The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


16. New York

Why did i forget that New York was only an hour away? I'm in Soffe shorts and a hoodie. Four in the morning arriving at a hotel, its way to early for me. It didn't take long to check in. The bell hop drops off the luggage before we even get to our rooms. We're outside my room, Justin's isnt that far down the hall. I unlock my door and she's sitting on the couch. "I'm gonna go." Justin whispers,smart move. " I shut the door. "Hello Ashley." The woman says in the accent i can never figure out. I would ask but thats a coversation i'm not willing to have. "Hello Tanya." I reply. I'm in trouble, i already know, she's to early, too calm. "Darling, your a mess." I look in the mirror that was hanging on the wall. She is right, my hair is matted, makeup smudged. "I just got off a plane." I protest. "And a foam pit." She adds. How can she know? "What?" I ask, i'm standing there dumb founded. She holds up a photo of me and Justin jumping. "How did you get that?" I ask. "Someone emailed them to me, it doesnt matter who. It matters that you were jumping thirty feet into a foam pit, someone could've gotten hurt." "But no one did." I point out. "Don't do it again, never again.Get cleaned up, we're going out." She acts like she's my mom. "Uh, no way, too tired no." "Uh Yes, you can sleep when we get back." I trudge into the bathroom. I make myself presentable. "Now that's how a model should look." She says when i walk out, she's by the door. I roll my eyes. We're outside of the hotel, theres a black car waiting. Tanya signals me to get in. She gets in the front, i get in the back. I only look out the window. "Hello." A male voice says in a british accent. I wave the accent off, not caring to know who it is. "Hello." I say still looking out the window. "I'm Liam." The voice says. I turn around. It is Liam, Liam Payne. "I'm Ashley." I say then turn back around. What is he doing here? I'm going to have a serious conversation with Tanya later.


"Where r we going?" I text Tanya. "Interview." She replys. "With who?" I text. "Fashion designer." She texts. "Why is he here?" I ask. "He's part of the interview." She text back. Sigh, why is he part of the interview? I look out the window, New York looks pretty at four thirty in the morning. I take a picture and send it to Tiffany, she'll be jealous. "Jelly." She replies, "Why are you up? its so early." "Interview." I text. "Fun." She texts back. "Liam is going too." I text back. "Y????" She asks. "dk, gtg bye." I reply. We're outside of a building. We all get out and go in. Up an elevator and to a corner office. Man do i need a latte. "Where are we?" Liam asks once we are seated. "Fashion Palace." I've never heard of this place. "Your going to be asked if you like their clothes." "Never heard of it." I say being annoyed,I wonder if my annoyed tone is is noticable. "Just say yes and answer their questions." She answers obviously annoyed with my tone. So it is noticable. "Isn't it early for an interview?" I ask. She waves off the question. Tanya's phone starts ringing, she answers it and walks out into the hall."Did you know there was an interview that you had to be at this morning?" Liam asks me. I shake my head, "We're you?" I ask. "It wasn't supossed to be just me, Niall was supossed to come too, but got pulled away by his girlfriend." He says. I look to see if Tanya is still outside, but she went down the hall. Great. Why am i here? It can just be Liam and someone else."I know you can't stand me." He says, "But if i knew that was you, i would'nt have helped him." I roll my eyes. "Yeah right." I say. "I'm serious, I didn't know who was in there till Justin texted you, Harry just told me that he needed to talk to someone." Is he telling the truth? He could be but i doubt it. "He knew that i was coming here and that you were going to be here, he wanted to come, but i told him that Justin was going to be here also." So maybe he is telling the truth but why is he helping me? "So why are you telling me this?" I ask. " Because, I hate it when Harry does this." "He's done this before?" I ask shocked. "Yes, thats how he got his last two girl friends. Your the only one who's says no to him, so he wants you even more." He replys. What is this guy a P.I.? "How did he get my number?" I ask. "Tanya." Of course. "I believe you." I say. He sighs, i think its a sigh of relief. "He's not in New York right?" I ask. He shakes his head, "Concert tonight." He says. Now it's my turn to sigh. 

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