The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


30. Black out

" Yeah Monday." I say. I can hear her mumbling to herself. " Awsome! Can't wait to catch up, tell the girls hey for me!" " Will do later Chrissy." I reply. " Later Ash." she says hanging up. Coney Island, that'll be fun. Chrissy is beyond out of control, but fun to be around. " Chrissy says hey!" I shout from the living room to Serrena in the kitchen with Emily. " We're going Monday right?" Molly says running a brush through her dirty blonde hair. " Yep." I reply sitting up from having my feet over the arm rest. " Can't wait!" Anna says dropping into a scoop chair. My hair is still damp from earlier. " I can't believe you won't be at the Halloween Bash." Emily says sitting in the love seat. " That's going to be crazy!" I remind her. " So? It'll be boss." Molly points out. " I know but he's only in town for three days." I say. Anna,Molly,Emily, and Serrena exchange glances. " You think?" Emily asks. " Totally." Anna answers. " Definetlty." Serrena says." It's obvious." Molly says. What are they talking about? " Uh hello?" I say. They all laugh. " What's so funny?" I ask. The make the lock and key sign. " Uggh!" I groan. They giggle. I roll my eyes. Another round of giggles goes around. A clap of thunder rolls through the loft. Emily yelps. The lights go out. " Black out!" Anna shouts kicking her legs in the air before hopping up and disappearing into the kitchen. Two minutes pass with laughter at Emily. Anna comes back with flashlights. " We have phones!" I say. " But this is more fun!" She says tossing one to each of us. I turn mine on, the lights purple, cool! " Wait are these the flashlights from..." Molly begins. " They are!" Molly says turning on a pink flash light. " I can't believe you still have them." Serrna days turning on an orange light. " That summer was crazy." Emily says looking at a green flashlight in a mirror, " Yeah it was." Anna says flipping on a blue flashlight. That summer we went to a two month summer camp. We all bunked together, sharing secrets, covering for each other when one of us went on a moonlight swim with our boyfriends. " Do you still have Andrew's number?" Serrena asks shining her light on me. " Uh no, we went to that camp like four years ago." I say. " And for the past four years!" Anna says. " You guys were together every summer." Molly says. " You and Mikey were too! Same with Anna and Holden and Emily and Martin and Serrena and Jake!" I protest. " Oh my gosh he called me like a week ago!" Serrena says," Their all here at the University." " Small world huh?" Emily says. " Their all super hot!" Anna says giving her phone to me. " Your right." I say passing the phone to Emily. " Oh my god, hotter than two summers ago." Emily says. " And the oldest always dated the youngest." Molly says giving the phone back to Anna and turning to look at me. " And because I know exactly what your thinking, they don't need to know were in town." I say. " Too late," Annas saying," Their coming with us Monday! It'll be like a giant camp reunion!" She says. The lights come back on. " Holden says Andrew can't wait to see you." She contuines. I groan and lay on my back. This is going to be crazier than Chrissy.
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