The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


81. Are you insane

" You wanted me to so how do I tell him." I ask Zayn. " Why are you asking me?" He asks. " Because what do I say? I just got back with my ex, sorry it's not going to work out?" I ask. " I don't know!" He replies," All I know is that you should tell him before we leave for the tour, or I have to deal with that longer than I want." I hang up, you know what, I'll just break up with him. When he leaves for the tour. I don't know how I'm going to do this, I already feel guilty for what we did, no matter what I do I feel dirty and gross. He took something I can never get back. That bastard. I hate him, he never even said he loves me. Why did I give myself away? Why did I agree to even sleep with him? There's not time to hate myself right now, I can do that later today but right now I have to go and watch a disastrous play directed by Candra and her Musical Theatre group. Great. 
Well that play sucked, like really bad. "I don't understand." Serrena comments. "Just don't think about it." Emily says. The play didn't make very much sense, there was the musical part and then the silent part and then there was an over dramatic part. I'm not eve going to bring up the part where there was twenty minutes of someone eating a giant pot of fondue. "Did you like the play?" Candra comes up and asks. "It was amazing!" I smile, worst lie ever. "Oh my god." Her eyes widen. "Collin Camps is coming over here! Do I look okay?" Anna pushes her towards him,"Quick before she comes back!" She says when they start talking. We quickly walk away from the auditorium, away from that disaster waiting to happen. "What's she doing here?" Molly stops walking. Tiffany is leaning against a pillar in the parking garage. "You are not talking to her right?" Emily asks. "Why would I?" I ask her. I haven't talked to Tiffany in a while who cares though, not me. Not talking to her is my new specialty. Forever. I walk by her, and we leave. 

"We need to talk." Harry tells me, maybe he wants to break up -and I won't have to do it. "Okay, what about?" I ask sitting up. "I never get to spend time with you anymore. You're always busy or already have plans made, with the same person. The only problem is, is that you don't tell me anything about this person. Is it a male or female? Do I know this person? Why are you spending more time with them than me? I feel like your trying to distance yourself from me, and I can't figure out why." He tells me. The truth is I am, but he's not supposed to know, "How am I distancing my from you?" I ask. "Your hesitant when we kiss, you flinch when I touch you, for gods sake, we haven't had fun in weeks." He tells me, when he says  ' had fun' he means we haven't slept together in weeks. "Is that what you're upset about? Does it bother you that we haven't had sex in a couple of weeks?" I ask," Maybe because last time it broke, and I'm scared. I don't want to be pregnant, I don't want to have to worry that that will happen again. So yes maybe I'm hesitant, but I have a very valid reason." I tell him. His face drops, "That's what you're worried about?" "Yes!" I say. "You said you were on the pill." He tells me. "I am! You know that it doesn't always work though." I tell him. "Take the test, and we'll go from there." He tells me, he grabs my hand, "Whatever,  happens I'm here for you, just if you are, are you going to keep it?" "Are you insane?" I ask him. "Why wouldn't you keep it?" He asks, his face looks full of concern. "Because I don't want to have that happen to my body, I'm not ready for that. You're not ready to have a baby." I explain. " How do you know I'm not ready? We haven't talked about this at all. It wouldn't be a bad thing, would it?" He asks. "Lets see, you have to tell your parents, along with the fact,I haven't even met them. I have to tell my parents. That's bad enough, but then there's a lot of stuff I -not you but me- have to go through. I'm not emotionally or physically ready to have a baby. I'm eighteen! We're not even married!" I say. "How could you not keep something that's us?" He asks,"We don't have to tell anyone. We could go somewhere, and no one has to know. Not anyone, ever. It's not like you'll look completely different, anyways!" He says. "What it's sounding like to me is, is that you want to have a baby. Is that what you want, a baby?" I ask. "I don't think it'd be a bad thing." He says, "You'd be a terrific mom, and I probably wouldn't be that bad of a dad." "You're in a band, you wouldn't be home ever. I'm going to college in 4 months. It would be the worst idea ever." I argue. "We can just disappear, go somewhere, then if you're ready, we'll come back." He tells me. But I don't want to be with you! I want to be with Justin, and you haven't left yet so I can't tell you! 

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