The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


76. Helium balloons

" Ashley!" A familiar voice calls. I spin around to see Justin, whoa he looks different, he has so many more tattoos and he has a posey with him. " Hey." I say with a friendly smile, " Wanna go inside?" I ask, Anna always keeps her house completely empty because she hates people in her house. " I know you made it clear that you didn't want to be with me anymore, can you just please tell me why?" He asks. Ughhhh everyone hates this part! " I don't feel ready for a relationship like this, I felt lonely for a long period of time and you couldn't do anything because you were hundreds of miles away." I explain the actual truth, I did feel lonely or I wouldn't have hooked up Harry. " Why didn't you tell me this?" He asks hurt. " How was I supposed to?" I ask. " There are so many different ways to tell me." He says. " Not ways that would work." I say. " What?" He snaps. " You never listen, at all. How am I supposed to tell you something if you aren't listening?" I snap right back," You never kept conversation for more than thirty seconds, always answering and saying you're too busy but yet there's always another girl's voice in the background. Saying that it was just a friend but that same friend seemed to make you really happy. You should learn how to not answer FaceTime when your making out with your friend." I face timed when he was gone the other night and saw him making out with that Selena girl, I can feel my eyes starting to water, I blink back tears. He has no words, I walk out of Anna's house still fighting back tears. " Ashley, what's wrong?" Serena stops me, I shake my head," Nothing." " You are a bad liar." She tells me. " I'll tell you later. I have to do something." I make up a lie, I have to go be upset. " Okay whatever." Serrena gives up.

" Baby where are you?" I hear Harry call, I did not want him to come. I wipe tears, he called and I didn't answer, then he called again and I didn't answer. Then he texted me and then I didn't reply, this went on for about an hour. I wasn't ignoring him, I've been ignoring everyone. I hear the door begin to turn and then stop because its locked. " Ashley, please open the door." Harry says very quietly. I unlock the door and trudge back to where I was sitting and bury my face in my knees. The door opens and closes, he places a hand on my head, and runs his fingers through my hair. He sits across from me on the reading nook and pulls me to him. My back is against his chest while he finds my hands to hold. I don't know if he knows what happened but I didn't tell him. The tears are still streaming from my eyes, he lets me cry. I hear the rain start to hit the window, that's the only sound coming from the room besides my sobbing. I hate crying, it makes you have red, puffy eyes and makes your makeup run and it's just the worst thing ever! I take a deep breath, and it comes out very unevenly. " I'm not going to ask whats wrong, because I hate seeing you cry." He whispers in my ear, he's really smart sometimes. I don't reply, I look at the rain, it's making the pool look like the water in the pool is dancing. I hate the rain. I feel my phone vibrate but I ignore it, it vibrates again. " Why don't you answer it?" Harry asks quietly, I reach for my phone and hand it to him. " It's Izzy." He says, I shrug," Hello." He says to Izzy, her voice is seeping through the phone," Uh okay, bye." He ends the call. " There's something downstairs for you." He says. I look back at him, " What is it?" I ask my voice sounding really weird. " I'm not sure." He tells me, pulling me up with him as he stands up, he studies my face for a second and wipes away a tear, he kisses me gently then places a kiss on my nose. " Lets go find out what's here." He says.
" Balloons?" Harry asks confused. " Balloons." I repeat, their everywhere. " There's a note." He hands me a card. " Heard about what happened. I know balloons make you happy, I don't understand why but they do!" Signed Casey, he remembered balloons? That's from a long time ago. I feel the little grin on my face, he's right they still make me happy. " Who are they from?" Harry asks. " Casey." I say. " Oh, him." Harry replies, " Yes him." I say. " Do you like balloons?" I ask, " What kind of question is that?" He asks, he's probably thinking of something extremely do perverted by the face he's making to hide his laugh. The balloons are covering everything, what am I supposed to do with all these? There's a couple large floating bags tied to weights on the sofa. " How's it going babe?" A British chipmunk voice asks. I turn around to see Harry holding a balloon closed. I can't help but laugh, he hands me a balloon. I suck in the helium," You sound weird." " You do too." He teases back. " But you don't need the helium's help." I reply being shocked by how high pitched my voice is. He lets the balloon go and it flys out of his hand, he ducks to avoid being hit. " What am I supposed to do with all these?" I ask looking around. " What happens when you put them in the pool?" His chipmunk like voice is wearing off. " I don't know, it's raining." I reply. "But it's a sun storm, no thunder." He smiles. " So you want to go out in a pool, during the rain, with a ton of balloons?" I ask. He nods," Pretty much."


" It's like a giant ball pin." He says. " But not really." I reply walking towards him, the rain stopped revealing an amazing sunset, pushing balloons out of the way," Their just a bunch of balloons." " Okay what if they were those water bombs?" He asks, " and if you touch one, you lose, except the green ones." " Okay," I catch on," How do you win though?" He thinks about this for a second," You have to get to the waterfall before me." " Your on." I challenge," ready-set-go." He disappears under the water, I simply push the balloons out of the way, he'll never know right? I reach the waterfall and feel a hand on my ankle pull me under, I scream underwater. " What was that for?!" I say wiping water from my eyes. " You cheated." He says. " I did not, I just went the easy way." I protest, he chuckles," So you were just being lazy?" He asks. " I didn't want to get my hair wet, but we see how that turned out." I say, he smirks," Sorry." " Oh look you're touching a red balloon, you're dead." I point out. " You are too then!" He says, grabbing a balloon and throwing it at me. " Then we'll be dead together." I say coming closer to him. " I wouldn't be able to survive if you died." He tells me. " Same, life would be pointless without you." I say. We kiss as the sunsets and the waterfall falls faster.
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