The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


70. Murder mystery from the civil war

I finally told Justin it was over and that he needs to get over me. If I was really in love with Justin, I wouldn't have fallen for Harry. And that's the truth. Partially. I think I'm supposed to be listening to Izzy but she's very easy to tune out. Most of it is unintelligent words. She really needs to get some help with how stupid she really is. " I'm sorry but I really have to go call someone." I say breaking away from the stupidity. " Oh okay." She says. I walk out of the sitting room into my study. This makes me feel important saying that I have a study. Now I don't have to listen to that.... I am happy. I think I'll call Tiffany, I haven't talked to her in a while. " Heeeey." I say when she answers the phone. " Heeeeeey." She replies. " How's Asia?" I ask. " They have awesome Asian food." She says. " That makes a lot of sense." I say. " Yeah I think we're going to India though. That's a lot of shots, and not the good kind." She laughs, I didn't tell her I was in the hospital and had alcohol poisoning and I don't plan on it. " That's why I'm not going to college." I tell her. " You don't have to study what I study, you could stay on campus." She explains. Hmm college, " Might be fun." " You could live in a sorority, go to parties. It sounds like its made for you." She says. " It actually does." I say. " You could go look at one. Ohio is a party college, go there." She tells me. " It could be fun, maybe I'll look into it." I say, get away from drama and have a lot of fun. " If you do go how are you going to tell Justin?" She asks. " I don't think he'll care." I reply. " Why?" She asks. " Because we're not together anymore." I admit. " Really? Why?" She asks. " I don't date guys who do drugs and he lied to everyone saying he would stop but he didn't." I explain. " Oh, I'm sorry." She says. " Don't be." I say grabbing a nail file out of the desk drawer. " Okay, I'm not sorry." She says. " How in sensitive!" I say jokingly. " Yep that's me, in sensitive Tiffany." She jokes. She's probably rolling her eyes," What time is it there?" I ask. " I don't know." She replies. " That's never good, no matter what continent you're on." I say. " Yeah but there's stars outside so I'm guessing its night and I should go to be because one in the morning this clock says." She says most likely reading a clock I guess. " Okay good night or good morning." I say. " Same." She says. I hang up," I think I'm going to Ohio." I text Harry who right now is in England. " Why?" He asks. " To look at the university." I tell him. College can't be that bad, it's probably awesome. " Do you have a friend up there or something?" He asks. That's why so many people go, it's awesome! Now I'm determined. " I'm thinking about going to college." I reply. " That's funny." He texts. I go back into the sitting room and Izzy is studying a book, most people would think she's reading but her eyes aren't moving to follow the words and when she does read her lips move. " Is this book interesting?" She asks holding up the murder mystery book from the civil war. " Not for you." I tell her, she nods then stops," Why not?" She asks. " You don't like reading about the past." I explain. " I do too." She argues. " No you don't." I say," If you did you wouldn't just be staring at the book but reading it." " I bet I can read this whole book in a week." She says. " Okay, what will I win?" I ask. " If you win I have to get rid of everything pink in my room for a month and if I win I get to put up as many posters as I want." She says. " Deal." I say holding out my hand," Deal." She repeats shaking my hand. " Better start furniture shopping." I say walking away.
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