The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


95. Heart beats

Ashley's POV
"Cocaine and Ecstasy? Really Justin? Who's were they?" I say through gritted teeth. "They were... Uhm..." He stutters. "Justin!" I exclaim irritated. "They were Ryan's and..." He never finished his sentence. "I swear to god Justin if you say that either one was yours, I'm going to kill you," I warn. He looks down at his feet, like he's being scolded by his mother. I huff and grab my purse from the couch and walk towards the door quite furiously. I open the door and slam it shut. I pull my car door open and and slide in putting the keys in the ignition throwing my purse into the passenger seat. I leave Justin's house, I want to be as far away from his possible, today is going completely terrible, first I get a call from Harry telling me what a horrible slut I am, then I can't even talk to Justin because all he does is make me upset and angry. I can't believe him I can't believe any of it. I slammed the breaks at a red light sending me to jerk forward, I really shouldn't be going that fast. I inhale a vast amount of oxygen and release carbon, I'm not in a good mood at all, I have 5 days till I'm supposed to be in New York, it's too late to cancel all of the invitations were sent out. Justin knows where he has to be and what time, I don't need to remind him. I tap my fingers against the steering wheel, waiting for the light to change. The ding of my phone distracts me, I pick it up out of my purse and slide the green bar. "Hello?" I ask still drumming my fingers. "Hey, it's Sam, me and some other people are going bowling later and I was wondering if you wanted to join?" He asked signs of hope leaking through his voice. The light turned green and I turned down a back road, bowling, a fun activity to do with friends. "I'd love to!" I reply. 

Sam's POV
"I'd love to!" She replies. "Ok, I'll just text you the address to the alley," I tell her. "Ok tha-" her voice is cut off by a loud scream and loud noises. "Ashley? Are you okay?" I ask her. There's sirens blaring through my phone now. The call ends. Was she driving? I can feel the color drain from my face at the thought of what might have just happened. "Sam whats wrong?" Kian asks me. "It's ashley, I think something just happened!" I say worried, grabbing my car keys off of the counter and then running to the door. "Sam wait you don't know where your going!" Kian calls after me. "There's only one hospital in town, get Jc and come on!" I say rushing to start my car. I haven't known Ashley for very long but she helped me through a tough time, and I should be there for her. They all get in the car and it rocks kinda weird, I pull out of the drive way, and go towards the hospital, if she was in a crash she would be in an ambulance on her way there now. "Sam you need to be careful or we'll be on our way to the hospital," Ricky says. I didn't even notice his presence. We pull into the e.r and we all rush out of the car and I throw the valet my keys. "Ashley Hansen?" Jc asks the receptionist. We all are suddenly distracted by the sound of lots of foot steps and doctors and nurses alike speaking to each other. "Trauma to the head from upon intact and battery acid was found on her left forearm is the only two things observed at the accident," a man tells a team of doctors. They pass by with a patient on a gurney, but it wasn't just any patient. It was Ashley. She looked awful, she had scratches and there's a gash on the front of her forehead that matches one on her neck, she's bleeding... A lot . "We need to get that acid removed immediately," another guy says. "Her pulse is low, she's in critical condition, we have minutes maybe," a lady nurse says. "Is that her?" The receptionist asks. I nod. "Are you related in anyway?" We all exchange no's. "How old is she?" The lady asks. "19," Jc replies sounding panicked. "She's of legal age so there isn't a need to notify her parents, please take a seat in the waiting room," the receptionist dismisses us. We make our way towards the near empty room, none of us saying a word.  
Ashley's POV 
I can hear my heart beat in my ears, and some other beeping noise. I can't open my eyes, my pulse is fast, pounding in my ear drums. "She's regaining consciousness, give her another dose," a voice instructed. "Is she going to be okay?!" Someone says in an urgent voice. "Sir please calm down, they're doing what they can, but you must remain calm," a voice told the other voice. I heard crying, and other voices saying to calm down, familiar, but I felt my head gain about a thousand pounds. My arms felt as if someone had cut them open and put tons of blocks of metal in them and then sewed them up. My lips felt like they were permanently sealed shut just as my eye lids were. The beeping noise faded along with my heart beat, it slowed, and slowed, a sudden pain in my heart made me wince then I fell into darkness. 

