The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


59. Math

" You have to be kidding me." I laugh. " No it's true," he insists," He really did." I laugh," You have no idea how much I miss your laugh." Justin says. " I miss you too." I reply. I think I hear Harry coming. " I have to help Izzy with math, love you." I say. " Love you too, bye." He replies. " Bye." I say. He hangs up. " Hey sexy." Harry says sitting next to me and kissing me. " Hey." I smile at him. " Who we're you talking to?" He asks. " No one that matters to you." I say. " I don't care if it was Justin." He says. Okay," It was Justin." I admit. " Cool." He says, " So you like math?" " You were listening to my conversation?" I ask surprised. " I did no such thing!" He lies. " Your a bad liar." I say. " Is that a good or bad thing?" He asks. " It depends." I answer. " What do you mean?" He asks. " I'll always know if yours lying to me be because you start to smile. It's bad because I'll always know when your lying to me." I reply. " So it goes both ways." He says, I nod. A breakthrough for him. My phone vibrates," Casey's back!" Emily texts. " You better not be joking." I reply. " Are you coming to my party tonight?" Casey texts. " Omg he is!" I text Emily. " Why wouldn't I?" I text back. I look at Harry who's texting on his phone. " I have to go to practice." Harry says. " Kay bye." I kiss him goodbye.
" There's my party girl." Casey says as I walk toward him. He kisses me on the cheek," Your looking ecstatic as always." " How's Phoenix?" I ask. " Very dry." He says," But awesome courses." Casey's a BMX rider so if there's a ramp around, he'll be there. " Is that why your never around?" I ask. " Yes." He answers," And if you didn't have a boyfriend I'd make up for if. He's not here is he?" He asks looking around. " He's in Japan." I say. " That means I can dance with you!" He says, putting down a bottle of beer and throwing off his hat revealing his brown hair.
I'm never, ever drinking again. I mean it. I feel like dying. What's that noise? It sounds like a bomb! I pull my phone out from under the covers. This is the noise? " Hello?" I ask standing up. What should be a head rush turns to me practically falling down. " Ashley is that you?" Harry asks. Oh my god it sounds like he's using a megaphone, I turn the volume way down. " Yes." I say standing up slowly. " Are you okay?" He asks. " Why wouldn't I be?" I ask walking into the bath room. " Your whispering." He says. " I just don't want to be loud." I say, my stomach feels kinda funny. This is never a good sign, I feel like I'm about to throw up. I turn on the light and get dizzy. I turn the light off. " One sec." I say putting the phone on the counter and walk over to the toilet and throw up. I flush the toilet and gargle mouth wash. " I'm back." I say to him. Why are the curtains open? I close them and lay down on my bed in the dim room. " You don't sound good, neither did that sound." He says. " I have to go before my head explodes." I say. " Bye." I hang up. " You must have the worst hangover." Justin texts. " Why do I always call you when I'm drunk?" I reply. " I don't know, but your very funny." He texts. " Seriously, if I call you and I don't sound sober, just hang up or tell me to shut up." I text. " Are you drunk now?" He asks. " Never again." I text. Where did I put that Advil?
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