Why I love you

My obsession with FRERARD (MCR) now continues with fanfiction :)
Warning on explicit material.


10. My little brother's in love

Gerard’s POV

The atmosphere was tense as all eyes fell on the plastic bottle spinning silently in the middle of our four figures. It started to slow and the end turned to point towards Bob. Ray squealed and his shaky hand reached out to spin in once more. This time it landed on him. His eyes widened and he bit his lip, his eyes not leaving his feet. Bob just coughed slightly, his face turning red.

“Why are we even playing this game?”

Ray asked the question, looking at me. I held my arms up defensively.

“Your idea! And I thought me and Mikey were the gay ones!”

“Well this was a stupid idea,” Ray spoke out, making Bob flinch with the fierceness in his voice.

“You know the rules, Ray! Kiss or take a shot,” Mikey gestured towards Bob’s stolen vodka bottle.

We had only just started the game at Ray’s sleepover, all of cramped into his smallish room. The game was a bit dull and I had an aching in the back of my mind that at some point me and Mikey would have to kiss. Mikey knew it too because we hadn’t made eye contact in a while.

“Well, I’m not kissing THAT!”

Ray’s attempt at a joke backfired when Bob didn’t respond, his eyes sad. Me and Mikey just sort of watched as Ray moved closer to Bob.

“Bob? Look I’m sorry, I didn’t mean anything by it!”

Bob just shrugged, reaching out for the vodka bottle.

Ray’s hand stopped his from reaching the bottle’s neck. Their eyes met for a second and they pulled closer to each other. Bob’s hand slid into Ray’s hair, grabbing a handful as their lips met. Ray’s hand found Bob’s back and they pulled together, closer until Bob was on Ray’s lap. As they started to use tongue, me and Mikey’s eyes widened and I turned to him, my mouth open. Mikey just grinned smugly and formed ‘Knew it’ with his mouth. I gestured towards the door, asking if he thought we should go. Mikey just shrugged and cleared his throat loudly. Ray and Bob’s mouths pulled away from each other sharply, seeming to have forgotten we were there.

“Think that’s your go over now,” Mikey looked at both of them as they hung their heads slightly, Bob still sitting on Ray.

“If we’re still playing then you need to get off him, Bob,” I spoke it lightly but ended up with a big smile on my face as Bob shuffled off him. They kept their hands entwined though as Ray once again spun the bottle. It landed on me and my stomach turned. Was God really that cruel? Apparently he was as the bottle was spun once again and stopped on Mikey.

“Incest! Nice!”

We all turned towards Bob who seemed to shrink down in size with mine and Mikey’s glaring eyes on him. I expected Mikey to go straight for the vodka but knowing how much he hated it, I wasn’t too surprised when he got on his hands and knees and crawled over next to me. Our eyes met for a second, his eyes slightly wild behind his glasses as his lips found mine. They rested on each other’s for a second and my hand was about to be placed in his hair when he pulled quickly away. God for a second there, I forgot he was my brother. I calmed myself and turned towards Ray and Bob.


“Yeah, I guess. You didn’t probably kiss but I guess that would be creepy to watch!”

Bob muttered it, his face screwed up to express the creepiness of the situation. Mikey spoke up, his face grinning.

“Anymore creepy than what you and Ray just did?!”

“What?” Bob’s voice was furious as he turned on Mikey. My little brothers eyes grew twice their size as if in that moment he realised how badly Bob could beat him up.

“Guys! Down a few notches!”

Ray chilled the situation with his voice, visibly squeezing Bob’s hand. Bob turned to him, his harsh expression melting. For a second, I thought they would continue their game of tonsil tennis.

“I know! Let’s play truth or dare!”

Mikey’s face lit up at my suggestion. Everyone agreed and we used the bottle to play. First it landed on Ray. Bob looked about to speak when Mikey got in first.

“When did you first realise you liked Bob?”

The question seemed to throw everyone off for a second.

“What do you mean? He doesn’t like…” Bob started

 “From the moment I met him,” Ray looked embarrassed but Bob just kissed his lips lightly away, bringing a shade of red to both their cheeks. The bottle was spun again and this time it landed on me.

“Did you and Frank really do IT?” Ray spoke up, probably asking the question that he and Bob had been thinking. Mikey already knew.

“Do what?” I played dumb, my voice innocent.

Ray struggled to figure out how to put it.

“Did you have sex in the arse?” Bob’s voice spoke it so harshly like it was a bad thing. Yet with his hand still gripping Ray’s for dear life, I’m not sure if he could judge me for being gay!

“Yeah,” Once again causing an awkwardness in the circle.

“Like who went on top…” Bob’s voice faded, his eyes widening as he realised what he just said.

“Gross, my brother,” Mikey spoke up, his face a little screwed up, “One question each time!”

The bottle was spun again and I prayed it wouldn’t land on me again. This time Mikey was the bottle’s victim. Everyone was quiet before my voice filled the silence.

“Who’s the guy?”

“There’s a guy?” Bob asked his mouth opened to receive the gossip.

I was surprised to see that Ray’s face didn’t change. Mikey seemed to give him somewhat of a warning look before his eyes found a spot on the wall behind my head, not answering my question.

“TRUTH or dare,” Ray spoke up, stressing the ‘truth’ part.

Mikey’s eyes narrowed and he looked at Ray harshly, his eyes scrutinising his face.

“NOT now!” The loud voice made me jump a little.

“Well, if you don’t tell me, then Ray has too!” I looked at my little brother, why didn’t he want to tell me?

Ray’s eyebrows lifted as he looked at Mikey, waiting.

“Brian. He’s in my form at school,” Mikey’s face was still and his voice flat as he told us. Ray’s eyebrows remained up as he reached out to spin the bottle again.

“Yeah, coz there’s really a Brian, right?!”

The look on both faces told me Mikey was lying. I was about to continue my scrutiny of the pair when Bob spoke up, interrupting me.

“No, Gerard. There is! I know Brian,” Bob spoke up, his hand reaching out for the bottle of vodka and taking a sip before passing it to Ray, who took it, his hand lingering on Bob’s a little too long.

“You do?” I spoke surprised.

Bob just nodded.

“Seriously though dude! You could do better!”

It didn’t look like Mikey would respond until his quiet voice caught in his throat a little making me smile.

“I love him.”

Even Ray looked taken aback as Mikey looked up, catching Ray’s eyes.

“I really do, Ray!”

I crawled over to Mikey and gave him a bear hug. I whispered ‘I love you’ in his ear, kissing the top of his head. As I pulled away, I caught a look of disgust on Ray’s face but he smoothed his face quickly when I raised my eyebrows questioningly. We carried on playing for a bit, our questions now silly instead of serious. We then put ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ on, me and Mikey falling asleep in front of it. I only woke up once to see the figure of Ray, slip into Bob’s sleeping bag around one o’clock and giggled quietly to myself, before rolling over and falling asleep.


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