The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


14. club nine.

It's hard to believe how fun and exciting little five points is, till you go there in the middle of the night. We pull into a club Nine, "Wow, this place has changed alot in two years." I say when we get out of the rental car. "You haven't been here in two years?" Justin asks shocked. "Yep, now that i think about it, It's known as frat house night." I say. "Do I even want to know why it's called that?" he asks. I think about this, I shake my head laughing, " No, you dont." When we first walk in, somebody puts a beer in my hand then dances away, I put it down on a near by table. This is odd, it's usually not this crazy, then i see the answer to the question, it's the owner's son Tommy, the owners are awsome but their son's a total jerk and we have a past, he's messing with a laptop,probably trying to change the music. "Justin we have to get out of here. Like now." I say, if Tommy see's me i don't know what i'll do, or what he'll do. " Why? We just got here." He says looking around. "Yeah but this isn't really my scene." He wasn't listening he was talking to someone already, but he was still holding my hand. Justin turns back to talk to me but he doesn't get a word out before we hear, "ASHLEEEEY!" I dont even have to look to know who it is, it's Tommy. He comes over, puts his arm around my shoulder, and plants a slobbery kiss on my cheek. "Hey Tommy." I say wiping the slobber off my cheek. "Where have you been, are you still modeling at Victoria Secret?  I've missed you and i was thinking, we should get back together." He says, you can smell the beer on his breath, atleast he's old enough. "It's great to see you too." I let go of Justin's hand to try and push Tommy off, I sucseed. "Whoa,baby, where you goin'?" Baby? This was going too far. I look back, Justin's face is blank. "Look Tommy, what we had was a long time ago, and i've moved on." I say. "Wait, are you breaking up with me?" Tommy asks, he's clearly drunk. "What?" I ask, now i'm the one who's confused. A brunette takes Tommy's hand, "Sorry he's had way too much to drink." she apoligizes then she and Tommy walk towards the back. I  turned back around to Justin. "I already know what your going to say and i dont want to talk about it. Now can we leave?" "Yeah lets go before we run into another one of your drunk ex-boyfriends." Justin says when I open the door. I roll my eyes, i take the keys out of his hands, "I'm driving." We get in the car, were around Geogia Tech now. "Where are we going?" Justin asks. "You'll see." I say turning into a giant building, there were giant black lights outside spelling out ULTIMATE LAZER TAG. "I didn't really take you for the lazer tag type." Justin admits. I laugh, and walk up to the building. " It's closed, did you really think it'd be open in the middle of the night?" Justin asks. I pull a key ring out of my pocket, i select a key and unlock the door. " A key." Justin says. I nod, it's my  aunt and uncle's place, my cousin should be around here somewhere. "Jessie!" A blonde haired girl says when she walks in from another room,she has an australian accent, she has her belly button periced, which you can see because she's wearing a belly shirt, exposing an italian tatoo, its in small font, not big, but you can still read it. " Megan!"  I say hugging her. "What are you doing here? I  haven't seen you in forever!" "We're waiting for our plane to take off and when we ran into Tommy." I reply. She glances over at Justin then looks back at me. "So your Justin." She says shaking Justin's hand, "I'm Megan, Jessie's - i mean Ashley's cousin." "It's great to meet you." He says. "When did you get back from Australia?" "I'm off for break." she replys. "Is Dominc still head master?" I ask. "Don't even get me started about her and her pointe rules, and if i tell her i saw you over break, she'll annoy me about how i didn't convince you to come back and teach." I laugh, "I'm so sorry, but i have to go, Mona needs help with a turn and i promised her i'd help." "Okay, well tell her i said hi, and that she needs to stay away from turning on the tip of the shoe and more on the sole." "Of course and if she doesn't fix it, she'll be moved down." Then she walks out of the building."Pointe? You danced pointe?" Justin asks. "Yes, i gradutated and moved on, Megan is still dancing with the school in Australia, ever since she could stand she's been a ballet dancer." I turn on a big switch thats behind a counter, thank god they didn't move anything. A dubstep track comes on, the black lights become stronger. "Why does she call you Jessie?" He asks looking around. "We call each other by our middle names, Megan is Candra's middle name, everyone calls her Candra at the school, but we call her Megan here. Oh by the way, dont call her Candra."  "Okay, so is your middle name Jessie? or is it short for Jessica?" "It's Jessica." "What's the M stand for in her tatoo? I can read the rest." He asks. " I dont know, she never told me." I say, i do know what it means, but i'm not going to tell him what it means, she finds it disrespectful or something. "Are we going to play or talk about middle names." I remind him. "Right let's play." He says. We just enter a hallway, the smoke comes and sprays us. were out of the hallway now, "What was that?" Justin asks looking at his shirt. "Detection smoke, instead of having to wear vests, the smoke goes on your clothes and the black lights will light the smoke up and those are the targets." The targets appear. " Convient." He says. "Theres other guns through out the arena, more powerful guns, they'll delivery more points." I say while handing him a gun. "Oh and be careful with trip wires, they might trap you and you have to complete the puzzle to escape, but at the same time, your losing points." I finish. "Wow this is really ultimate lazer tag, but your going down." " Yeah right, I've been raining champ for the last ten years, good luck." I say before pressing a button on a desk thats next to the curtain, then going through a curtain. 

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