Why I love you

My obsession with FRERARD (MCR) now continues with fanfiction :)
Warning on explicit material.


18. The short one

Gerard’s POV

“I should call Mum. She went home to get some of your clothes… Or maybe I should call a doctor, I know there’s some tests they need to-“

“No doctors yet! Please Mikes.”

He nodded his head and looked at me, smiling, tears still rolling down his face.

“I just can’t believe you’re okay!”

I smiled at him, realizing what I had done to them. All of them, realizing what I had done to Mikey, my baby brother. Even though I needed him more than he needed me, did that mean he wouldn’t have been cut up when I died. Of course not. Only now could I see what a selfish thing it was to do. Mikey burst into fresh tears and I did my best to wipe them away without hurting my neck. I couldn’t see my body but was glad to know now that I had a body. I could feel the shape of it with my hands and could feel the bandages on my neck. Wow, I had been so stupid.

“Hey, no more tears, okay? Everyone would think your brother had just tried to kill himself!”

Mikey smiled a little at my vague form of humor but didn’t stop crying.

“Is it just me? Or is there something else?”

He grinned at me widely, pushing a clump of black hair out of my face.

“Hey, you’re the ill one remember? I’m supposed to be comforting you!”

“Yeah but because you’re my baby brother, it doesn’t count!”

He just shook his head at me, continuing to look into my eyes like he still couldn’t believe I was really here.

A light knock came from the door followed by the face of a nurse. She smiled at us and came in, fiddling around with some of the tubes I now realized were attached to my arms. She giggled at my face as I stared in horror at my arm.

“What…What have you-“

“It’s for your own good, sweetie! Just thank God, you’re okay!”

“Gerard has a thing about needles.”

Mikey’s hand waved in front of my face in order to stop me looking at the scarily large tubes which were pumping unknown substances and fluids into my body.

“Hey, it’s okay, Gee.”

I smiled at him. It was okay. They were making me better.

“Where’s the other one then?”

The nurse looked up from the clipboard she had been taking notes on, and blinked at Mikey, waiting for him to answer. When he refused to turn his face towards her, I spoke.

“Which other one?”

The nurse rolled her eyes a little.

“Oh come on! He’s been here every day waiting for you to wake up...”

I frowned at her. How long had I even been under?

“The short one!”

The nurse continued to look at Mikey whose shoulders were now huddled up and who was still ignoring both of us as he stared, nibbling his lip, at his shoes.


I suddenly realized who she meant and grinned at Mikey who still wasn’t looking at me.

“Yeah that’s it!”

The nurse smiled at us before saying something about getting the doctor and leaving the room. I couldn’t concentrate on her anymore; Frank had come to see me. Frank was here now maybe!

“Frank’s been here every day?”

Mikey nodded, still not looking at me.

“How long have I been here, Mikey?”

He muttered something I didn’t catch.


“Two weeks…”

Wow, I had missed two weeks? Yet I was still too happy to care … Frank had been here, waiting for me to wake up. Maybe that meant … Could it mean that … He still loved me …

I looked at Mikey, realizing I had been ignoring him throughout my thoughts and found him crying, tears drenching his face. He still wasn’t looking at me, his gaze at the bed.


I allowed my hand to find his face and turned to turn his head towards me. He gasped out at my touch and stood up hurriedly, not looking at my face.

“What’s wrong, Mikey?”

No reply. He looked about to run when I spoke one more time.

“Is it Frank?”

At the mention of the name, he swirled towards the door and bolted out of the room, sobbing loudly, almost colliding with Mum as she walked in with an armful of my clothes.


Her confused face mirrored how I felt.

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