The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


41. Books

" Why are we here?" A girl with brown hair pulled into a ballerina bun asks. Totally Anna's student. This is the class with a lot of bunheads. Their soo snobs. " Because," I begin," You all need to learn the history of hip hop," we're on the front steps of the city's library. " Pick one of these bios and write a summary. If you get it off Google, I'll know." I add giving out papers. " What do we do when we're done?" Another bunhead asks. " Get into groups of four and you must come up with fortyfive seconds of hip hop." I reply. Groans spread through the crowd as they enter the library. Justin keeps sending me pictures of his hamster. He's sending one like every ten minutes. While I open the door to the library a gust of moldy,dusty, old book scented air hits me. I hate the smell of books, it's so so nasty smelling. But i've heard that there's a really big history section! I walk over to the history section, surprised to see almost the whole class. " Why are you here?" I ask in a whisper. " You told us to look for the history of hip hop." A boy with a fedora answers. He has a revolutionary war book in his hands. What country? Oh stop, must focus," Your not going to find it here! Or in a book about wars..." " Then where should we look?" A girl with very dark eyeliner asks. " Dance section." I answer. In a hurry there's books left on tables. I pick up one of the books, Old China and Japan. Maybe there's something about that disgusting fish in here. I glance around, no ones bound to go down the " Dust particles in window sills" isle. I open the middle of the book, it's a picture of a monk. " Legend has it that if a soul is taken on a train, the soul will die but the body will wander on the tracks for the rest of eternity." The caption reads," But only will this happen if the soul is taken on Jungmen's birthday." Intersting. If I had beard I'd be stroking it right now. " Ashley?" A whisper asks. I turn to see who it is. It's Harry, why is he here? " Hi." I whisper back snapping the book shut. No one needs to know about my history interest. Justin figured it out though. He caught me watching a document about Russian tsars. " What are you doing here?" He asks sitting across from me. " Hiding from my students." I reply still whispering. He chuckles," Who hides from their students?" " Me." I answer," Why are you here?" I ask changing the topic from me to him. " Reading " He says taking a book off the shelf by my head," Dust On My Sill? Oh No!" I laugh," That might be a problem." " Well what are you reading about?" He asks taking the history book from my hands. " Nothing." I say quickly. " A history book?" He asks flipping through the pages. " Psh ha no." I say with a very uneasy laugh. " So really why are you here?" I ask. " Reading about dust." He replies holding up the book he picked out. " Yes cause dust is ever so Intresting." I tease. " Extremley." He says. " Why are you reading a history book?" He asks suspiciously. " Catching up on current events." I answer. " I missed the war against Japan and China then." He says. " It just happened like four hundred years ago how could you've missed it?" I ask. " I must've been busy." He replies. We laugh. " Seriously why are you reading about history?" He asks. " I'm looking for a picture of a fish." I answer him. " That explains the history part of the book." He says sarcastically. " Of course it does." I reply, it's surprisingly quiet. Considering my class is in here some where. I stand up," I have to go find my students it's too quiet in here." I explain. " Well it is a library." He points out. I roll my eyes at the comment. Where did my class go? I'm looking for the dance section of the library. Do I hear snoring? I peer around a book shelf to see twenty four sleeping teenagers. " Will they get detention or something?" A british whisper asks. I shrug.
" Where'd your hamster go?" I ask looking at the cage. " Uhh..." Justin says looking around. " So it's just gone?" I ask looking at him. " He's around here somewhere." He says looking under the couch. " Who loses a hamster?" I ask. " That would be us." He replies. Point taken. He sits back up," Ashley don't move." " Why?" I ask cautiously. " Babe don't move." He repeats. He reaches above my head," Wait what are you-" " Got him." He says grabbing Pac off my head. Wow. Justin puts him on his arm and he sits on the owl. So I don't hate the hamster it just needs to stay away from my head. " He's just a hamster." Justin reassures me. " Have you ever had a pet?" He asks, " Not counting horses." " Let's see, I had a couple dogs, a bunny, a chinchilla, two turtles, some fish and I did have a hamster." I reply, " But the hamster hated me. Probably because I put it in a house and Izzy and Gabby tried to make it power a clock once." He laughs. " Its not funny!" I say. " Yes it is!" He manages out of laughter. " What about snakes?" He asks. " I'm allergic to reptiles." I reply. " But I've seen you do photo shoots with them." He brings up a thought. " Can't be around them for more than four hours or I start sneezing and my lungs close up." I answer. " Good to know..." He trails petting Pac.
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