The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


52. Ban the Tan

" I can't believe I agreed to this." I sigh trying to smooth out the dress. " Relax you look perfect." Justin says putting his hands in the pockets of the tux. This is coming from the guy who stayed up a whole night trying to figure out why a guy was crazy enough to try and kill him because the guy was in love with him. " Your going to wrinkle it." I comment. " Awesome." He replies. This necklace is really heavy just like the earrings. Why am I standing here in a seven hundred thousand wedding dress? Oh because David Tutera thought that it'd be a fabulous idea to make a wedding magazine about couples that aren't married. But they put them in a church for a shoot and right now I'm just glad that I'm leaving the day after Tommrow. I haven't even seen my new home yet. The best thing about leaving is that daddy is finally letting me use the jet. Justin found it hailrious why I'm not allowed to use it. I found it funny when his mom yelled at him for trashing his. " Why don't you look gorgeous!" David says," But not happy." I force a smile," The dress is beautiful." " Oh don't lie, i've known you long enough to know that you hate mermaids." He gives up," So that's why I got you a diffrent one." He whisks me to the dressing room. A Cinderella dress is waiting. " Thats totally you." He says as the lady opens the door. " It's very light." I add looking at the flare under the beaded bodest. " Now lets get the show on the road because if I heard correctly from you mom, you have a new mansion that needs a party." He says.

Oh. My. God. This house, wait correction, my house is amazing!!!! Where is my room? Where's the kitchen? Its going to hurt if I fall on this floor. Where's the living room? Time to adventure. I glance around the foyer and spot an envelope on the table. I open it to a map,cool. The living room is near the study, the gym is in the basement is next to the wine cellar, dining room is next to the kitchen, family room near stairs. Upstairs, master bed room end of hall, guest bedrooms, sauna, bathrooms, loft and the map has empty boxes. A sticky note falls to the marble floor. " No achohal in wine cellar or bar. I didnt have time to finish the rest of the map." -dad. Where do I start? I start climbing the staircase. The garland is a nice touch on the banister. Now that I look at it and how it comes out into the foyer, it looks like alot of fun to slide down. If only there wasn't a housekeeper somewhere. I shrug and keep walking. Behind door one bedroom, door number two is a game room, three is an office. Door four is sitting room? Maybe I don't know. It's just a fireplace couches, flat screen, I really don't know. Next room is a game room, cool. Next room is another bedroom. I really should've thought this whole bedroom thing out. Whoa, whoa I know why there's more bedrooms now. There's no way any family get togethers will be held here. Never. There's like ten more doors, where's mine? I keep walking down what i though was the only hall but there's another hall? Maybe my rooms down this hall. But there's only one door. I open it up to see blankets and towels. Dad, what the heck? Where's the house keeper? Is there like something or something. " I'm so confused...." I text Candra. I drop against the wall and pull of the heels that are killing my feet. Where's my closet? " Why?" She asks. " I can't find anything! Get over here I need help!!" I reply. " Okay what's the address?" She asks. I don't even know. " Oh my god I don't even know." I reply. I pull the paper with the address on it and texts it to Candra. " Where is this?" She asks. " Where ever I am." I reply. I walk down stairs and find to room with a couch. " What's the code?" Candra texts. " 9958" I say getting up trying to find the kitchen. Aha I found the kitchen. I love this fridge. You can see through the doors because one of them is glass and the freezer isn't but I dont care. I grab a sparkling water and wait for Candra. " I can't even find the kitchen?" Candra asks as she walks in. " That's a bad sign." She adds. " I can't even find my room, my closet!" I complain. " How can you find anything, it's huge." She says. " Tell me about it. I must find my room!" I say," I think there's another staircase somewhere and there probably is but I just need to get my first priority done." We walk upstairs and walk to the point where I stopped. " You go that way I'll go this way." Candra says before taking off down a hall. I pull out my phone and call my dad," Hey dad, where's the master bedroom?" " It's uh last hall on the right." He answers. " Thanks, love ya bye." I hang up. " I found it." I text Candra. " I found a supply room full of cool stuff." Candra replies. " Go back to the main hall, go all the way down, last hall on the right." I send her directions. I open the door and Candra's spinning around like a five year old in one of the chairs, she's always done it but when she has to get stitches for falling on her face again, maybe she'll stop. " Where's the bedroom part?" I ask looking around. " I don't know, maybe behind one of those doors." She guesses. I open one of the doors, another office? I cross the room to a set of French doors and my beautiful red and white decor has taken over. My luggage is on the bed with all the clothes neatly folded. There's more doors. They all have curtains on them. First door is a balcony, second door beholds a bathroom, and last but not least is my closet! Yes! I close all the doors and glance out the circle windows. I flop on the bed and my phone starts ringing," Hello?" " Hey, I was just wondering if you found your house yet." It's Justin. " I did, but it took me forever." " Cool, I have to do something. I'll text you later." " Kay, love you bye." I say before hanging up. " I'm soo tired." I complain. " Why?" Candra asks. " Because, teaching dance class is not a walk in the park." I say touching the curtains that are hanging above my bed. I like these, these are interesting. " Listening to you isn't exactly fun." Candra adds," Where's the pool?" " I think, now this is just a wild guess, it's in the backyard." I answer. " Well I thought it was in the party room." She answers. " Let's go swimming." She pulls out her swim suit. " Why not." I say getting up.


" It's December and it's hot. What's wrong with this picture?" I ask. " It's summer in Sydney right now." Candra replies. " We're not in Australia." I say. " While you kill cells, I'm getting the pool." She says. Killing cells? I'm tanning, there's a name for it. Maybe a maid or two wouldn't be bad. There's no way one person can keep this place clean. " Whatever your doing, I hope to god your not tanning." Tayna texts. " Why?" I ask. " Because Ban the Tan is what's in and they need a cover girl. One who doesn't have unnaturally tan skin. Ban the Tan is what's hot right now." She replies. " I can't tan anymore?" I ask. " Nope." She replies. Where did Candra put that sunscreen?
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