The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


32. Just please don't tell!

" Dani wasn't at the show?" I ask walking down the crowded hall . " Nope she checked in but never was on stage." Candra says her accent making the words sound funny. " Is she here today?" I ask unlocking the door. " I don't know! Davon hasn't seen her ethier." She says pushing open the door. Dani and Davon, I wonder how both D names room together. Probably just a coincidence. " Its not like her just go missing. You don't think she got kidnapped do you?" She asks sitting down in the center going through her duffel. I look at her like she's crazy. " No I don't think she got kidnapped." I say facing the sound system my back to her. " We'll you never know," She says, the sound of a bottle opening makes me turn around to see her drinking a wine cooler, " You just never know." " What are you doing?!" I say walking over to her taking it out of her hand," Your barley seventeen, where'd you get this?" I ask. " Hey!" She says standing up trying to grab it from me. " Where did you get it?" I ask keeping her away from me. She stops," Caroline." She says quietly looking down. " Huh?" I say. " Caroline." She says louder. I take off down the hallway. The halls empty, everyone in homeroom, Candra's not in hers because their doing a ballet lesson she did when she was eleven. " Ashley wait!" She pleads chasing after me. I stop dead in my tracks, turn down a mini hall that holds props. " Why are you so mad? You and your friends drink all the time." She says. Not true. " I dont attend an international performing arts academy, I haven't been this age for two months. I can't get kicked out of this school for drinking on or off campus. But I can not only get fired for knowing you drink, but have to not just deal with your mom, but my mom and my dad and rest of the family!" I say in a quiet voice, she still knows how much trouble she can get in. She's quiet. " Why even bring it in the actual school?" I ask. It hits me, she thought I'd be okay with this, she thought I wouldn't care because I drink. No, wrong, I care because she's my little cousin! She's barley seventeen! She can end her career drinking. " Is Caroline drinking?" I ask stepping out of a back door using my i.d. badge, grabbing her by the wrist. " Is she or is she not?" I ask louder. She nods. " Oh my-" I begin but she looks at me then points up to an open window. Is she really pointing out my language? " Look I won't do it again I promise, just please don't tell them." She begs talking about the family. " I'm not getting my head bitten off because you decided to be stupid." I say throwing the wine cooler in a trash can." Thank you." She says. " Dont even." I say unlocking the door. She scurries down the hall disappearing. I walk down the hall back to me room. " You'll never guess who just cheated." Tiffany texts me. I don't care enough right now to reply. " Thank god its half day, can't wait till 1:30!!!" From Anna. Shes too excited about this. Picture from Justin of me holding the wine cooler talking to Candra!? What? Phone vibration! " Hello?" I ask. " Hey." Justin says. " What's that picture about?" I ask. This makes no sense." I dont know why don't you tell me?" He asks. " Do you think that was mine?" I ask. " That's what it looks like." He says. " I'll be glad to let you know that was Candra's and I took it from her." I correct him. " Whats more important is where you got that picture." I say. " Someone sent it to me." He says caught off gaurd. " Who?" I ask knowing he knows who sent it to him. He's quiet," uh unknown number." He says. " I know your lying." I say leaning against a bar. " Selena." He says. " Your ex?" I ask. " Ha ha yeah." He says. " Uhm where'd she get it?" I ask. " I dunno." He replies. Oh my god Justin. " Stalker." I say under my breath. " What?" He asks. " Hmh?" I reply. " Nevermind." He says. " Okay well I gotta go." I say. " Okay love ya baby." He says. " Love you too." I say before hanging up. Where did she get that picture? No one was out there but us. Maybe I think. Who ever sent it to her, well I really don't know what. The bell rings, meaning the end of homeroom.
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