The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


83. A caterpillar

Life. It's... Better? Yes? Not a question Ashley, it's a statement. Life is better? Yes, yes it is. "You know what I missed?" Justin asks. "What?" I ask. "Your laugh!" He tickles me. I laugh as he counties to tickle me. "Stop! Please!" I beg through my laughter. He stops. "You know what I missed?" I ask him. He knits his eye brows together and shakes his head. "This." I say before kissing him, we finish. "Well how much did you miss me?" He asks. We go back to kissing, which turns into a make out session. A definite session that I missed with him, but know their back. And don't hate me because its been about a month since Harry and I broke up. I still get the occasional, ' I miss you' text and a 'can we please just talk about this?' Text too. But I usually don't reply to them, or I just say whats done is done. Harry used me as a sex toy and that's about it. Oh yeah can't forget, I was his something that Justin can't have. Look how that worked out for him. I'm kinda upset that I gave my v-card to him, but I know Justin doesn't have his, and he gave it to his ex. We both confessed but agreed that we should still wait till marriage. Justin pulls me on top of him, and lays down. He grabs my butt as soon as he feels my hand in his hair. He gets so mad when people messed it up, he better not be mad at me. His hand slides in between my thighs, his other hand is clutching my hair. We pull apart. "Please?" He whispers in my ear, I give him a small nod, and he grins. He pins me under him, " I thought you looked good in a swim suit." He licks his lips smiling. He reaches into him bed side drawer and pulls out a condom. 

I feel his breath on my neck, it's even. He fell asleep like five minutes ago. He's incredibly warm, his arm is around me. It takes forever to break his grip, he'll probably never let me go right now. But I'm okay with that. I've always felt safer with him. My phone buzzes, I reach for it, should I look at it? What could possibly go wrong? "You took my advice and finally broke up with Harry, but now we're back and he said he has to have you, and he's willing to do whatever to get you. Just please be safe because Harry can be quite unpredictable." It's from Zayn. What is this supposed to mean? Maybe I shouldn't worry about it. Right? He's just Zayn. Who I kinda think is like the caterpillar from Alice In Wonderland, he's wise but he always have smoke coming lout of his mouth. Zayn the caterpillar. He needs to transform into a butterfly though, and still be wise... Is that possible? I should sleep on it. 

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