The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


79. Hashtag hacked

What if Zayn's right? He could be, but then again Harry would've just moved on by now right? Right. But Zayn also said Harry likes to be able say that he has something Justin wants. So then I'm wrong. " Where is my baby?" I hear Harry say from the other side of the door. " I just got out of the shower." I say back, I hear the door knob begin to turn," I just got out of the shower." I say again. " It's not like I haven't seen you with out your clothes." He says coming from behind me and wrapping his arms around me. Thank god for towels. He kisses my neck and then my cheek," Your so warm." He comments. " That's good to know." I remark," But can I please go get dressed?" He let's me go and I walk to my closet. What's the weather? Probably hot it's May already. I pull on a pair of dip dyed shorts with a top that flows when it gets caught in a breeze. I walk out to see him holding my phone, " Why does Justin want you to go to a party with him?" He questions. I shrug," To party?" I ask. " Are you going with him?" He asks. " Maybe." I reply. " You shouldn't." He says. " It's not like anything a going to happen, we went to a party with you when I was with someone." I say. " Yeah and we hooked up." He argues, I roll my eyes," I don't trust him, that's all." He tells me. " Then what should I do tonight?" I ask. " Hang out with me and the guys." He suggests. What will Zayn say? He doesn't exactly like the idea of me and Harry together, I don't know why though. " I hang out with your friends all the time." He reminds me, that's true. " Okay, I'll hang out with you and your friends." I give in. 


" I don't want to watch a movie if their going to make out." Liam says. " We're not going to make out." Harry says. " Just play the movie." Niall says. Zayn plays the movie, he seems annoyed by me at the moment. Probably because I'm not heading his warnings. " So did you change your mind?" Justin's text banner appears on my phone screen. Que's text appears next," Are you still considering Ohio?" What's with all these questions? I hate this movie. " Nope." I reply to Justin. " It's in the top two." I reply to Que. Harry's hand finds my hand and my phone drops in my lap landing on my belt buckle making a thud. " Their not going to make out but their going to text." Louis comments. My phone vibrates making a strange noise, Zayn reaches down and takes it," Who's Que?" Zayn asks. I reach for my phone but he jerks his hand away, " Catch!" Zayn tosses my phone to Niall who hands it off to Louis. " You see, my friends don't do this." I mumble to Harry. " No all they talk about is clothes and shoes and makeup and gossip and what he said she said and how hot the new track coach is." He replies, with a smirk. I'm going to slap that smirk off his face one day. They continue to play keep away with my phone, I notice Zayn's is sitting right next to him, I grab his phone and slide to unlock it, no pass code? Where's his Instagram because I know he has one. His phone is extremely organized, social networking, there it is. Zayn and the rest of the guys were now practically playing football now. " Here lets take a picture." I tell Harry. We take a picture with extremely weird faces and hashtag it under hacked and post it on Zayn's Instagram. Harry chuckles while I place Zayn's phone back where it was. " This is so not funny, can I please have my phone back now?" I whine. Liam throws it to me and I catch it,  "Thanks." " Why I am I blowing up with notifications?" Zayn asks. " That's my cue to leave." I tell Harry. " Why are you leaving?" He asks. " I have to go do stuff early tomorrow." I say. "Now their going to make out." Liam says when we reach the door. He walks me to my car," Your not going to the that party right?" " Of course not." I say," You said you don't want me hanging out with him, what reason I don't know but I respect what you say, about this anyways." He smiles at me," Someone is finally listening to me." He says it like whenever he says something it goes unnoticed, wait a minute... " Are you saying that I don't listen to you? Because that would be highly hypocritical." I ask, he smiles a guilty smile," Okay now I feel like a total douche because I'm not trusting you." He admits," I don't have a reason not to trust you." " Now I feel like I'm asking for permission from my dad to go to a party." I tell him. " Yeah so, I don't care what you do, I trust you and I trust that nothing will happen, besides drinking that you're not supposed to do." He says. I slap him playfully on the arm," I haven't even touched any form of alcoholic beverage since I was in the hospital." I lie to him, he doesn't want me drinking at all, he would probably put me in solitary confinement if he knew that I hadn't stopped drinking. 

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