The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


87. It's time to grow up Pt.1

"Can we please talk?" Harry texts me. "No we can't." I reply. "Why?" He asks. "Because I don't want to see you." I type, I hit send as my door bell rings. Who could that be? I think to myself as I walk through the foyer. I open the door to a very sad Harry. "Can we please talk?" He asks. I sigh. "Do I have a choice?" I say as an answer. He shakes his head. I step aside, he enters. "You haven't given me a straight answer to why you broke up with me and I really want to know why, I want to know what I did wrong. I want to know how to make it right." He says. "You want to know what you did wrong?" I ask him. "You made me think something was real, you made me feel that there was something real, but then I figured out it wasn't. You looked at me as a prize that you didn't want Justin to have. You did anything to make sure that I wouldn't figure out that I still had feelings for him. But I did, they were just being covered from everything you did. Till someone pointed it out. Then they finally resurfaced." I tell him, I don't care about what he thinks anymore. "Nothing was fake, everything was real! Everything I did was out of love and care for you. You're not a prize, you're you. The woman I fell in love with. The same woman I haven't fallen out of love with because I never will. I would never do anything to hurt you. It kills me when you're hurt. I wouldn't ever pretend that our love is real because it is real." He says taking my hand, what am I supposed to say? I really don't know! "You took something from me, and you didn't once say you loved me. You made me feel loved but didn't say you loved me. Ever." I tell him. "I didn't say those things because I showed them in every way possible. Ashley, I love you. I've loved you since I first laid eyes on you. I knew I did from that smile. You mean the world to me. I don't care if it means losing everything just as long as I'm with you. Please, give me another chance, I promise I'll prove to you that I love you." He begs. "I-I-I can't." I whisper looking down. I know he's truly sorry, but I can't give him a chance. "Why?!" He almost yells. I look at our hands. He takes his away, and sees the ring. "Y-you're engaged?" He asks shockingly. He looks in my eyes. Then a frown that looks like it was being out back into place, formed. He pulls me to him and he cups my face in his hands. He leans down to me and kissed me. Our kiss ends. "I won't give up on us." He whispers. He places a kiss on my head then leaves. I stand there motionless, what did I just do? I can't believe that just happened. I can't believe I let him do that. I should've ended it right then and there. I need to tell him to leave me alone. To not talk to me again.
 To never see me again. But now, now i don't know. I need to talk to someone. But who? No one would understand. I allow my mind to go into a hundred directions. One of those directions is making me walk towards the basement. No, I realize what I'm doing. Is that always what I did? I always resorted to alcohol? Why? Why can't I just be upset or confused? That's what I need to be. I need to be confused. Then I have to figure out whats going on. And finally I figure out how to solve this and take care of the problem. I walk to the living room instead. Now it's time for thinking. Nothing else but thinking. I never really think, but now it's time to grow up and start thinking. 


That's it, I just have to tell Harry that. I don't have feelings for him. That he needs to leave me alone. I've made my decision to be with Justin and not him. He needs to respect my choice and not bother me any longer. Now that I have that figured out all I have to do is tell him. 

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