The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


91. Meeting them

"Justin we have to leave, now." I call to him from the door. "I'm coming!" He calls. He walks down the stairs, "Why are you so grumpy?" He asks me. "I'm not grumpy." I snap at him. "Then lets go." He says opening the door for me. I walk out of the room and down to the elevator, why am I grumpy? It's my birthday and he forgot that's why! The elevator ride is silent, the walk to the car is too. "Where are we going?" I question him. "To the hockey game?" He replies. "The arena is the other way." I say. "We're taking a short cut." He explains. I roll my eyes and look out the window. The scenery passing by is normal city life. I see Justin turn on the stereo out of the corner of my eye. "And as I hear the Justin Bieber and his smoking girl friend, Ashley are in town," the D.J. on the radio says," And it's Ashley's birthday! So happy birthday to you Ms.Ashley Hansen!" I look at Justin. "Oh my god! You remembered! I thought you forgot!" I exclaim. I'm overwhelmed with joy. "Of course I remembered babe, how could I not?" He says smiling. I return with a huge smile as we turn into a night club. "And we're here." He says. "This isn't a hockey game." I tell him. "You're right, it's your party." He says as if I knew and forgot. Valets open our doors, and then we enter the club. The only people in there are a lot my friends and some of Justin's. "Ashley!!!!!" Anna screams then hugs me. "You knew about this the whole time?!" I yell at her. She smiles sheepishly. "Oh who cares lets go dance!" She changes the subject while pulling me away from Justin. 

For once, I didn't get wasted, it was Justin. "We should get married right now." He says as we walk into the hotel room. "Maybe later." I tell him. He sighs like he was a little kid being told no to a toy. "Please?" He asks, I shake my head no as we walk into the bedroom. "Please?" He begs. I shake my head again. "Fine." He gives up. I leave him in the bedroom as I go into the bathroom to shower and change. I hear him turn the tv on and it sounds like he's talking on the phone to someone. By the time I've shower and changed he's watching tv in his p.j's. "Whatcha watching?" I ask him as I pull back the sheets and climb in the bed. "I don't know." He says. You see I have to be careful around Justin when he's drunk, he's not dangerous or anything. Just very flirtatious. I take the remote and click the info button. He's watching cartoons, classic." We should watch something else." I suggest. "Why don't we do something else if you don't want to watch tv." He says. "Like sleep?" I ask. "Maybe something more interesting." He tells. "Sleep is interesting." I say. He snakes his right arm around me, and him being much stronger than me, he pulls me practically on top of him. "Justin, I'm tried you're tired lets just go to sleep." I say trying to push myself away but his hold is firm. "Oh come on let's do something." He says playing with my flannel pajama shorts. I open my mouth to say something but I forget what Im going to say. Justin takes this to his advantage and kisses me. We kiss for a while then we pull apart. He smirks, " I can always get you where I want you." He reminds me. I roll my eyes and attempt to break his grip again but he denies my request. "You're mine tonight." He whispers. "Can I be yours by your side?" I whisper. He contemplates it for a second then lets me go to his side, but his arm wraps right back around me. "Why?" I ask motioning towards his arm. "Because I'm never letting you go and I'm never ever letting anyone take you from me ever again. You're my everything and without you I have nothing and I can't live. So I'm never letting you go." He says his eyes closed. I bury my face in his shoulder, and think about what he said. I'm his and he's mine. I love him and he obviously loves me. Now I'm not nervous about us getting married anymore, actually I can't wait. I just need Harry to magically disappear. There really are no more feelings left for him, all that were once there, are now for Justin. I glance back at the t.v. "Babe?" I ask. "Hmh?" He asks back. "I love you." I tell him. "I love you too." He mumbles. I kiss his cheek then fall asleep. 
I wake up to my phone vibrating me awake. "Hello?" I whisper sleepily into the phone. "Ashley? Why are you whispering?" The voice rings in my ear. "Because I'm near sleeping people. Who is this?" I ask. "Oh it's Zayn, have you heard or seen from Harry? He's gone missing and we haven't seen him in 3 days." The mysterious voice replies. "No I haven't, I can try and call him, I don't know if he'll answer me but I'll try." I tell Zayn. "Ok, thanks." He says. "Yeah no problem, bye." I say. "Bye." He says and then I hang up, I push the covers off of me and walk into the bathroom and shut the door. I dial Harry's number in my phone and it rings and rings and rings then goes to voice mail. "Hey Harry, it's Ashley. I was calling to see how you were doing. Just call me back, I need to talk to you. Ok bye." I say to the voicemail. "Who were you talking to?" Justin asks groggily when I walk back and sit on the bed. "No one, they didn't answer." I reply grumpily. "Makes sense, it's late." He tells me. "Yeah I guess." I mumble before laying back down and putting my head on the pillow. "Hey Justin?" I ask for him. "Hmh?" He replies. "Lets stay engaged for a while, it's more fun." I tell him. "I agree." He murmurs then I guess he falls asleep. I can't sleep now... YouTube time. I'm in love with Jenna Marbles and TheComputerNerd01. Hehe, I can't help it not to. What's Whisper? I click on the video and watch it. It's O2L's video. I love them too. I downloaded Trevor's song yesterday and it's awesome. I'm such a fangirl for my favorite YouTubers. Justin thinks its hilarious but I don't care. JCaylen, yeah I love him. And Ricky and Connor and Kian and Sam and Trevor - I love all of them. Don't tell Justin but I do. All of them are amazing and yeah. But I need to watch Joey Gatto though. I haven't watched him in a while. "Ashley?" Justin says. "Yeah?" I ask. "Two requests." He says putting his hand up in the air with two fingers up. "First one, Advil," he says with one finger up in the air,"and ear buds." He says with his second finger in the air. 


