The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


75. Breakfast at Tiffany's

I don't think at all..?

" Hey." Que texts. " Five, six, seven, eight!" I count to the music. " Step, step, hop to the right, and Red." I repeat. " Hey." I text back. The class does the grape vine and does the two step that they wanted. " What's up?" Que asks. " Teaching." I reply quickly. The song ends," Break!" I tell the class who walks out of the room huffing from the very strenuous dance routine, I personally didn't think it was that hard. " Can we talk?" Justin texts. I lean against the mirror, " About?" I reply. I hear the class getting louder in the hall. " Us." Justin texts. " Not now, I'm teaching." I reply. A series of 'woo's' erupt from the hall, " Breaks over!" I call. A series of 'awww's' follow. " Later tonight." He texts. " We only have ten minutes left of class, and we have not met the new addition to the school!" I say. " Why are there singers here? This is a dance academy, not a singing academy." Candra asks. " This is a performing arts academy and singing is an art." I explain to the very impatient class," Now lets go!" We head out of dance building A to the middle of the court yard where the new student tours begin. " Hey Molly," I say to Molly," This is my only class that hasn't met the vocalists." " We must change that then!" She smiles. " Hey, listen up!" Molly gathers her class," This is the competition hip hop crew and they are to thrilled to have you guys become apart of this school!" " Not!" A student from my class answers, I glare at the class, " What they mean is, they can't wait to show you around!" " Yes we can." Candra remarks. " Why don't you go back to your dancing twinkle toes?" A boy from Molly's class asks. " This was a terrible idea." I say shaking my head," I have the worst classes ever." " You can't do half the stuff we do." I recognize Red's voice. " Like why would we want to?" A nasally voice trails 'to'. " Want to go get some coffee? They can work this out." Molly suggests. " Yeah sure." I reply, they can work this out. " Sure, there's a part at Anna's a promised to attend, we can talk then." I text Justin. " So did you like Ohio or UGA better?" Molly asks. " Ohio definitely, I like snow, and the parties." I say, she sighs," I owe Serrena ten bucks then." She says. " Did you make a bet on me!?" I ask shocked. " Of course we did!" She says as if it was an every day thing. " Wow." I exaggerate.
" Did you drink at that party?" Harry asks. We are in the middle of Breakfast At Tiffany's, " What?" I ask slightly confused. " In Ohio, did you drink at that party?" He questions not looking away from the screen. " I told you I had one wine cooler." I explain, he looks at me," I know you're lying." He says. " I'm not." I argue. " Ashley, I know you got drunk." He tells me. I sit up completely from my former position which was my leaning against him, " I don't know where you got this crazy idea that I got drunk from and why it has to do with you." " Ashley, you can't drink anymore and you know this," He says grabbing my hand," You have an extremely high risk of liver disease." I pull my hand away," What I do is my decision and if I want to drink I will." I snap. " I won't let you do that." He says. " You have no control over what I do." I tell him pulling on my Tom's," Where are going?" He demands. " To Anna's, where she's having a party." I reply standing up. He follows me," You know I can't let you go to that party." He says blocking the door. He's over protective sometimes and it can get so irritating! " You can't keep me here." I protest. " Yes I can." He leans against the door. " No you can't, I'm not your daughter you can't tell me what to do." I tell him. " Don't even." He warns. " You're hot when you're angry by the way." He adds. I roll my eyes," Don't even." I mimic. He takes my hands and pulls me closer to him, I spin around and stand in front of him as he rests his lips against my neck. Justin did this to me before, I wanted to go somewhere but he was worried about me and this is how we ended up but now that I'm with Harry, this will go much farther. His hands go in between my shorts and travel down to my underwear, wishing to gain entrance. His fingers tracing a pattern over very tender areas," We can always move this to the guest bedroom." He whispers. My heart is beating faster and faster, the need for him growing a rapid rate. His lips moving up my jawline as I tilt my head up. I pull him towards the guest room I'm very familiar with," I have something for you." He whispers. He lets me go and hands me a bag out of the closet then shoos me into the bathroom. I shut the door, and peer into the bag that contains very sexy and playful lingerie. I pull my hair into pig tails that hang over my shoulders and apply lip gloss, he's a sucker for good tasting lip gloss. I've worn lingerie for him before and it definitely turns him on. I open the door to see Harry on the bed turning his phone on silent. I have been multiple things for him, French maid, nurse, and a bunch more and now I'm a school girl, this will be very fun. " I've been very naughty." I tell him as a smile forms across his face. I sit on his lap, he buries his face in my chest. " Someone should teach you a lesson." He says looking up at me. I get off of him, and he spins me around and smacks my butt. " Ow!" I say in a very sexy voice. " I've been a bad, bad girl." I twirl my hair," Spank me." I wink. He does as I say," You are so, sexy." He gasps as I climb on top of his chest, pinning him to the bed. " I'll do anything for an A." I explain letting him venture with his eyes, his hands and he eventually lets his mouth venture. My eyes flutter close with enjoyment, and then flutter open when he pins me to the bed, " Your punishment is that you have to strip." He whispers. " That's fair." I reply still in my sexy voice. He seems very pleased on how I'm obeying his demands. He lets me up as he leans agains the head board. I begin slowly but surely taking my pieces of clothing , except for the last, the lace thong. He pins me under him again and pulls off the thong with his teeth. The only thing I enjoy holding is his curls, he plays with my hair and I like playing with his. When we were finished and gasping for air, I checked my phone, it's barley eleven, a couple texts from everyone, Anna wants me to bring more cup. Oh crap, her party, Justin! I jump out of Harry's grip and quickly change into my clothes and leave sleeping Harry.
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