The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


62. Lyrebird

" This view is amazing." Anna says. " Don't fall!" I tease. We're standing on a cliff. " What if I were to fall into that valley?" She asks. " I don't know." I shrug," You'd scream?" We laugh. " C'mon, we better leave." She says looking at the guide who's waiting. We walk off the giant rock cliff thing and follow the guide. " Look at that rifle-bird." I say to Anna. " What's it doing?" Anna asks. " It's dancing." I reply. " It's dancing." My voice says again. " What was that!" I look around. " What was that!" My voice says. The guide points to the ground, a Lyrebird is following us. I laugh. " How is it doing that? It's not a parrot." Anna asks. " It mimics your voice by the speech pattern." The Australian guide explains. Anna was never good at school when it came to science, english and literature she will blow you away but not science. The tour guide catches on and we keep walking. " Ok so now that we saw two days worth of hiking and stuff, we can go see Sydney!" Anna says, " Enough with the learning, so you must be ready by ten a.m. tomorrow." I roll my eyes.

" How was your concert?" I ask. " Loud." He says. " That makes sense." I reply. He Laughs," Are you having fun in Australia?" " Yes I am, but I wish you were next to me." I say. " Me too." He sighs. There's a knock on my door," Can I call you back?" I ask. " Yes." He says. " Thanks, bye." I say. " Bye." He replies. I open the door to see Anna who walks in. What's with people not even saying hello? I shut the door," Hey." " Hi." She says. " What's up?" I ask. " Nothin' much, what about you?" She asks. " Nothing." I say. " How's Harry?" She asks sitting in a chair. " What do you mean?" I ask sitting on the bed. " I know you were just on the phone with him." She replies. " How did you know that?" I ask. There was a time where Anna thought she was a medium, turns out she just guessed really well. " I heard you talking to him." She says as if it was old news. " Unless you we're standing outside my door for an hour you would know and I'm going to think your creepy." I mention. " No, you weren't talking like you normally would," She explains," So therefore you were talking to Harry." I roll my eyes and click on the tv. " How long are you going to string him along?" She asks. I shift uncomfortably I hate when I have to think about this. " Why do you make me think about this?" " You have to choose, either way someone's going to get hurt." She says. I'm avoiding looking at her at all costs," I'm going to tell him, I just have to distance myself." I say. " Sleeping with him is distancing your self?" She asks. " You sound like another person." I tell her. " Your the different person. You've never been unfaithful in a relationship, your drinking is out of control. What happened to the old Ashley?" She asks. " People change." I say. Why is she doing this to me?! It's not like I'm doing drugs and I'm not an alcoholic. " Not like this." She argues. " Why does this concern you?" I ask. " Because your my friend and your screwing up your life." She answers," It's the beginning of February and Izzy's staying with you till at least April now, you have to be a role model. If Justin finds out its going to make you look the worst, not Harry but you. You have to tell him before everyone gets hurt."
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