The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


74. Catch

Oh my god, my head is pounding! I blink open my eyes to a wall. I feel a light breath on my neck and a hand on my thigh. Where am I? I rub my forehead, who in the hell is behind me? Please let it be Harry, please be Harry, I turn my head to look over my shoulder silently praying. Que is behind me without a shirt. I glance down at my chest which is covered by a sheet. Oh. No. So much for me keeping that promise to not drink. I feel Que flinch back," What happened?" He asks. " I have no idea." I reply. " Your eighteen right?" He asks. I nod," Then we're good, for the legal part anyways." He says. I stand up and pull on my clothes, Que is doing the same but he's taking clothes out of the dresser. I guess I've found his room. I pat my jean pockets for my phone, it's not there. " Is this yours?" Que asks holding my phone. " Yes, thanks." I say as he hands me my phone. He put his number in my phone? Okay then. " You can stay if you want." He winks," I won't tell anyone." " This really wasn't supposed to happen." I say. " Yeah, I know. But I'm glad it did." He smirks. I leave the room, there's cups spread everywhere along with other miscellaneous objects. I make my way down the stairs, stepping on bubble wrap that is cascading down the stair case. I practically stumble out the door with Que behind me. Photographers are waiting outside, what is going on? " Ashley, Ashley why did you break up with Justin?" A reporter asks. " Over here! Over here!" Someone shouts. " Are you and Justin really done?!" A photographer asks. " Who are you?" A reporter asks Que. " What's going on?" Que whispers. " I have no idea!" I whisper back. " Did you leave Justin for the quarter back at Ohio State?" Some asks. Que looks shocked," We're not together." He says. They completely ignore this," How did you meet?" Someone asks. " Ashley will you be attending the college?" Another asks. " Are you choosing this one for Ryan Lewis?" Another one says. Que takes my hand and pulls me back inside," Lets take the back way." " Sounds great." I reply. We walk through the mess," I'm going to dread cleaning this up." He sighs. " I know how that is." I reply. We reach the back door, we passed some people who were asleep on the floor. " I didn't really take you as the party girl." He replies with a smirk. " You have no idea." I say following him out the door.


" You dumped me for Harry?" Justin's last text has been going through my mind all day. I should've replied that night after the dinner, but I didn't. How could I reply? I should be paying attention but who cares. " You left a bracelet here." Que texts. " What bracelet?" I ask. " It has diamonds on it, and it has something engraved on it." He replies. I feel my left wrist, the bracelet that I usually wear is gone. " It says, J plus A for ever." He texts. What? I stop reading the book and think, what bracelet? J plus A? Oh that bracelet from Justin! I forgot that I put that on every morning with out thinking about it. " That bracelet, um, I'll come and get it." I reply. I haven't left dinner with Shivani yet so it'll have to wait. " And she was like, He totally likes you, and that's when a the chandelier fell from the ceiling and crushed the cake." She explains the destruction of her mother's wedding. " You're joking?" I say containing my laughter. " No I'm not! The whole thing went onto India's funniest home videos!" She says. We finish eating and part our ways. " Thanks for calling me." I say when I close the door of the car at Que's sorority, he's sitting on the porch, juggling a football. He looks up," No problem." He says standing up. He seems easy going about everything, especially with that smile,he hands me the bracelet. " What happened last night, it's not what you think. We didn't sleep together." He adds," Well we did but not how you think." He reassures me. Why'd he bring it up? How do I reply to that? " That's good to know." I say with a smile. " Wanna play some catch?" He asks throwing the football in the air and then catching it. " Why not?" I shrug. We walk onto the front yard, he continues walking and stops about ten yards away. He throws it underhand and I barley catch it which makes him chuckle. I throw it back to him and he catches it like it was nothing. " Show off." I tease. " Don't act like you don't like it." He teases right back. " I don't have to act." I say catching the football he just threw. " P-lease." He replies, I throw the football at him and he he ducks immediately, we both break into laughter. " You meant to do that!" His northern accent is revealing its self. " Not necessarily." I reply trying to hide me grin. " That's a lie!" He smiles. " I'm serious, I can't throw!" I say. " You were throwing just fine two seconds ago." He reminds me still having that smile. " That was lucky." I reply. He picks up the ball from the ground and walks over to me. He hands the ball to me," How do you hold the ball?" He asks. I turn the ball in my hand as I usually do," Lets see, what your not doing wrong." He jokes, his dimples are extremely cute. He takes his hand and turns the ball completely around, " Hold your fingers on the laces." He guides my fingers to the laces with his large hands that are surprisingly soft. " Then when you throw, don't throw it at me." He smiles. " I'll do my best." I smile, he hasn't moved his hand yet. The sound of a cameras shutter makes me look away from his eyes, there's about ten photographers snapping pictures, and it's definitely not of the giant house behind me. " What's with all the cameras?" He asks coming closer to me, " I thought you said you weren't dating Justin Bieber anymore." " I'm not, I didn't know had to announce it to the public though." I say. He laughs," Let him."
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