The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


56. Air hockey

" Ashley...." I hear Justin's voice say. " Ashley..." He says again. Light pours into the bed, aka my hideout. " Yes?" I ask. " What are you doing?" He asks. " What does it look like?" I ask. " Have you been sitting here all day?" He asks. " It's only like twelve." I say. " Aren't you supossed to be somewhere?" He asks. " I called in sick." I answer. " Why?" He asks sitting next to me. " Because." I say. " Because...." He asks. " Because I feel like it." I say. Now I sound like a brat. He looks lost," Whats wrong with staying in bed all day?" I ask," Its not like you haven't stayed in bed all day." " It's not like you though. Your not even sleeping, your sitting here playing games." He says. " Whats wrong with me being lazy?" I ask. " Nothing." He says changing his tone from why to cool, whatever. " Why do you play this game?" He asks. " It's just Sky Burger." I reply. " Let's play air hockey." He suggests. " Okay." I say. We walk to one of the rooms with an air hockey table. " Why are you being lazy?" He asks hitting the puck. " Because I don't want to deal with people after what happened yesterday." I admit hitting it back to him. We're quite for a couple of minutes, it goes past me and flys into the goal. I pick it up and put it on the table. The thud of the puck is the only noise that's in the room. " Don't you have that dance with the toy guns?" He asks. " There's a seminar today so I'm not missing much." I say. The thud is filling the room again. He hits it past me again. " You stink at air hockey." He comments. I pick up the puck and hit it past him. He hits it back to me and I hit it past him, again. " Now we're even." I say hitting it to him. He hits it past me," I win!" I grab the puck and run out of the room. " Hey!" He calls after me. I run and hide in a linen closet. I hear footsteps walk by. Phew. I open the door and run down a hall. I open a door to a room that has a ton of party things in it. So this is the room Candra was talking about. Interesting. Footsteps go by again. The door opens and Justin appears. " What's this room?" He asks. I shrug," I don't know." We leave the room and I lead the way back to my room. Where did I put my phone? I pull open the other curtain and lift up a pillow. Nothing. I lift up another one, I found it. Too many non-improtant texts. I scroll through them, Izzy's attending a gym here and is being home schooled for a month blah blah, Tiffany is going to Vietnam for a snake, Tanya's three reminders of not to tan now going to go tan because it just reminded me how pale I am, a text from Harry, Anna, Serrena, Molly, and a text from my mom saying Izzy flys into tonight and the tutor will be here starting Monday. What!? " I'll be right back." I say to Justin before walking onto the balcony. " Mom what do you mean by Izzy's flying into tonight!?" I ask when she picks up the phone. " Her plane is landing tonight." She says. " And the tutor's going to be here starting Monday?" I ask. " Ashley its self explanatory. Remember I told you, Izzy will be staying with you till Feburary." She explains. " When!?" I ask. " Over Christmas, right when you got back from Catrina's." She says. Oh my god, I was out of it and half asleep. " Well I forgot! What am I supossed to do!?" I ask. " What you said you'd do." She replies. " Can't she stay in the other house?" I plead. " She's sixteen, of course not! Now I have to go, tell Isabella to behave." She says," Bye." Mom means business when she says their full names. " Oh my god." I say walking into my room. " Whats wrong?" He asks. " Izzy's coming." I reply.
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