The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


39. Let there not be Red

" Niall? Zayn? What are you guys doing here?" I ask. Why are they at a party in my backyard? Why is this song playing? They both look extremely out of place, except Zayn has a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. But Niall just looks... I don't even know what. " Nice party." Zayn says before taking another drag. " Uh thanks." I reply, there's about two hundred people here, I can honestly say its not that big. " Why didnt we get an invite?" Niall asks his eyes following a girl that as I remember is a total slut. " Didnt know you wanted to come." I reply. " Where'd you get the beer? Your only eighteen." Zayn asks. Very observant. " People." I say. " So your here because..." I trail. " Cause there's a party!" Liam shouts walking over and putting his arm around Niall and Zayn. " Yes that explains so much." I say turning around and walking away. Hello is now being blasted through the speakers. Someone grabs me by the arm," Great party!" I turn to see Harry. " Thanks." I say beginning to walk away from the pool. " Where are you going?" He asks lifting a cup to his lips. " Phone call." I say as a super short boy cartwheels past me. He lets me go. Where is it quiet? " You do not need to call someone if your at a party." He argues. " Where else would I call someone?" I ask. " Any where but a party. Your here to have fun!" He says. Agreeable. " I hate to admit it but your right." I say, since Red got caught drunk on campus my vacation got cut short. I can always call Justin later. " I usually am." He says pulling me next to him on the couch, I didn't even notice he was sitting in one. " So who were you going to call?" He asks sounding genuinely curious. " That I believe isn't any of your buissness." I say grabbing a bottle of water off the table next to me. " Why so secretive?" He asks. " Not secretive, just not anyone's buissness." I answer twisting the cap off. " I don't know what to say to that." He admits. I laugh. " Are you not drinking tonight?" He asks. " I've had more than enough already." I say. I really don't think I should call Justin drunk, we could talk for hours and all he'd do is laugh. " I have to ask," He looks at me," why don't you like Oreos?" " This again?" I ask. He laughs. " I don't like Oreos, get over it." I answer taking a sip of water. " Hey Ashley, what's up?" A voice says. I turn to see Red. He looks completely sober. " Red why are you here?" I ask slightly annoyed. " It's a party, I'm like drawn to them." He says using a lot of hand gestures. " You go get Blake and get out of here." I say, they go everywhere together. " Fine." He groans stalking off. I turn back to Harry. " Who was that?" Harry asks. " You don't want to know." I sigh. " Okay then." He says moving on. " Why aren't you partying? After all you are at a party." I remind him. " I'd much rather talk with you." He replies. " Now why would you want to do that?" I ask. Oh my god! I just remembered that I have to send in the tile I want! Wait I can just do it from my phone. " Because I enjoy talking with you." He answers. Nope I can't, left my phone in the kitchen. " Sorry to say but I have to go email someone before the clock strikes midnight." I say standing up. " I'll come with you, before Niall comes over and talks his head off." He says following me. Ok, I push through the crowd of people till I reach the deck. Yay! No ones on here! I open the door and Harry closes it. Right where I left it is my phone, which is going off. " Restroom?" Harry asks. " Down that hall last door on the right." I say pointing to a hall. " Hello." I say picking up the call. " Hey babe." Justin says." Hey whats up?" I ask. My laptops down here too? Yes! " Just missing you. You know that camera that got stolen?" He asks. " Yes." I answer grabbing my laptop. " we got them back. The pictures are fine." He replies. Justin loves to take pictures and video everything. Let's just leave it at he was taking pictures out of a window and saw an old woman putting a cat in a box. So he recorded it. The weird thing about it was the woman was wearing a Spongebob suit and the cat looked like Gary. " So now you have your strange picture back?" I ask typing. " Yep. I think I'll put it on Twitter." He says. " That'd be funny." I reply. " You sound sidetracked so I'll call you later." He says. " Wow that word sounds really weird right now. Okay love you." I reply still sidetracked. " Love you." he says before ending the call. That word still sounds weird. Sidetracked, side tracked, sidetrack-ed, side-track-ed. " Sidetrac-ted. No that just sounds werid." I say out loud to myself. " That does sound interesting." Harry says sliding onto the stool next to me. " You type really fast." He says. " Thanks." I say still typing. Building a house is harder than it sounds. Send! " Done." I say closing the lid of the laptop and sliding it away from me. " Was that email so important that you had to send it right now?" Harry asks. " If it wasn't I would reply to it till Tuesday." I answer standing up. " Why?" He asks standing up. " I don't know, I just won't." I say picking up the example tiles and putting them in a pile next to my other piles of examples and swatches. " What's with all the templates?" He asks picking up a carpet swatch, " What are you doing building a house?" " Yeah pretty much." I nod. He looks at me funny for a second then he starts laughing. " What's so funny?" I ask completely lost. " Nothing," He says trying not to break into more laughter," I just never struck you as the type to build a house." " Actually all I'm doing is telling them tile and floors and layouts. My dad is doing most the work." I admit walking towards the door. I must go party, it's a sudden urge to go out and party like there's no Tommrow. " You really want to go party don't you?" He asks. " What?" I ask breaking my stare from the party," Yes." I reply going out side.

