The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


7. Beverly hills' mansions

At the speed i was driving, it took me less than 10 minutes to get to the other house. Justin was waiting in his car, he got out when he saw me pull in. I got out, he walked over to me, "Did you get your dress?" He asks smiling. "Yes." I reply smiling. "Good." He says. We kiss, "Whats that smell?" he asks when he pulls away. He smelt Harry's calone. "He was there." I reply, looking at the ground. He mutters something under his breath i couldn't make out what he said ,"I'm glad your okay," he says,"Why must you be so beautiful?" he says before kissing me again. I smile, I walk to the trunk of the car and open it, but basket is gone. "It's gone." I say. "What?" Justin asks walking over to the trunk. "It's gone, it's not here, someone took it." "Oh my god." Justin says. He's mad, you dont have to be a detective to figure out that. "What if someone gives those pictures to the press? Or puts them on the web? This is bad." He's saying. My phone vibrates, its a text from an unknown number,"Don't worry, i'll keep these pictures safe. Love Harry p.s. dont forget to lock your car." I read aloud. We were silent for a couple minutes. I shut the trunk, lock the car ,and go inside, Justin follows. The house is huge and fancy, just like every other house in beverly hills."I'll be right back i say." Then i run up stairs to grab a hair clip i need for the premeire. I walk back downstairs to find that Justin isn't where i left him. "Justin?" i call. "In here!"  he calls from the one room i hoped he wouldn't find, but my parents just had to have see through french doors. When i walk in, I can tell Justin went behind the curtains of the cat walk, one of my ultimate grand supreme crowns and sashs are missing from their shelves. "Ultimate grand supreme is.. " Justin is saying in a m.c. voice," Contestant number one, Justin Bieber!" He comes out wearing both,crown and sash. "Wow such a beautiful young lady!" I say clapping. "Why thank you very much." He replys. He curtseys, and blows kisses. He walks off the cat walk. "So i see you've discovered one of the pageant rooms." I say  "Why didn't you tell me that you did pageants?" he asks while taking off the crown. "It never came up." I say. "  And you never asked."  "One of the pageant rooms?" he asks, " theres more crowns?" I nodded. "I'm impressed,how many crowns do you have?"  " Three hundred, give or take a few." I reply. "Thats alot of crowns." He says while putting the crown and sash back on the shelf. He picks up a picture. "Oh this is crazy he says." I walk over to see the picture, "Thats the time i just won ultimate grand supreme and a mom came up on stage and took the crown right off my head." I say. "Pageant moms." He says. "They can be pretty crazy." I say. Justin checks his watch, " We better go." I nod and we walk out of the house. "I'll pick you up around six." He says. I pull out of the drive way and i see an envolpe sitting in my passenger seat. Justin isn't in sight. I pull over and open the envelope,theres a picture. Its of of Harry and I, his hand is up my dress and he's kissing my neck. Theres another picture in the envelope, Harry has his hands wrapped around me, he's kissing me, the next picture is of his hand up my dress again, and hes kissing me. I stuff the pictures back into the envelope and drive back to L.A..

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