The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


34. Friends

" I can't believe your actually saying this." I say, I just can't, he's mad at me for having friends that are guys. " Why are you mad at me for having friends?" I ask. " You have a lot of guy friends that you have a past with." He says. " A past? A couple of people I've known for almost five years is considered having a past?" I ask. " You and Andrew do." He says. " Me and Andrew? That was a long time ago. How do you know about me and Andrew?" I ask, how does he know? I never told him! " I called and Anna picked up saying you and Andrew were debating on Obama and Romney and how it reminds her of old times, she also mentioned the summer dating." He replies. I sit on the ground picking up a leaf, and slowly tearing it apart, " So? A long time ago, nothing is going on, nothing will ever happen between me and him again!" " Oh come on Ashley, it was a little over a year ago." He argues. Is he actually telling me that I have to many guy friends? " I just think that you have a lot of close guy friends." He says. Really? He hugs girls all the time, sings to a diffrent one almost every night, for god's sake he's touring with one! " Listen, i don't know if it's you being jealous, or whatever you want to call it this time your just going to have to get over it." I say. He quiet. It's been almost five minutes now, " Are you going to say something?" " Get over it?" He repeats. " Yes just like how I have to get over all of your friends that are girls." " I have to go." He says before he hangs up. Ugh! I roll onto my stomach, there's really no point for him being mad at me. " Ashley! Are you ready?" Someone shouts from below me. Why did I leave the door open? " Yep." I say standing up. Tonight's lock in is something my grandmothers assistant thought of. I think her aunts like a party planner. " You can't have an event without a planner!" She always says. That's a lie.
" Ashley!" I turn around from the big screen to see my gramdma, " Your mother would like to talk to you." She says in a sing-song voice. She waves her hand to follow her. Why couldn't she just bring me the phone? Why didn't my mom just call my cell phone? " Where are we-" But my grand mother puts a finger to her lips, pushing her short black bangs to the side of her face. The halls dark and quiet as we quickly walk to her office. She opens the door to her lobby. " Ashley!" A woman in a midnight blue floor length evening gown says. " Hey mom." I say looking for my grandmother who has dissapeared. " Cupcake!" A man wearing a tux says coming from another part of the office. " Hi dad." I say. This is a surprise," I thought you were in Eourpe." I say. We're here for an opening but we wanted to tell you something face to face." My mother is saying. " We're going to live in Eourpe, but you already know that." I nod sitting on top the desk. " I talked to nonno and nonna," My dad begins, where are they going with this? Couldn't they have just emailed me? " they said that they need help at the business and are ready to put you as lead director." He finishes. " What?!" I ask. Their smiles go to frowns. " I haven't learned anything about that!" I say. " Carrie is there to teach you." My mom says. " But Carrie is already there." I say. " You know she's going to Alaska." My dad says. " Wait, I'm not even old enough to drink." I point out. " No one said anything about drinking the wine, just business, no where near the vineyard." My father says. " Ha ha no." I say standing up. Which the no probably won't matter. " It was nice seeing you but I have a lock in to get to." I say hugging them before leaving the office and walking back to the room I was in. " What was that about?" Emily whispers when I sit down on my sleeping bag. " Apparently I'm going to be running a vineyard." I whisper beginning to braid my hair. " A vineyard?" Anna asks. " The buissness side of one." I reply. "what?" Serrena whispers. A scream from the horror movies makes everyone look at the screen to see a girl being dragged over a fire. " Don't ask." I whisper falling onto my pillow.
Where am I? I blink my eyes open to see a wall. I hear a heartbeat, I look out of the corner my eye to see a chest, I follow the chest down to the stomach where it's cut off by a white comforter. I look up to see Harry his eyes are closed, he's running his fingers through my hair. Its still night, I can see the moon through the window. How did this happen? What happened after the party when we left the lock in? I remember seeing Harry and that's it. " I don't know." A male voice says from somewhere else in the building, it sounds as of they are right outside the door. " Ha ha, let's check." Another says. I shut my eyes. " Are you crazy?" Another says. " Their asleep." The second one says. " How do you know?" The first one asks. " The giggling stopped." The second one says. This is getting weird. The door creaks. There's chuckles. " Shh!" One of them says. The door creaks again. I hear the laughing getting farther. I edge away slowly. Hes still asleep. I stand up and look at what I'm wearing, tiny dancing shorts and a cami. When did I change I into this? I look around, I find my purse, and my skinny jeans and top. I quickly put them on over what I'm wearing. This is so crazy. I tiptoe to the door and look at Harry before opening it. The hall way is brightly lit. The wood floor is cold. I walk down the hall someone taps me on the shoulder, busted. I turn around to see Zayn. " You really shouldn't be trying to leave, you had a couple of shots maybe you should go lay back down." He suggests. " I'm fine thanks. Just uh where's the front door?" I say looking around. " Your drunk you should really go lie back down." He says ushering me back to the room I came from. " No i don't think I am," I say stopping, " Just where's the front door?" I ask. " Hey whats going on?" Niall says coming out from the room across the from the room Harry is in. " She's clearly drunk and she's wanting to leave." Zayn is making it sound as if I were trying to kill myself. " That's dangerous!" Niall says. " What's dangerous?" Louis asks walking in. " Ashley is trying to leave." Niall says. " While she's had too much to drink." Zayn adds. To be honest I feel like I'm in a Three Stooge's show. " So are you going to let me leave?" I ask. They turn around and walk away. " Hello darling." Harry says pulling me to him by the waist then kissing me on the cheek. " Uh hi." I say. I'm so confused. " Are you leaving?" He asks pulling me back into the room he came out of. " Uh I'm trying to." I say. " Why would you want to do that?" He asks making me sit on the bed with him. " I kind of have to go somewhere." I say trying to stand up. " Where would that be?" He asks. My eyes open, to darkness. I grab my phone which is by me and look at the time. Three a.m. It was all a dream. I sit up and look around, Serrena and Emily are by me. Both asleep. Apparently the place I had to be was out of that dream. My phone was vibrating, that's what woke me up. " I dont want to fight over stupid things, even when we do, I will always love you." From Justin. " You really are my knight in shining armor, you saved me from a nightmare I couldn't have survived." I reply.
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