The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


73. Ohio


" You are totally going to love it here!" Britney squeals," Where else are you looking?" " Uh, Georgia, SCAD, here and there." I reply. Ohio is amazing, the classes are amazing, the campus is amazing, the boys are amazing, the sororities are great, what's not to like. " There's no place like Ohio, besides the college town is totally awesome too." She mentions. This tour is awesome, and Britney is totally peppy. I think she's a cheerleader by her peppiness, it's kind of annoying. Gosh, now I know how I sounded all through out junior high and high school. My pocket vibrates, I slip it out, it's Justin. Why is he texting me? I slip it back into my pocket, " What sorority do you want to join?" Britney continues the conversation. " I don't know, there's so many to choose from." I say. " Exactly! You have so many options to choose and you could get into anyone you want, no ones going to deny you." She says. " Why is that?" I ask. We've been walking around the campus for the past thirty minutes. " You're a total package, you're hot, you play sports, and you seem like you can win an argument easily." She replies waving at someone. " What's that have to do with anything?" I ask. I don't understand anything about college life. " The Greek wars of course! Every house wants the best competitors to win." She answers, interesting... " Heads up!" A voice says, I look up quickly and my hands fly in front of my face just in time to catch a football. " Nice catch!" A tall boy with short brown hair came running over. " You were supposed to throw the ball to me dipshit!" An equally tall boy with spikey blond hair jogs over. " Hey baby!" Britney says wrapping her arm around the blonde one's waist. " Who's this?" The blondie asks. " This is Ashley." Britney responds," She's checking out the campus." " The best there is!" Blondie says. I can feel the other boy looking at me," This is Ryan." Britney catches on. " Yeah, but we call him Que." The blondie corrects Britney. " Why?" I ask. " Because he's the QB." Blondie answers. I hand the QB back his football," That makes sense." I reply, I completely forgot I was smiling the whole time. That's a good quality sometimes. " Oh my god! I know where I remembered you from! Aren't you like dating Justin Bieber or something?!" Britney remembers. " I was, but we're not together anymore." I say not really wanting to ever have to remember that mistake. " Oh, sorry." She says. " You should totally come to the party tonight!" Blondie says. " That's a great idea!" Britney replies. " Can you make it?" Britney asks," Please!?" " I guess." I say," Yay!!!" Britney sounds like a sixteen year old girl getting what she wants from her dad. " I'll text you the deets!" She says, she gave me her number and I texted her mine.


" Be happy, your first college party!" Anna says, we crack up at the joke. " Harry doesn't know does he?" She asks between laughs. " I'm going to call him later, before I get drunk so he'll think I'm staying sober or whatever." I laugh. She stops laughing," What do you mean so he'll think you're staying sober?" She questions. " You don't actually believe I'm going to go to a college party and not have something to drink do you?" I ask, does Anna think I lost my party pep? She was drunk when I called her last night! " Ashley, you told us your doctor says your not supposed to go anywhere near alcohol, you are not ready for it." Anna reminds me. " Last time I checked you aren't my parents." I say. " Last time I checked, your parents still don't know that you just got over alcohol poisoning or had it at all." She fires back. " Why do you people care so much about me!?" I huff. " Listen, I'm trying really hard to not laugh at that, so just please please please don't drink and if you do have a shot, one shot no more and be free to have less!" She begs. " Fine." I groan," I gotta go. Bye." I say. " Bye." She says. One shot my butt, she's crazy to think I'd have a shot. " Hey." I say when Harry picks up. " Hello Love." He replies. " How's wherever you are?" I ask referring to his tour. " Wherever I am is boring because I'm not next to you and I'm bored." He replies chuckling, I love love love, his accent. " That sounds boring." I say. " Exactly! So how's Ohio?" He asks. " It's great, got invited to a party, saw an amazing campus, it's pretty awesome." I admit. " I was hoping you wouldn't say that!" He says. I gasp," Why!?" I say being over dramatic. " Because you are going to be so far away!" He replies being equally as dramatic. Our dramticness causes us to laugh, " You won't miss me that much." I say. " Yes I will!" He argues playfully, " You can always go to college in England." " There's, no way I can live somewhere with no sun. I'm sorry, it's impossible." I say. " You have a good point, wait your not going to tan topless with anyone around but me right?" He asks worriedly. I roll my eyes," I won't if you never ask me that question again." " Done." He says, Harry can be such a pig sometimes," So about that party." He begins," You aren't going to drink right?" He asks. " I will not touch any thing considered drink worthy." I reply. He's so over protective, like no joke, he also gets jealous quickly. " Good, I guess I don't really know." He says. I laugh at this. " Haz!!!" A voice in the back round shouts," Oh no, meet and greet." He replies. " Oh no, take a shield!" I say referring to one of our previous conversations," I will! Have fun at your party, love you." He replies. " Love you too." I say. We disconnect. Our conversations are so upbeat and weird. I love them so much.

" Your here!" Britney shouts over the music. I nod," Isn't the party awesome!?" She shouts. I nod," Lets dance!" She pulls me to the dance floor, a girl whispers something to her," Oh god, sorry, something's wrong with Brad, dance with Que!" She says. I shrug, " Do you drink?" He asks. I nod," That's good because I don't dance!" He says taking my hand and pulling me into the kitchen where shots are being taken. He's more talkative then he was earlier, mate he's had one too many. I promised one, but you can't always keep promises.
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