The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


61. Air port

" We really should've communicated better." Justin says. " Yes we should've." I say smiling. I can't believe I ran into him at the airport. " It still works out though." I add. " Yes it does." He says kissing me. How coincidental is it that we see each other at the air port, we're going to the same plane, we both don't know who we're sitting next to, and end up sitting next to each other? " How long is a flight to Australia?" I ask. " Fourteen hours." He reminds me. " I would've died on this flight if you didn't appear." I say. " Me too." He says. He's going to Australia for some concerts, I'm going on my vacation, with Anna. Serrena, Emily, and Molly all took their vacations earlier and went to Caiman islands. Anna and I are going to a resort in the middle of the Outback. " So where's this resort?" He asks. " In the middle of no where." I say. " So how is it a resort?" He asks. " Uhhh, I don't know. What makes a resort a resort?" I ask. " I don't know." He says, we laugh. " What's on your arm?" He asks trying to pull up my sleeve. " It's nothing." I say quickly," I just scraped my arm that's all." I pull the sleeve of Harry's hoodie farther down my arm and look out the window as the plane takes off. I really did cut my arm and it doesn't look so good. Stitches aren't exactly pretty. " Ashley what are you hiding?" He asks. " Justin its a scrape that's all." I reply. Not even Harry knows about it, I fell off a hill at one of the tracks I was at with Casey and caught my arm on a piece of metal. " But I can tell you got another tattoo on your arm." I say pulling up his hoodie sleeve revealing yet another tattoo. He's practically covered in them," Your going to get ink poisoning." I say. " Okay now that you've seen my arm I get to see yours." He says pulling up my sleeve. All he's going to see is a long band aid. " Told you, it's just a scrape." I say. " You can't get that kind of damage from a scrape." He says. There are some bruises on my arm, they hurt really bad. " I had to get stitches." I mumble. " You had to get stitches? That's a cut not a scrape!" He says," What happened?" " I fell and hit a metal pipe." I admit. " When did it happen? Why didn't you tell me?" He asks. " It happened on Monday and I don't want anyone to know!" I reply pulling down my sleeve. " Why?" He asks. " Because I don't!" I reply. " But your going to a resort." He says. " It's not that kind of resort. It's like a discovery resort." I say. " What kind of discovery?" He asks. " Like the discovery of the Outback." I explain. He still looks confused," We're going backpacking practically." I explain. " Ohhhh." He laughs," What kind of vacation is that?" " An adventurous one!" I answer. " So your vacation is to go hiking through a desert?" He asks. " Yes." I nod. " Then I hope you have an amazing time walking around a desert." He says. " It's not all just desert." I correct him," There are tropical places." He rolls his eyes," Why do you call it a vacation if your going to be exercising?" He asks. " It's not work it's fun." I reply," You play hockey, why do you think it's fun if your exercising?" " Too shay."He says.
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