The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


84. Cheeto's and Alfredo

"Justin." I say softly. Nothing. "Justin." I tap him. He's on his stomach with his face turned the other way. I run my hand through his hair. "Mmmm?" He replies. I smile to myself, that always works. "You have to wake up, we're supposed to do stuff today." I tell him. He groans. "Lets just stay in bed." He mumbles into the pillow. "No we have to get up." I tell him. He lifts his head up and turns on his back, his hair is messy and all over the place. "No." He smiles taking my hand and bringing it to his lips. "Lets just stay in bed all day." He suggests. I look at him, and he gives a very convincing look. I lay next to him and he chuckles. "What?" I ask him. "You don't give up this easily." He remarks. "I never said I give up." I remind him. His eyes widen, "Well then." I chuckle and get up. "Where are you going now?" He asks. "Kitchen." I reply walking out of his room and down the stairs. I turn the corner and into the kitchen and go to the pantry. Justin and his Whey protein drinks and healthy food. I push the first two canisters aside to show the unhealthy food in his pantry, there's a lot. Cheetos, the good kind! "What do you think your doing?" I hear a familiar voice say. I turn and see Alfredo standing there with the regular grin mixed with smirk. "Those are mine." He reaches and takes the Cheetos out of my hands. "Where's Justin?" He asks. "Upstairs." I reply pulling out Cheez It's. "What are you doing? You have things that have to be done today!" He reminds me, he smacks me on the butt. Which because I'm in a t-shirt, and underwear, it hurts. I glare at him, and he just smiles. I huff before walking back upstairs. "Your boyfriend's here." I say slightly annoyed. "Mmmwha?" Justin barley got out of his mouth. "And why are you still asleep?" Alfredo appears in the door way, half yelling bewilderedly. Justin's eyes barley opened but a smile formed on his lips. He sat up fully, then glanced at me. Probably getting my annoyance, the smile quickly fell to seriousness. "What do you want?" Justin asks Alfredo.  Alfredo catches on. "Oh um, just Cheetos." He says seriously but it quickly was replaced by his grin of some sort. I sneak a peak at Justin's face, he's trying so hard not to laugh. "We have to get going." Alfredo tells us leaning against the doorframe. So you," he points to Justin. "Put a shirt on, and pants if you don't have any on. And you," he points a Cheeto at me,"You can just stay in that." He smirks. Justin and I both glance at each other. "Now that that's covered, let go!" Alfredo says before nodding his head forward to let his RayBans fall to his eyes then walking down the hall. Justin falls back into the bed. "Do you know where we're going?" He asks me. "He's your boyfriend not mine." I tell him. He looks at me at smirks, before pulling my to him. I kiss him gently but he returns in roughly. "But your my girlfriend, and you also have Cheez It's." He told me after we pulled away, he popped one in his mouth, squinted his eyes and smiled. 

                     :{    -    }: 

"You dragged us out here for this?" Justin asks looking at the cactus. I look around at all the other ones. "Their petty cool though." I say, their pink and blue and green. "So? It's hot." Justin whines. "It's sunny!" I say. "Let's tan!" Alfredo suggests. "Lets leave." Justin decides.





Sorry for such a bad chapter. I really didnt know what to write to be honest but more drama is coming up. 

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