The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


54. Dogs are colored blind

" Yup." I say to the phone. " And you haven't tanned at all correct?" Tanya asks. " Correct." I sigh. " Great stay out of the sun!" She says. The call ends there because she hangs up. Would a proper goodbye kill her? " Stay out of the sun?" Anna asks. " Don't even get me started about the Ban the Tan crap." I warn her. " Your hair looks awesome by the way." She changes the subject. " Thanks." I say running my hand through it. It's dark brown rather than the black it was, but a close match. " I like the pink." Emily says pointing to Anna's toes. " Then get them painted that color, we're here." I gesture to the nail salon. " I can't, Chipper doesn't like the color pink." She complains. " Aren't dogs colored blind?" Anna asks. " Tell that to him, he tore up everything in my room. Now my rooms purple." Emily says. " Is that why your pulling an Ashley and just getting French tips and a clear coat?" Anna asks. " Excuse me?" I ask," I'm getting Orange." " This is like the first time in forever." Anna says astonished. " Not true, at Cremmington she had a diffrent color every week for two semesters." Emily corrects her. " How do you remember that?" I ask. " Because you had tie die stencils done." She answers. " Oh yeah." I remeber. " Hey what's the date?" I ask. " The fifth." Anna says," Why?" " Because Izzy has court and Gabby needs something shipped out Tommrow." I say. " Did she find a new school?" Emily asks. " She's out till the case is closed." I say. " Well that should be easy, doesn't your dad own like a chain of law firms?" Emily asks. " If only it was that easy." I say.

" So how productive was your day?" I ask Justin. " Very, ish." He replies. I laugh, " What'd you do productive today?" He asks. " I went to the spa, and got a massage." I say," And a mani pedi. That's productive if I do say so myself." " I thought you weren't supossed to be tanning." He says. " I'm sunbathing." I say. " Yeah okay." He says. " If it's ninety-nine degrees out, I'm not not going to stay inside, fresh air is mandatory." I make up an excuse. " Here she comes, and please don't give her attitude." He pleads. I slip on a pool cover up as an interviewer starts walking from Justin's house. " I don't." I snap. " Really?" He asks pulling a chair from the table out for me. " Yes." I say through a smile while sitting down. " Hi, I'm Cheryl Jones from J-14." The interviewer who looks thirty says. " Hello." Justin says. She sits down," Thanks for agreeing to do the interview." " No problem." He replies. " Shall we begin?" She asks the rhetorical question. " You both travel a lot, how often do you travel together?" She asks. " When ever we can." He says. We agreed that if he can answer the question he'll answer it. The only time I'll answer if it's a direct question. Like every reporter now in days, she's using a recorder. Thank go I don't have to hear the scribbling of a pen right now. " With busy schedules how do you find time?" She asks. " Our schedules usually coordinate which helps." He replies. I so wish my sunglasses weren't ontop of my head right now or I'd totally be zoning out which I kind of am. " Ashley, your a dance instructor to thirteen and older students, how do they react to you dating Justin?" She asks me. " Uh, they dont seem to care,there's famous dancers in every other week, their very used to their used to it." I say. She looks at her notepad of, what I'm guessing, questions. By now I've zoned out and to be honest it's nt entirely my fault, it's the party's fault. Cheryl keeps asking questions and Justin is answering them. My stomach hurts. Her phone starts ringing, and she excuses herself. " I'm going to get water." I whisper to Justin. " Okay." He says as I stand up," Are you okay?" He asks," You don't look to great." " I don't know, my stomach hurts, I feel like I'm about to throw up." I say grabbing my phone and walking towards the house. I take a bottle of water and sip it for a minute. I walk back outside and sit next to Justin. She's still talking on the phone but you can tell she's trying to make an effort to get off. " Are you okay?" He asks. " Yes." I reply. He grabs my hand under the table. " Sorry that was the boss." Cheryl says.
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