The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


28. Blue eyes

And now I can't see out of my right eye. I take out my other contact. Where did I put them? I stop and look in the mirror. Oh how I hate my eyes. Their no longer a deep green but a bright blue. Too bright. Thank god for colored contacts. I slam a drawer shut then open another one. Where did I put them? Justin is here for three days starting Tommrow, he insists on coming to the school with me. Luckily in two weeks I'll be back in L.A. " What's with all the slammin'?" Serrina says poking her head through the door way. I look at her. " Whoa what's wrong with your eyes?" She asks. I roll my terribly bright eyes. She walks away laughing. They have to be here somewhere, but where? I sit back on my heels, biting my nail. I can't remember. Well know he'll know my eyes aren't really green. Wonder how he's going to react. Maybe he just won't care. Maybe he won't notice. I'll only be blue eyed till I have time to tear this place apart looking for them. Which I can't do because it's the middle of the night. " Why are you being extremely loud?" Emily says rubbing her eyes. " Some people like to sleep!" Molly exclaims squinting. " Where's my contacts?" I demand. " Anna was cleaning in here ask her." Emily says. I jump up, run down the hall, and throw Anna's door open. I flip on the light switch. She's laying on the ground still asleep, wrapped up in blankets. " Wheres my contacts?" I ask shaking her awake. " Gone, threw em' away." she replies warily. " Why!?" " The box was empty." she says looking at her bed , " Why am I on the ground?" " Idontknow!" I say before storming out the door.
It's lunch and he hasnt noticed, I'm torn wether this a good thing or a bad thing. Its like fifty-fifty here. " So all they do here is dance?" Justin asks popping a fry in his mouth. " Most of them, if they haven't graduated yet, they have academic school too." I say looking down. " What about the other ones?" He asks. " I dunno." I say. How can he eat those? " How do not love fries?" He asks. I shrug. Their greasy and fatty, how do you like them? " Their just fried potatoes, their not that big of a deal." I say. " Okay, are you going to tell me why you never mentioned having blue eyes?" He asks casually. Really I don't think I will but I can't resist! " I hate them." I say looking down at the table. " Their gorgeous just like you, there's no reason not to like them." He replies taking my hand. I look him in the eyes, he smiles, I smile back. " I still think why you hate french fries is invalid though." He admits. I roll my eyes with new confidence. " Their not French though!" I argue. " If they weren't French why would they be called French fries?" He shoots back. " American soldiers dubbed them as Frech fries because they had them in France!" I disagree. He has no words. Own! I win! " Get used to it, I'm always right." I say with cockiness. " Yeah I know." He says. We laugh. " I love you." He says kidding my hand. " I love you too but I'm kinda mad at you." I say." But I'm thankful you gave me Bieber fever." I finish.He smiles. We lean across the table and kiss. " Ashley, we have a problem!" Someone says panting. We pull away. " Caroline's train ripped, she stepped on it before a turn!" He says dramatically. Billy could possibly be the most dramatic boy here. " Okay calm down, we had to cut it anyways." I say. " The shows Tommrow night! We have to fix it now!" He says turning around and running back to the building. " Ha Ha sorry have to go!" I say standing up. " See you later." He says. I kiss him goodbye and speed walk to Billy who's waiting at the door. " Took ya' long enough." He says.

" It doesnt look bad." I say looking at the dress. " We can just get rid of them." I say," It's all Velcro anyways." " But that affects the dance." Blake says. " Your zombie brides anyways just rip them like making them in shreds. I'll have a fan to make them look creepy." " Brillant!" Maddie says taking a pair of siccors and shredding her train. A Halloween thyme recital wasnt a shock with my grandmother she loves holidays. Any type, even the tree one. She gave us a Disney song for our peice, i dont know how but somehow it looks okay. She gave Anna a " Frighting" price by Beethoven, Thriller for Emily, This Is Halloween for Molly, and some Skelton song for Sirrena. I'm glad I don't have to be there to watch the madness. Justin said something that we have to do and I wasn't protesting. I'll give anything not to watch this production. And plus it's my day off.
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