The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


35. Candy

Head line reads, Should Justin be jealous? " While JB is touring, his GF is in New York teaching at an elite dance academy, modeling, and making friends. Last Friday, Ashley was getting coffee with One Direction star Harry Styles. Harry was in town for a music video, but after the recording he met up with Ashley and they spent the rest of the day together. When Ashley first flew in, she went to a college party with her friends and some college boys. Rumor has it that Justin and Ashley have argued about all of her friends. When we asked JB about the topic he replied," Everyone has friends." But everyone knows he's bothered by the topic. On a recent poll, 50 of the readers believe he should be jealous, the other half think that Ashley is allowed to have friends regardless of gender." Magazine article says. I shrug, " okay?" I ask looking at the dark sky. Anna is quiet, I bet she's reading it again. I really don't know what to think of the article. One hour till we land, I can't wait to be back. I look at the iPad in my lap. Tiffany emailed me a picture of the fish she's researching in Japan. It's revolting to be honest, she said they found it in a pound in the forest. It look like something from a horror movie all green and slimy. Delete! Im going to have nightmares about that thing, she said she named him Marvin. Who names a fish that scientists just discovered Marvin? Tiffany also says the squirrels would be getting water from the pound and Marvin would eat them. That fish is mean. Evil. " Ashley." Candra says. " I turn around," What?" " Just wondering where exactly the new academy is." She replies," And a lot of other people are too." she's nodding towards where she came from. " Oh right." I say standing up. She walks back,bobbing her head to the music her iPhones playing. " Listen up!" I say trying to get ton of teens to be quiet, they stop talking," When we land, bags, taxis, about a thousand head counts during and between then we leave. Any questions?" " Rooms?!" Red asks. " Oh right," I say scrolling through a long list," It'll be on LEARN." Everyone sighs," Fine I'll email it to everyone." They cheer, " Any more questions? No? Okay." I turn around and walk back to my seat. " I printed out slips." Anna says. " They'll just loose them." I say sending the email.

" More bad dreams?" He asks, his voice is soothing. " Yeah, they come and go." I reply opening the door to my terrace. " Maybe it's chronic nightmares, wait does that exist?" He asks. The air is cool, the stars look perfect, better than when your in the sky," I think it's because your not next to me." I reply leaning against the railing. My phone is getting cold. " That could be it." He says. " it most likely is." I say. If only he knew what their about. " I have to go." I say. " Are you sure?" He asks. " I have to sleep, you may not have to but I do." I say walking back into my room. " Love you." He says. " Love you too." I say. I'm too tired , I miss Justin more than ever. My dreams are filled with Harry and I think he should stay out of my head
" Who would actually volunteer for this show?" He asks confused. " They don't have Wipe Out in Britian?" I ask. " Uh no." He says. " Their humiliating themselves on national tv." He says. His feet are on the coffee table, my legs are stretched out on the rest of the couch, I'm leaning against him. " It's quite funny." I say. He shakes his head," No not really." I roll my eyes. He looks at me then kisses me. His lips taste like black licorice, who likes that stuff? " Get a room." Someone says throwing a pillow. I know he's smiling now. We pull away. " Fine." He says grabbing my hand and walking into the kitchen. " You know, I've asked you a million times what your favorite candy is, but you never told me." He says. I nod," You never told me yours but I'm starting to think it's black licorice." " What if I said it was your lips?" He asks. " I would tell you the same." I say leaning closer to him. He leans in close to me," Now I want candy."
Dream dream go away, leave today never come back another day. If only that would work. At least Justin knows my favorite candy, and I know his.
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