Happy Endings?

Girl - trapped, bound, gagged. Why? By who?

This is just the start ...


1. Ooze

It oozed down the side of her face.  She shuddered and tried to flick her head in a bid to dislodge the thick, glutinous ooze that was making its way slowing down her right cheek. It had landed in her dusty hair what felt like moments ago, but as the seconds, then minutes had passed, it had continued on its slow, wet journey.  At this very moment it was headed towards the dirty rag stuffed in her mouth.   Once it met with her lips she had no idea what she’d do. Already she was anticipating the taste of something truly awful.  She wanted to scream but her voice wasn’t cooperating.  The lack of fluid for the last few hours had seen to that. The only silver lining in this truly terrible predicament she had gotten herself into was that she was bound and gagged in a darkened room and so couldn’t see what was sliding down her face. She still couldn’t believe it, and if she hadn’t been where she was would have laughed at the situation.  Who would have thought this morning that this is where the day would end…

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