The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


65. GPS coordinates

" What are you doing?" I ask. " Getting this." Justin says pulling a miniature wine cooler from one of my drawers. If he didn't find it in that drawer he would've found Harry's clothes. I totally forgot I hid that from Izzy. I take it from him," I'm never drinking again." I walk into the bathroom, twist off the lid and dump it down the sink. I toss the bottle in the trash. " You look worried about something." He says. We walk out of my room and down the stairs. We walk outside. " What's on your mind?" He asks. " It's nothing." I reply. He gives me coordinates of where he wants me to meet him in half an hour.
I'm seeing is desert and hills and some bushes. I can't pretend I'm not mad at him, he knows I am. He's pretending like he doesn't know that I'm mad at him. I stop when I see his car. He gets out, so I do too. " So what's wrong?" He asks. " You lied." I say simply. " When!?" He asks. " When you told me you weren't smoking weed!" I answer. " I've never even thought about doing that stuff!" He replies. " You reek of it." I argue. " What do you expect!? You drive me crazy! When I'm thinking about you, I have to convince myself your not hooking up with some other guy!" He argues. " So you get high? There's such thing as a phone, where all you have to do is call!" I argue. " You never answer and when you do your drunk." He says. " Really because I'm pretty sure there's recent call logs with hours record, not minutes but hours." I reply, " One of the rules
I set for myself when I'm dating, I don't date guys who do drugs. So unless you swear your going to never do drugs again, we're done." I start to turn and walk away but he grabs my wrist," I love you, you can't just walk away." He says. I attempt to pull my wrist away, his hand is right where the stitches from the cut just got taken out. His grip is getting tighter," Justin stop your hurting me." I say. He doesn't let go, " You can't leave me." He says. " Justin let me go. Your hurting me." I say again. He lets me go and sees my wrist, it's bright red and there's a hand print around it. "Ashley," He begins. "Stay away from me." I say backing up towards my car. " I'm sorry, I didn't mean to." He says," I really honestly didn't mean to." He tries to take my hand but I back up.
" Whats wrong?" Harry asks when he sees me. I walk in the house fighting back tears. I go into the kitchen, he follows me. " What happened to your arm?" He asks noticing the red patch. " Nothing." I say quickly. " Something's clearly wrong." He continues. " Nothing's wrong." I snap, I open the fridge and grab a bottle of water. I sit on a barstool at the counter, he sits next to me. " What happened?" He asks again," I know something happened, you look like your about to cry." I keep looking in front of me. I shake my head, " Ashley you can trust me." He says. " He. He. He hurt me." I stutter. His expression changes from caring to angry," Who hurt you?" He demands. I shake my head again. " Was it Justin?" He demands. I look down at the marble counter top. He starts to leave, " Where are you going?" I ask. " Pay a little visit to Justin." He replies walking out of the kitchen. " Harry, stop." I run after him. " He hurt you." He protests. " He's not worth it." I tell him.
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