The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


36. It's on the list

Good morning everybody! It's a great morning, a terrific saturday morning. My red and white room is in perfect order. The maid did a fantastic job, the books on the book shelf are finally back in order. I don't know why I never took the time put them back in order, there was always one out of place mixing up the complete pattern on white,red, white, red and so forth. The white carpet and various red rugs are clean and look extremely fluffier. My desk is organized, I can actually see the design on it now. The bottom portion of my room is like spotless, I ordered new couches and chairs. I swear the two orb chairs just like make me soooo happy. The chandelier is ten times more sparkly. The new marble floor through the house looks beautiful. I have it only in the bottom of my room. The iPad for me is a universal remote. Playlist, ENERGY. Wireless doc, first level of my room. Bathroom and closet? Yes. Wild Ones is blasting through my room. I jump up from my bed and go through the bathroom to the walk-in closet. I have a lot of clothes. I'm not going to lie, there's a racks of clothes that still have tags on them. My closet is like a Princess Diaries closet, I fell in love with that closet and knew I had to have a replica of it. It was one of my must haves. I really should make room in my closet, considering I brought back a suitcase full of new clothes. " I walk over to that suitcase that's sitting on an ataumn. I start pulling out the clothes counting them as I place them over my arm. Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, space bags really help a lot in my shopping trips. Twenty in one space bag. One bag down four more to go. I quickly grab my laptop and enter in the number. Yes, I do keep track of the number of clothes I have. Tiffany dared me a long time ago to count all of my clothes and shoes and bags. It took me a week. Three years ago it was three hundred and seventy six pairs of shoes. Four hundred ten bags. Six hundred and ninety eight clothing items. Now, it's like I aquired half of that every year in the past four years. Everything is neatly organized, which helps a lot. I'm pretty sure i haven't worn a third of the clothes. Most of them still have tags on them. I can't say that about my bags or shoes though. I finish unpacking the suitcases. Then I updated my stock as Tiffany says. I look around for something to wear to the office. Who goes to an offie on a saturday? By choice? Dressed profecianally? Not me. Especially if I don't even have a choice of working there. When my parents ask me to do something I'll do it but this, this is beyond that. Out of no where they want me to run a business!? I'm eighteen, cant I have fun? My phone is ringing," Hello?" " Hey Ashley, just wanted to let you know you parents are coming in today." It's Carrie? " Thanks." I reply. " Are you okay with this whole business thing?" She asks. " Yeah why wouldn't I?" I ask picking up a sparkly belt from Hollister, they making cuter skirts. " Well I know that your into you modeling thing and your teaching at a dance academy. I just don't know how your going to do all of this." She says. Why does she care? She's leaving to go save penguins. " I'm not ever going to fully work there. Im going to show them leaving a business in an eighteen year olds hands is a bad idea." I say with a wicked smile on my face, if we weren't talking on the phone, she'd run away. " Ashley please don't do anything stupid. But knowing you, you'll do anything to get your way." She says. Okay, do maybe that may be true. " I'll see you at two." I say before hanging up. One reason I don't talk to Carrie is because she can be a total b-. My train of thought is stopped because my phone is ringing again. " Hello?" I snap not caring who it is. " Hello?" It's Justin. " Oh sorry Justin." I say looking at an old cheerleading uniform. " Is everything okay?" He asks. " isn't it like three in the morning there?" I ask, I have to burn this uniform. " And boys boys boys," Lady Gaga sings, crap! I run for a remote and hit the pause button. " Lady Gaga?" He asks. " Yep. So what's up?" I ask picking yet another uniform, TRASH! Note to self, update uniform count. " Like you said before, it's three in the morning here." He says. " Oh right, sorry." I say. " Are you okay? You seem a little um, stressed." He says." I'm fine." I snap. " Okay do maybe just a little?" He asks. " Maybe." I say. " So what are you so stressed about?" He asks. " How I'm going to get out of this actual go into office work." I say. " It doesn't sound that bad." He says with a yawn. " Yes it is, my office is a photo shoot, a dance studio. Not a corner office." I say. I pick up a pair of Miss Me jeans and toss them in the same pile as those dreaded uniforms. I hear a crinkle when I hit the ground," You could expand your horizons." Justin suggests. I pick up the jeans and reach in the pocket," I'll get right on that." I say sarcastically, a peice of paper comes out with my hand. I unfold it, MUST DO's BEFORE 19. I read through the list, date & dump Alex Monroe, that ones written in Serrena's handwriting, convince the school board that the school colors shouldn't grey cuz it's gay, have own clothing line, Sports Illustrated swim suit cover, win dance comp. against North Denver, and a lot more things I accomplished except one. " You know your right I should expand my horizons, so I will." I say. " Great, to what?" He asks. " You'll see....." I say.

" But daddy!" Gabby protests. Why is she even here? " That's not fair!" She contuines. " It's what I say and what I say goes!" He says," Izzy thank you for understanding." " Actually daddy I don't, she really shouldn't get all of the houses here and get to build one. I mean what about us? Just because we compete in England doesn't mean we don't come back here. We were actually just looking to get a transfer." That's the last thing I need, to deal with them. " Girls, you father has a point, your never here and her work is here." Mom says. " Mom! Your siding with them?!" Gabby shouts. " This is the end of this discussion, you two have a flight to catch, catch it." Dad says. They turn and walk out of the room defeated but they'll never admit it. " The papers will be signed and I already know the perfect spot, don't worry it's still in L.A. The chief of construction will meet with you to discuss the design with you soon. Now if you dont mind we have to go sit on a plane for ten hours listening to you sisters pout." Dad says kissing me on the cheek. " Bye sweetie." Mom says doing the same. I watch them as the elevator goes down. Carrie walks in," What was that all about? All I heard was the legally blondes muttering four letter words." " My house is being built, they don't get any." I reply checking my manicure, " I'll be in Tommrow around one." " Good luck with that, how bigs you budget? My mom said five mil so I just bought one." She replies. We look at each other and laugh. We both know we don't have budgets, her house cost ten million to build. " Seriously, why are you building a house when you have estates across the world?" She asks. " Its on the list!" I say walking into the elevator. " What!?" She calls after me. I wave to her as the doors close. I pull out my phone as the doors open again," Later Steve." I say to the security gaurd. He replies with a nod. The only difference I can tell between the IPhone 4S and the IPhone 5 is that I can see more of my conversation. " I expanded my horizons." I text Justin as I pull into the spot where my new house is going to be, Dad got those directions to me fast. " Whats that?" He replies. I snap a picture of area of vegetation and send it to him. " Is that a garden?" He asks. " This is where my house is going to be." I reply. " Nice." He texts.
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