Justin's POV

Tears poured from my eyes, she wasn't stable, they couldn't get her pulse to regulate, the acid was slowly dissolving her skin, her beautiful skin. They'd have to do a skin graft, she hasn't been conscious for six hours, and I wasn't here first, it was her friends. The ones she was on the phone with when... When the accident happened. Ryan, Scooter they're all here, trying to 'be there' for me. I need to be beside my baby, the girl I'd give my life for. "Justin, I understand that we don't know whats going to happen, but you need to stay strong, okay? Can you do that? One of her sisters is here and you need to tell her what happened but we all have to have hope that Ashley is going to be alright and that everything is going to be alright, but we need to believe that before we try and convince other people," he tells me. I huff and nod before wiping my tears away, god I haven't cried in so long. "Where is she!? Where's my sister!?" Izzy screamed running out of the elevator a guy following behind her. "Is she alive?" The blonde headed girl choked out between sobs, she was hugging onto the guy that followed her. "Yes she is alive," my voice came out rough and scratchy, I cleared my throat," She's hasn't been awake but she has a pulse and their waiting for x-rays to come back, but their going to have to do a skin graft," I was able to get out. We were all standing in front of her room, which had clear glass walls. "A sk- skin graft?" She uttered. "And a few stitches here and there," scooter quietly added. Izzy sobbed and cried. A doctor walked out of her room," I have good news, she's stable, we'll be taking her into surgery in 10 minutes, she has two cracked ribs in the upper left area of her rib cage, there is also some internal bleeding but it's not very critical and it will be easily for us to fix, we do believe she may have to recover from temporary amnesia when she does regain consciousness, but she should be fine," he tells us. We all sigh in relief. "When can we see her?" I ask. "After her surgery," the doctor says, "if you'll excuse me." She's going to be fine, relief washed over me, I texted Jc as we had swapped numbers, he said he'd take care of all of the car wreck information. I can't believe that he cared that much for her. "Justin the press are here," Ryan tells me. "Tell them to leave," I state coldly. They will not be getting in on Ashley's life. This is too personal. Scooter was on his phone, "their in the elevator," he tells. I huff and pull the curtains around the glass wall closed, their not seeing her. "Just stay calm every one, please," scooter replied, "We'll get security here as soon as possible," he informed me. There was a ding of the elevator and foot steps could be heard, like a stampede. "What happened?" A voice shouted as dozens of reporters poured in. "Is she alive?" Another questions. "Who was she talking to when she crashed?" Someone asks. "Was it your fault that she was distracted?" A voice asks. I can't handle this, not at all, "I want them out of here," I demand, izzy is still crying into that guys shoulder, paps are every where, and doctors just went into Ashley's room, the surgery she has to be moved. I don't want them getting any pictures, they got enough at the accident. It was too late for me to do anything before the doctors took Ashley out of the room and the reporters went crazy, taking pictures and trying to talk to the doctors and some actually called for Ashley. Like they thought she'd respond... 

Hours or what felt like hours passed by before the doctor came back. "You can see her now, she's not awake yet but she should be soon, she's going to be completely fine," he tells us. Relief washes over me and I can feel a smile spread across my face. The doctor leads us down a few twists and turns in the hospital and he instructs that we should go in in small numbers. There's like 15 of is here so it's going to be interesting. Izzy goes in with her boyfriends who I've learned is Prodigy and enjoys art. Then Sam and his friends go in, I want to go I last because then I can stay the longest. See I think the most logical. Everyone finishes and I finally get to see her. She's laying motionless in her bed, the constant sound of the beeping which is the best sound I've ever heard in my life. She may be scratched up with a cut here or there, but she's still the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life. I run the back of my hand down her cheek, even when she's sleeping she still looks like my queen. 

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