiffany says. " Bye." I reply. I toss the magazine on the rug. I have to call Justin. " Hey baby." He says. " Hey, told you I'd call back." I reply. " So why were you wet?" He asks. " Oh," I say caught off gaurd," Just fell in the ocean." " Fun." " What's up with you?" I ask laying down on the couch. " Nothing really just one question." he says. " What's the question?" I ask curiously. " What are you thinking about?" He asks, Intresting question. " The way your always eating candy, your smile, your laugh, how your humor can always make me happy. What about you?" I ask. " How your eyes sparkle, the way you light up a room, how you fill me with joy." He says. " If I could I would totally kiss you right now." I say. " I wish I was there." He says. " Me too." I reply. The door bell rings," Hold on one sec." I say before opening the door. Its Candra ad Caroline. " Woo! She answered!" Candra pushes pass me disappearing down the hall. " Uh I have to call you back." I say before hanging up. I wave Caroline in. " Where'd she go?" Caroline asks following me down the hall. " I have no idea," I say coming into the study," But what matters is where were you guys?" I turn to look at her. " A bonfire at the beach." She says twisting her mousy brown hair in a bun. " How much did she drink?" I ask starting towards the back deck. " I dunno. Some hot British guy with brown curly hair cut her off though." She says with a laugh. I glance out a window to see Candra sitting in the pool, " Oh god." I say hurrying outside Caroline in tow. " Hey you guys come for a swim." Candras in a bikini, she must've had it on before. " Candra get out of the pool." I snap. " Whyyyy? It's so peaceful." She says floating on her back. " No, I think Ashley's right on this one. You need to get out." Caroline backs me up. Candra thinks about this for a minute," Okay." She hops out and dashes to the cabana. She comes out with a towel wrapped around her, then skips back to the house.

" So wait she was in the pool?" Justin asks. " Yep." I answer. We've been talking for about three hours now. " Hmh." He says," Don't you think that you should go to sleep?" " Maybe." I can hear him crunching cereal. He's always saying how he doesn't think I get enough sleep. " I think you should." He suggests. " Why?" I ask. " Because your not pleasant when you don't sleep." He replies. "Well you aren't exactly a joy when you don't sleep." I add. " True, but I sleep, your like a vampire now in days." He says, his voice getting softer. Maybe it's because I don't want to have another Harry dream. I'm happy that he cares though. " Not really...." I trail off listening to him hum. It's so quiet, but I can still hear it. " I know what your doing," I begin." But it's not going to work." My eyelids are so heavy, how can I keep them open any longer? I can't. " Night Ash. I love you." I can hear him say. I mumble something. He hangs up. Justin you are my life saver.
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