The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


15. Lazer Tag

The arena gets changes everyday so i have no knowledge of the arena, but right away i see a ramp, i go up it. It leads to the second story, i look out a window, it's a big arena so i see nothing. I turn around and find another ramp, it leads to a dead end,  i turn around to go back but i've triped a wire, atleast this room is bigger than usual, it's practically a hall, it's dark, if i didn't know that this place was completly emtpy, i'd  be scared. I keep walking, till i find the end, theres a black light at the end, i'm looking for the puzzle, when someone puts their arms around me. I smile and turn around, Justin ethier followed me or tripped a trap door from the top floor. "Looks like were caught." He says smirking , i'm against the velvet wall. "Apperently so." I say, the light above us turned off , the one next to it lit, we're in the dark now, i put my arms around him, he pulls me closer to him,I can smell his calogne. " This game last's ten minutes, so that means were stuck in here for ten minutes." The light moved down again. " So what are we going to do?" He asks, he's looking in my eyes. " I think i have an idea." I say before kissing him. The hall is dark, now, but not for long, a half of the wall lights up in circles, their still black lights but i know they look amazing, but i don't have to look to know. A couple minutes pass. The lights go out again, oh no, I pull away, "Justin hold-" but we're already falling, into a giant foam pit. The regular lights are on now, i'm under a bunch of foam. I dig my way up to the surface, trying to stand up. "That was fun." Justin says coming up from the foam. " I haven't done that in forever."  I say. The arena is huge, bigger than it was before, there were ladders, foam pits, ramps, stairs, i can't believe they added on. "Man this place is huge." Justin says looking around."They've added on, quite a bit actually."  I look above us from where we fell, the floor is coming together. I climb out of the foam pit, he does the same. "You wanna see something really cool?" I ask. "Sure." He says. We go to the front again then up three flights of stairs, to a another room. This room has a lounge with windows that you can see a huge pool sized foam pit. I walk through another door,  were on diving platforms now. "This is the Dive. Fifteen feet, filled with foam, just dont dive, you'll break your neck." I say walking on to one of the platforms, i kick off my shoes, it's safer that way. "Just make sure you don't land on your head, it's not a pool, it'll hurt." I'm on the edge of the board now, i turn around, my feet are hanging over the edge. Ok, lets see if i can still do this. I jump off the edge, doing a back flip and landing on my feet, well sort of, the best you can land when your in a giant foam pit. I still got it. "That was amazing." Justin says when i get back up to the platform. I smile, "Your turn." I say pushing him towards the platform. "What? I can't do that." He says. "Oh come on, just jump, it's not that hard." I say. "It is," He says, he pulls me to him, " With out you." I smile, he smiles back. "Then we'll jump together." I say. I take his hand. " One, two , three." He says, then were running to the edge, we jump over.


We're laying in the foam pit, Justin looks over at the clock on the wall. " We better go if we want to catch that flight." He says. I groan. We get up and walk out. We're  walking to the car, i look at the building, it's dark now, no lights. We arrive at the plane, its late, i'm tired. We're sitting on the plane, waiting for it to take off. My phone rings, it's Tanya. "Hello?" "Ashley darling how are you?" "Awsome." "Thats great, I'm in New York." "That's great." I say, i have zero energy for this. "I'll meet you tommrow after noon. Ashely?" She asks. "Yes?" I ask. "Why aren't you asleep?" I groan, Justin looks over. "Go to sleep, Ashley. Nighty night." Then she hangs up. I get up. "I have to go to bed, captain's orders, good night." I say. "Good night." Justin says after kissing me. I walk into the cabin, and lie in bed. I fall asleep. I feel Justin come in. We may have slept in the same bed but we never slept together, we both believe that is for after marriage.        

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