The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


26. Kegger

" This kegger is going to be the best way to start off in New York." Molly says buckling her seat belt. " Agreed." Sirrena, Emily, Anna, and I say at the same time. " Just don't tell your brother your going to be there." Sirrena says to Anna. " Or we're all dead." I say. " Last time he busted us, I was grounded for a month." Emily says. " Let's hope he's not total douche this time." Anna says. " Maybe he's undoucheafied since we were sixteen." Molly says. " Where does someone get fifteen kegs?" Sirrena asks. " Who cares?" I say looking out the window. " Where's the " loft any ways?" Anna asks, " That's the most important thing right now." " Its in Times Square. But the important thing right now is actually getting in the air." Emily says. She's right we're not even moving yet. " Yeah but have you seen the dance school?" I ask. " Only you got to remember?" Molly reminds me. " Your lucky you got hip hop, i got stuck with ballet." Anna says. "I got jazz, im happy." Emily says. "Tap is going to be awesome to teach." Sirrena says. " Contemerary is going to be interesting but I'm still very excited!" Molly says. " You love ballet, why aren't you happy?" I ask. " It's not that I'm not happy, It's that its goi
ng to be harder to win at competion." Anna says. We all laugh except Anna, she buries her face in a book.
" And my mom said I would never get into NYU!" Molly shouts taking a sip of beer. We throw our heads back laughing. An hour ago we were fine, half an hour ago, we were tipsy , now we're drunk. There's people everywhere, the music is extremely loud. My cups empty, I take off towards a keg. This ones on the back of a truck there's a dude sitting next to it, drinking vodka out of a bottle. When I get closer I realize that it's Anna's brother Tony. " Hey." He says. Now I remember him, he's pretty hot, brown hair, blue eyes, and he's a football player. He's always been a football player. Actually we went out a couple times, maybe if he didn't bust us for drinking, we would've had a past. " Hey." I say forgetting were not supossed to be here." You look familiar, do you go here?" He asks handing me a cup of beer. I shake my head. " You look really familiar, where are you from?" he contuines. " L.A. " I say without thinking. He shrugs giving up. " If you need anything, just ask me." He says with a wink, I nod and walk back where I came from which all I know is behind me. " Who was that hot guy you were talking to?" Anna asks when I walk back over. " Your brother." I say taking a drink of beer. She spits hers out and just misses a cheerleader. " He didn't recognize me though." I say after she mutters something. " Phew!" she says. " Ashley your phone." Emily says. I pull my phone out of my pocket. " Yello?" I say. " Ashley is that you?" the person asks. " Who else is it going to be?" I say walking up a hill. It's quiter up here than it is down there. " Who is this?" I ask sitting on the grass, this hill over looks everything. " Justin." He says. He sounds diffrent. " Oh my bad." I say sucking down the rest of my beer. Whoa, bubbly. " Is it a bad time?" He asks. " Chug chug chug, woooooooooo!" some one says, I look down, it's Tony. " Not at all." I say laying down on my back. " You should see these stars, their amazing." I say. " Are you okay? " He asks. Haha, no. " Of course!" I say. " I gotta go, but I'll call you later." I say starting to get up. " Okay, bye." He says. I hang up the phone and stuff it in my pocket. " The cops are here!" Someone says. Molly grabs my hand and she pulls me back up the hill and we run off campus.
Being the last one to take a shower has its advantages, I can take as long as I want. I'm too tired to take a long one though. I lay down on the bed, I turn my head so I'm looking at the night stand, I look at my phone. I pick it up and hit redial. " Hello?" he says, his voice doesn't sound that diffrent now. "I told you I'd call you back." I say rolling onto my side. " You did, but it's like what,two am there?" he asks. " I can hang up the phone and call you tommrow if you want." I say letting the beer talk. " Are you drunk?" He asks. What? This makes no sense! " You ask this because....." I say. " Your acting strange, stumbling on words, and your also humming the American anthem." He says. I pause fora second, I am humming and now that i focus on it, I am stumbling on a few words. " So? I like humming anthems and maybe I'm tired." I protest. " Then where we're you when I called you earlier?" He asks. Why does he care? " The air port." I say rolling my eyes. " Blasting Sorry For Party Rocking?" He says. This is the worst part for me, if some realizes I'm lying when I'm drunk, I go south. In quiet, " Face Time me, now."He says before hanging up. Before I know it, I see Justin, he's sitting somewhere, now I can hear cartoons. I laugh, I have no idea why. "You are drunk." He says laughing. " You wanna know the truth?" I whisper looking around me making sure no one is in my room. He nods. " I was at a kegger when you called." I say still whispering, " at the university, until the cops showed up." I say. He laughs ," It's not funny! We almost got caught and not just by the cops. By her brother too!" I say still whispering. " Who's brother?" He asks. " Why are you yelling?" I whisper cover my ears. " Sorry, who's brother?" He whispers. I look around again, he laughs, " Anna's. He's a douche, but he's hot." I whisper. " Is he a cop?" Justin whispers, hes way to entertained by this. " No, but he told on us last time he was around when we were drinking." I whisper. " Oh, that sucks." he whispers. I nod. " You want to hear a secret?" I whisper to Justin. " Sure." He whispers. " I love you." I say. " But don't tell Justin I said that, I have to call him later." He laughs and someone else does too. " Who was that?" I say regularly now. Jarrod plops down next to Justin. " JARROD!" I shout. " How's it going Ashley?" He says. " Ya know." I say. " She's totally going to want to die tommrow." Jarrod says to Justin. They laugh. " I can hear you." I say. " They laugh again. Asleep, just like that, but I can still hear them. " Dude she fell asleep!" Jarrod says, "shes hot when she's drunk and when she's passed out too. You better watch out." " Dont even think about it." I hear Justin say

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