The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


58. Niall know nows

" What are you looking at?" Izzy asks. I click my phone off," Nothing." I say . Pac is so cute. How did Justin get him to sit there the whole time? " Okay." She drops the topic. She starts mumbling math to herself. " Why do I need to find X?" She asks her text book. She looks at me," Where's X?" She asks. " I don't do math." I reply. " Ughhhhh." she groans and leaves the kitchen without the text book. Justin's gone for two months, and I really need him here. Justin and I are back together which is still good but I'm still cheating on him which isn't good. How can I end it with Harry before Justin finds out? It's hard because every time I try to tell Harry its over, he looks me in the eyes and smiles and I just forget about what I'm talking about. I never finish my sentence so nothing gets accomplished. Justin and Harry have very driffrent personalities. Justin likes sports and Harry likes parties. I just have to tell Harry its not working. That's all I have to do. What time is it? I look at the clock on the wall. It's time to go teach some teenagers. Izzy's gym bag is gone so I guess she left. My phone pings as I walk into the building. " What's up beautiful?" Harry asks. " I'm going to class." I reply. People are everywhere. " Are you ready for the switch?" Emily asks. " That's today?" I ask. " Yep." She says. " Then yes." I say. " Have fun with the fourteen year olds. Their crazy." She says. Oh god. " Fun." Harry texts. " Not with the class I have." I text back. The room is filled with girls and there's a couple of boys indulged in their own conversation. The bell rings and the whole room is quite. I count heads and save the attendance from my phone. I turn my ringer off. A phone goes off," Who's phone is that?" I ask. Everyone looks around. " Oh well." I shrug. " When a phone goes off during class, the older kids have to do push ups. When your age group's phone goes off that class runs laps around the track till the say who's phone went off. Once the whole class ran the whole period." I remember. " What do the fifteen year olds do?" A boy asks. " They swim, they do the same thing as the swim team." I answer. " So who wants to run laps?" I ask. " It was Samantha's phone!" A blonde says. " No it wasn't!" Samantha says. " Don't lie!" One of the boys says. " No it wasn't!" She insists. " Yes it was, I was the one who texted you." The same boy says. " Fine it was my phone." Samantha confesses. " Kay, lets go to the auditorium, you can get your phones." I instruct. " You are now free to rehearse any of your pieces." I say. I sit in the fourth row as various music starts playing. " I can't wait till you get back." I text Justin. " I can't wait to hold your hand again." He replies. Anna sits next to me out of breath. " Where's your class?" I ask. " We're playing Caterpillar. " She informs. " Okay." I reply. " I can't wait to see you tonight." Harry's text pops up on the screen. " Your going to have to dump him sooner or later." Anna reminds me. " I know." I reply, but I can't. " You know there is another option." She mentions. I give her a confused look," Dump Justin." She further explains. " I wish it were that simple." I say. " Well who do you love more?" She asks. " If I knew why would I be in this mess?" I ask. " Justin doesn't get back for like two months right? So you have two months to make up your mind." She concludes.
" Wait where's your sister?" Harry asks. " On a plane to Florida." I reply," Besides she's not allowed to know where my room is." " Why?" He asks. " Because she loves pranks." I say. Mean,evil pranks that is. " That's interesting." He comments. " You didn't tell anyone about us right?" I ask. " Niall figured it out. He swore not to tell though." He says. " How did he figure it out?" I ask. " He saw our texts." He admits. Oh my god. " Are you ever going to choose?" He asks. " I can't break up with him over the phone or he'll definitely know that I was cheating on him." I say, " And he'd most likely find out that I was with you." I really need to get lying out of my system. He takes my hand and kisses it. " Just promise you'll be mine." He says. " I already am." I say leaning to kiss him. When our lips meet he pulls me to him. " I was hoping you say that." He whispers. " I can't wait till I can kiss you whenever and where ever I like." He says, he kisses me." I love you." He says. " I love you too." I say. He turns the lamp off so we're in the dark. He kisses me again. I feel his arms around my waist. But his arms have slipped up my shirt. He put his hands between my hips and my jeans. I pull away," What are you-" He kisses me again.
I feel like I'm on top of the world. Harry finally got one of the things he wanted from me. I really truly do love him. " You really are perfect." Harry says wrapping his arms around me. " I love you." I say kissing him. " I love you too." He replies kissing me. Because I'm in just a shirt and my under wear I should be cold but being next to him makes me very warm.
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