The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


77. Decorations

Star ships

" Do you think you and Ashley will get back together?" The newscaster asks. " Most likely, this is just temporary, like any typical break situation." Justin replies. " So the Harry Styles thing isn't as serious as they're presenting it to be?" The newscaster asks. " It's just part of her game, Ashley will get bored of him soon." Justin says, I click the tv off. " That bastard." Harry mutters, what game am I playing? I wasn't even aware I was playing one. How could he say that? He doesn't know anything! I glance at Harry who's fuming. " I'm not playing any game." I tell Harry. " I know you aren't but he is." He says, I walk closer to him and he puts his arm around me, I don't care for his tattoo sleeve but at least he doesn't have a bunch of tattoos everywhere, that is so stupid. He looks in my eyes," Don't worry, this will blow over." ********************************

" Just ignore them." Serrena suggests. " Do I have a choice?" I ask, fighting my way through a swarm of paparazzi. " Not exactly." She replies. " I can't take this anymore!" I yell when we get to the parking garage, ' anymore ' bounces and echoes. " Then why do you put up with it?" Serrena questions. " What do you mean?" I ask her. " Don't date them. Any of them." She says plainly. I give her a really confused look," Publicly anyways." She finishes. " That could work, I don't know how Harry would feel about it though." I say. " If he really loves you then he'll be with you in any way possible." She adds. *****************

" How's the decorations coming along?" I ask Molly, who's in charge of the decorations for the charity ball. " Terrible! Nothing's getting done!" She exclaims. I look around the big room, about to say something but I'm cut off by Anna," Oh great, trouble just stormed in." Anna nods toward the entrance. " What is he doing here?" Molly asks. I look up from the folder and towards the entrance. Justin and a bunch of his friends just walked in. " How'd they even get in here?" Serrena comes out of no where.  " I don't know." I say. " Hey babe." Justin puts his arm around me, I push his arm off of my shoulder," What are you doing here?" I ask impatiently. " I wanted to see you." He smiles. " I don't want to see you." I walk away from him. " What are you guys setting up for anyways?" One of his friends asks. " None of your business." Anna says.  " Just ignore them, in going to go look for the center pieces." " Look for the chair covers too!" Emily says from the other side of the ballroom. I walk out of the room with Justin on my heels, " Why are you following me?" I ask still walking down the hall.  " I already told you, I wanted to see you." He replies, I stop and turn to look at him, his SnapBack is the one he stole from me, it matches his purple high tops though," Why don't you just leave me alone?" I ask harshly. " Because you have to forgive me, I'll do anything to get you to forgive me. It was extremely stupid and she means nothing to me, that kiss meant nothing. I  miss you-I miss us." His eyes fill with sorrow. " Even if I do forgive you, I'm still in a relationship with Harry, and it's not a game." I break, he smiles," There will be an us again Ashley, I'm sure of it." He whispers, he places a kiss on my cheek. I secretly wish it was on my lips and not my cheek, I can never tell him that though. Even if there was an us or I wanted there to us, how could I dump the other person I love? 

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