We got back last week, I'm 19 now! Haha, I love downtown L.A. So does my friend Casey. We have been good friends for a while now, and there's nothing going on. There has never been and I finally got that to Justin, him and Justin get along well, but Casey is my friend and not Justin's and Justin isn't stealing him from me. Justin likes to steal my friends, it sucks sometimes oh well. Casey's mine. I smile at him. "What is it my hair?" He asks taking off his hat and running his finger through his brown hair. "No it's just, I'm happy to see you again that's all we haven't hung out in a while, that's all." I smile then hug him. I love his hugs, and his cologne. This right here is my best guy friend. "Yeah I know, I just thought you might have wanted some space because you and Justin you know got back together." He tells me as we keep walking down the street. "Yeah, I get that, but I'm glad you are finally done with college and I'll see you a lot more." I reply. "Most definitely." He says returning the smile. We walk into Urban Outfitters, I don't normally shop here, Casey does. "I'm telling you, no one will go for that." I hear an oddly familiar voice. I shake it off and follow Casey to a shelf filled with jeans. The voice keeps talking and then I feel a tap on my shoulder, I turn around to see JCaylen and Ricky Dillon! Holy crap! "May we ask you a question?" JC asks. "We need a female's opinion." Ricky inquires. "Ok." I reply. "This tank with this beanie or this tank and this beanie?" JC asks. " Just know which ever you pick he's still going to ask for your number." Ricky whispers. I can't help but giggle. "We'll you just ruined it," Jc tells Ricky," But hey, I'm Jc and honestly I was going to buy these both anyways." I giggle, "I'm Ashley, and trust me I know who you both are, I love your guys' YouTube videos." I tell them. "Finally a fan that's somewhat our age!" Ricky says excited. "And a really pretty fan our age, so what do you say, can I have your number?" Jc smiles. "Yes but I have to tell you, I do have a boy friend." I tell him. "I'm always looking for more friends." He proceeds. I smile and we exchange numbers then go our separate ways. Casey cocks an eyebrow. "What?" I ask. I really like them and I'm actually screaming with excitement on the inside. I'm excited. "It's nothing, you just be careful, there's always a new guy or guys in your life and you shouldn't get too unbalanced." Casey warns. "Don't worry, nothing will happen, does it ever?" I ask. "That doesn't mean it won't." He says. "Oh don't be so negative!" I say putting me face into the sun. "Fine!" He says giving up. "Good because I just met JCaylen and Ricky Dillon!" I say excitedly. "You are acting like a 14 year girl who just saw well your boyfriend." Casey says as we continue down the street lined with shops. "Because that's practically what just happened but in a different way." I tell him. He rolls his eyes. "Whatever." I roll my eyes at his eye roll. "You know what I want right now?" I ask him. "I can't even guess." He replies. "A puppy." I tell Casey. "Whoa, you are not ready for an animal, you don't even have real plants in your house what makes you think you can take care of a puppy?" He asks astonished. "Hey it won't die... Young. It will live a long amazing awesome life with lots of outfits." I tell him pulling him into the pet shop. "What kind of dog do you want?" He asks sighing.

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