The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


49. Maids know everything.

" How about we lodge in Canada next week?" Justin texts me. This is the third time he changed the location," Ok, but can you just choose?" I ask. " This is the last change." He replies. I stuff my phone in my pocket. " So, are we going to tell Izzy?" Tiffany asks referring to Cameron and Gabby. " One last person," I answer, " Fredric!" He appears at the door of the door of Tiffany's room. " Yes?" He asks. " Who is Cameron dating? Gabby or Izzy." Candra asks. " The one that knows how to stop talking." He answers. " That will be all." Tiffany dismisses him. He nods and walks away. " He's cheating on Izzy with Gabby!" Candra announces. " What do we do?" I ask. I cant tell my sister that her boyfriend is cheating on her with her twin sister. " Tell her." Tiffany says. " No, first we yell at Cameron, then tell Gabby that we know and we make Gabby tell her." Candra answers. " Agreed, we don't want another Candra incident." I say. " Hey, I didn't know who he was! An he was hot." She argues," Lets go tell Cameron that we know." She changes the subject. " He's coming over later." I say. " You take forever to reply sometimes." Justin texts. " And you wear ridculos clothes sometimes." I reply. " So, when are you and Justin leaving?" Tiffany asks. " When ever he can make a descion on where to stay. He changed it every five minutes." I say. " Do you have right now you have no idea where your going." Candra concludes. " We're going to Canada for the time being." I say. " No comment." He texts. " That's what I thought." I text back. " Who was the twenty second president?" Harry texts. " Grover Cleveland." I reply. " Stop with the phone, we're conducting a plan." Tiffany complains. " Who are you talking to anyway?" Candra asks taking my phone, " Your boyfriend and Harry Styles." " Interesting combination." Tiffany says. " Oh give me that." I say taking the phone. Izzy runs by the door," Hey Izzy!" I call. " Yeah?" She ask running back. " Where ya goin'?" I ask casually. " Cam and I are going running." She replies," Hence the tennis shoes." " But it just snowed." Candra says. " Jackets." She answers. " You know I think Nonna brought you an early Christmas present." Candra says. " I dont feel so great,can you tell Cameron I think I caught a cold." She says putting her hand to her forehead. " Sure." We say. She turns around and walks the other way. We glance at each other then run down to where Cameron is expecting his so called girlfriend. " Hey Cameron, how was your thanksgiving?" Tiffany asks as we reach him. " Uh great, yours?" He asks caught off gaurd. " Terrific!" Candra answers." Is Izzy ready?" He asks. " Actully she wanted us to show you something." I say," It's outside." " Okay." He says. We walk outside under an evergreen. Candra nods to the tree then kicks snow. So going to dump snow on him, well at least I think so. Theres two branches buckling under the weight of snow. " What am I looking for?" He asks. " Oh we know something." Tiffamy says. " Izzy caught a cold, it's really contagious." Candra adds. " Wh-" He's drownded out by snow. " You know don't you?" He asks shaking snow off. " Big time." I reply. " Did Gabby tell you?" He asks. " We kinda figured it out when you two went to the gym and Gabby was in a skirt." Tiffany comments. " Atleast now I don't have to tell her I'm going to Arizona anymore." He says. " You better leave fast, Gabby's telling Izzy soon." Candra realizes.

" I havent heard any screaming or things break." I say. Gabby went upstairs five minutes ago. Why is everyone cheating on each other? A door slams. " That's her." Mona corrects me. " I can't believe you made me do this!" Gabby says running out the front door. " Maybe I'll change my flight till tonight." I consider. " Come on let's go find her." Tiffany says. " I'm going to go try and talk to Izzy." Candra says. We go out the door. " She has to be around here somewhere, it's just a house." I say. " This isn't a house, it's a giant mansion! She could be anywhere. She could be at the end of the porch and we won't know unless we actually walk down there." She corrects me. " Exageration much?" I ask. " Exageration not." She says. " Whatever she wont go far." I get back on topic. " Check the garden. She likes the bridge over the lake." I say. " You go check the bridge, I'll check the garden." Tiffany informs. " Yes sir." I remark marching to the bridge. Why is it so dark already? Thank god for the street light things in the back yard. They line the path with some trees to the lake. It usually freezes over by mid December. Shes standing in the middle of the bridge. " Why are you crying?" I ask as I reach her. " Because when she kisses my boyfriend," She crys," I forgive and forget, but when I kiss her boyfriend, the worlds coming to an end and it's my fault!" Whoa when did this happen? " Huh?" I'm totally clueless right now. " Every boyfriend i've had for the past two years, she's done something to him. When her boyfriend cheats, she has an emotional break down." I sit down next to her," Why don't you just tell her what she's doing and who she's becoming." " Not who she's becoming what she is." She corrects me." And she's....." I ask. " A two faced slut." She finishes. I walked into that one. " Don't say that, she's your sister. I get you may not like her at the moment, but she is your sister." I add," When you get back to your gymnastic school change dorms and forget she exists. I did that to some people before, it works like a charm. Unless its Tiffany who was in all my classes. And that wont happen with Izzy, she's not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Actually she's not even a knife, she's like the floor. She does nothing." I realize. She laughs and wipes a tear off her cheek. " How do you always know what to say?" She asks. " Because I'm me, now can we get out of here? My butt's cold." I reply. She laughs and nods.
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