A noise. Is that really what I'm waking up to? At two in the morning? Really? Wait what room am I in again? I glance around, fuzzy pink chairs. Fuzzy pink carpet. Pink walls, which of I'm correct, were demanded them to be satin. It's Izzy's of course. The awards for almost anything gymnastics, it's on a shelf. Same with Gabby. There's that noise again. Wait, it's my phone. Duh! I look around. It's not in here. Whatever. I climb off a very pink bed which looks like a very pink marshmallow. " Yowzers, I have to do something about this pink room." I say aloud to myself. I trudge out of the room and begin down the stairs. I'm at the last step when phone goes off again. My eyes are closed. I open eyes. Well they should be open, but it's pitch black. I run my hand along the wall. I hit the switch. It's so bright! I close my eyes. Ping, Ping, Ping! Oh god. I open my eyes. It's super bright here. I look down then look up again. Huh? I look back down at the floor in front of me. Roses. White and red roses are everywhere. It's so pretty. Wait why are they here? I step off the step, carefully trying not to step on the roses. Ping, Ping, Ping! Wheres that stupid peice of communication?! Why are there roses there? I stop walking, where was I last? Think! Why can't I think straight? Wait is that the piano playing? I walk into the living room where the baby grand is. Nothing. The only other room is the sun room. So far away! I begin walking down the hall. The music is getting louder. Greyson Chance's Waiting Outside The Lines is playing. I reach the doors, the music is perfect. I peer inside to see a shiloutte perfectly placed on the bench. I let the shiloutte finish the song, after all I love Greyson Chance. He may be like fourteen but he's an amazing musician. The light from the moon casts perfectly on his face. My lips form a big grin," Justin!" I say rushing towards him. " Hey baby." He says wrapping me in a hug. " What are you doing here?" I ask. " A recording for a show." He replies. Yes! " This I believe is yours." He says handing me my phone," Someone really wants to talk to you. Besides me sending those texts to wake you up, someone else was." I look at my phone, a lot of texts from Justin and a lot from an unknown number. That's werid. I shrug, " I'll look at them later." Wonder who their from. " Thanks for calling me back." He says sarcastically. " No problem." I reply. We laugh. How I missed that laugh. I glance around the room, a shiver goes up my spine. " What's wrong?" He asks interlocking our fingers. " This room gives me the creeps." I say still glancing around the room, " My dad used to tell me ghosts lived here. He made up a whole story and everything." " Let's see if their actually is one." He suggests. " Ha ha no." I reply. " Okay." He laughs. We walk into the hall. Smart, he's wearing pajamas. We climb the stairs to my room. Bye bye deadly pink. Justin sent me a lot of gifts in the month and a half he was gone. The clothes are in my closet, picture frames everywhere filled with pictures, jewlery in the jewlery box. " I missed you so much." I say snuggling next to him. " But I missed you more." He says. I roll my eyes. " You look tired." He says. You have no idea. " I can say the same." I counter attack. He kisses me in the head. Maybe tonight I won't dream at all.
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