The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


13. Leaving on a jet plane.

Vogue's plane is empty. The flight attendant took our bags and dissapeared into a diffrent part of the plane.  "I have to admitt, this is the first time i've been on Vogue's plane." Justin says when we take our seats. I laugh. They moved the photo shoot that was on monday,in L.A, to monday in London. A twenty hour flight, this is going to be a long flight. The plane takes off. The pilot comes over the intercom saying that were able to walk about the cabin. Justin unbuckles ,walks over to the couch that lined the other side of the plane, I do the same. I put my head in Justin's lap, he runs he hands through my hair. I'm smiling at him. "So what are we going to do when we land?" Justin asks, looking down at me. " It's going to be mid-night when we arrivve." I reply. He kisses me. We both stand up. I start kissing his neck, he's kissing mine, he slides his hands into the back pocket of my jean shorts, i wrap my hands around him. We sit back down and contuine. It's been an hour, we pull apart when we hear some clear their throat. It's another flight attendant, "Do you need anything?" she asks. "Do you have any Sharpies?" Justin asks. She nods and dissapears behind the door. "What do you want Sharpies for?" I ask. "Tattoos." He says. The attendant comes back,sets a cup full of sharpies on the table in front of us, and dissapears again. Justin grabs a blue sharpie out of the cup, "Welcome to the flying tattoo parlor, what would you like?" He asks. " Ya' know, I think i'll  have a dimond back snake."   "Good choice." He says, smiling. He starts drawing on my arm. It tickles so much, i cant help myself from giggling. "Stop moving!" Justin says playfully. I stop squriming around but i can't stop myself from giggling. Pretty soon Justins laughing along with me. Ten minutes later, "Finished!" Justin says, while putting the cap back on the marker. I look at my arm, the "tattoo" looks like an actual snake. "You never told me that you could draw!" He smiles, "Its one of my hidden talents." He replys. I grab his arm, and start drawing. "No peeking!" I say when i see him look over. Twenty minutes of squirming and alot giggling, i finally finish. " Can i look now?" He asks. "Yep." i say letting go of his arm.  He looks at his arm and cracks up,"Where did you come up with the idea to draw this?" He asks still laughing. I shrug. Where ever we are now its dark outside. The same flight attendant comes through the curtain, she places a stack of pillows and blankets on the side table, then disspears through the door again. I turn around, flip a switch that's behind us, the shades come down on the windows, a flat screen comes down from celing, I grab a blanket and snuggle up to Justin. He's flipping through the movies and decides on a horror movie. " Your going to regret watching this with me in the same room." I warn him. " Don't worry, i'll keep you safe." He says putting his arm around my shoulders. The movie starts.


I can hear the credits. It's completly dark now. Was the movie scary? I would ask Justin but he wouldn't know ethier, we were busy doing other things. Justin pulls away, " Look out the window." He says. Were over Atlanta, the night life is alive and dwelling. " It's amazing." I say. "Like you." He says looking in my eyes. I smile, and lay down, my head was towards the other end of the sofa. Justin is hovering over me. He pulls the blanket over us. " Were going to be landing soon." I say reminding him. The lights come on. "Told you so." I say. He gets up, we're sitting on opposite sides of the long couch now. A couple minutes pass by , we're silent. A flight attendant walks in, its not the same one as last time though. "We'll be landing in ten minutes, you have two hours, be back here by two. " He says then walks back to where ever he came from. " Okay, " I begin, walking back to where Justin is, "I haven't been to Atlanta in forever, what are we going to do for two hours?" I ask. Justin thought about this for a moment. "Little five points." Justin says. Now i think for a moment but there's not much to think about, its little five points, shops, food, more shops. "How bad can it be." I reply then get up, open a door to a private cabin, and shut the door. Ten minutes later i feel the plane landing, its a smooth landing.

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