The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


40. My boyfriends back

Why does it take so long to grade papers? This is a dance school, why have tests in the classes that are on paper? Why is Emily obsessing so much over this routine so much? Her twelve year olds have been waiting to do a show case dance and she hasn't even found the first step. " I need a break." She declares sliding down the mirrors next to me. " Why don't you just change the song?" I ask, A check, A check, C cross off, D check. " Because I, I don't know." She sighs. " That's not exactly a great song to do when half your class is boys." I say still checking tests. " The girls want to do it." She says. Emily always listens to both parties and evaluates each argument carefully and comes up with pros and cons. She also likes to think of everyone's feelings, and how'd they feel doing this step or that step. It can get extremely annoying sometimes. " Just split the class, boys and girls. That way you don't have to come up with steps for boys that will coordinate with the girls's song." I say. She thinks about this. I continue grading papers as she goes through her process. I tap my nails against the wood floor. I glance at them, their white with black stripes. Or as Justin's little sister says that their black with white stripes. These papers will be the reason I go to a mental institute. Besides the tests, Tanya's driving me crazy with all the interviews and photo shoot and the house is being built super quickly. Right, wrong, right, right, wrong. Next page! Next time there's a test, it will be one question and the question will be one plus one. Then by accident the answer will be written on the board. And all I have to do is get a stamp and stamp an A on it and I'm done. " That's a great idea!" Emily chirps pushing buttons on the remote. I keep grading papers but knowing Emily once she figures out the steps, she'll do them over and over again. " I'm taking a break!" I declare standing up," If anyone needs me, I'll be at the mall." " Have fun!" Emily says before stepping to the left and gliding. The remix of My BoyFriends Back, makes her happy because it's like one of her favorite songs. It's hard to tear her and that song and her apart. I know she won't come with me so I'm making Candra. Besides she'll be happy to pick up more rings. That girl loves rings. From ruby studded rhinos, to a diamond clown. She always has atleast two on each finger. Always. But she hated toe rings. Strange I know I right? I love necklaces and braclets. I can only wear one ring on each hand.


So far Candra's bought three rings for every pair of shoes I buy. I've bought six pair so far. It seems every store has some type of ring. Even the tea store where I bought this peppermint tea had a ring! It was some Asian saying. I'm not sure what language but you can definelty tell by the signs it was Asian. " I need more rings." Candra clicks. I roll my eyes," You probably have thousands, if not tens of thousands of rings." " One can never have to much hand jewelry. Besides I'm obsessed with rings your obsessed with clothes... and shoes, and accessories. But not rings?" She asks sipping her latte. " I like rings just not as much as you do." I reply, it's as simple as that. This little coffee shop is so cute! This is ultimately like a cozy coffee shop you'd find in Soho. " Where'd you get that one?" She asks pointing to the only ring on my finger. It's a flower, news paper print. Very glossy. " Justin, he got it in Japan." I say. It's Japanese print of course, can he read japanese? " It's totally fab." She remarks. Her accent is fading, slowly but you can tell. Except she still says shelia and mate. It's hard to resist a latte in a coffee shop but I must. I have to lose ten pounds, then another. Then I'll see if I'm satisfied. All the stress was making me gain like ten pounds. I have a shoot, wait a very important shoot at the end of the month. And I must look beyond perfect. It's only two weeks away. Oddly it's the day before halloween. " God why is your sister calling me?" Candra asks looking at her phone. " I don't know." I reply. Izzy and Candra get along but not Gabby and Candra. " Hey Iz." She answers the phone. " What? She's right want me to ask her what?...that's so not true...she did?...She did?... No way...she did?" This is the perfect time for me to zone out. Ping! " Wanna come over, we could hang out." Justin says. " Ok, what time?" I ask. Sounds off please. " Whenever." He replies. That is soo specific. " Okay." I hit send. If you look at a person whos on the phone with Izzy, and they haven't spoken for a while, Izzy is most likely gossiping. Like always, that's why I only text her. She doesn't shut up. Ever. Like never ever ever. She finally hangs up," That girl is like twentyfour magazines and a very yappy dingo." Candra says. " I completley agree."

" That's not true." I disagree. " Yes it is," Justin explains, " We were sitting in a Chinese resturant and Scooter was making fun of some British guy. So he lifted his pinky and some old Chinese lady slapped him." " So your telling me that if I lift my pinky to a Chinese person I'm flipping them off?" I ask. " Yes." He nods. " I wonder how the Chinese embassador of Britian feels when he has brunch with the queen." I say. He laughs. I'm serious though, I bet that person gets really offended. We're quiet. His room is very relaxed. It looks really cool, even when it's the middle of the night. He's tracing circles in my hand. I glance at him, he looks like he's waiting for something," What?" I ask wondering what he's waiting on. " At this time, your usually eating a midnight snack." He says. That's actually right. " Okay?" I ask. " When are you going to get one cause I'm getting hungry talking about Chinese food." He says. I laugh," I'll get you one." " Thank you." He coos. I get up, his bed is like on a platform, so you have to walk down two stairs to get on the actual floor. The kitchen isn't that far away. I walk down the stairs and take a right. OW! Stupid skate board. And more stairs to get into his kitchen. I grab two Fruit By The Foot. He always eats two of these. Back up more stairs. " Ha ha yes!" He says while I hand him the roll ups. " You are seriously obsessed with stairs." I say as a reply. " I think you are obsessed just as much as me." He says. " Not tr- ok yeah." I agree. I do have a lot of stairs. Why do I have so many stairs? " Are not going to share this with me?" Justin asks. " No thanks." I reply. He looks shocked," Your not eating a mid night snack?" " I'm not really hungry." I answer his question. I'm starving, but I'm not eating any extra food. " You should really watch where you live skateboards." I change the subject. " What skateboard?" He asks with a chuckle. " Atleast it wasn't an ice skate." He's looking for the bright side. I would need stitches if I stepped on that," Let's just stick with the skate board." He laughs. I love his laugh, it's so cute. A phone pings, " Not mine." I say. " Then it's mine." He says checking his phone. I'm still super hungry, midnight snack, you will be the death of me. I'm still not going to eat it though . I don't think I should tell Justin about my " diet ". He might think I'm Anorectic. But I'm not, just cutting down on how much food I eat. Tiffany said I should but I really don't think I should. If he asks I will, but if he doesn't I wont.
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