Why I love you

My obsession with FRERARD (MCR) now continues with fanfiction :)
Warning on explicit material.


3. Like it should always be

Frank's POV:

Gerard tried to bite back a smile as I leant against his door, my eyebrow looking suggestive (I hope!) at him. God, I loved his smile, I wished he smiled more often. I walked over to the bed and sat down beside him. He looked at me before shifting his position until he was sat next to me. I stroked his face with the back of my hand and felt him shiver beneath me.

"I was only joking you know," I muttered into him, as I embraced him in a hug, "I know you're not ready." I wasn't going to force sex on him, we loved each other and I was willing to wait. He tensed under me for a second before his arms gripped my shoulders and he pushed me back. My heart jumped in my chest for a second wondering what I did wrong before I saw his face, his real face, smile and all. He looked into my eyes and sent goose bumps down me.

"I ... I think I am ready..." This shocked me and my mouth opened up widely but before I could say anything, his mouth was on mine, his warmth was my warmth. "You sure..." I managed out the side of my mouth. In response he grabbed my arse tightly, gripping my firm buttocks in his hands. I didn't need telling twice. I pinned him down on his bed by the shoulders, my hips securing his down, our bodies against each other. My lips never left his and his hands started at my shirt trying desperately, savagely to pull it off my body. I had to help him then, pulling myself off him enough so that he could sit up. I raised my arms above my head like a little child being dressed by his Mum. He giggled an innocent sound before reaching up to pull my shirt over my head. For a second, my chest was in the open, my shirt over my head and in that second Gerard's lips were on my chest, starting from the neck, his lips kissing my collarbone. He traced my ribs and lightly nipped my nipples with his teeth, making me shake with anticipation of what was to come. His lips began to kiss down my body. I couldn't wait any longer. I ripped my shirt over my head and begun to peel off his hoodie. This he didn't seem to like so much as his arms came down straight to his sides. I looked up at him questioningly and he looked back biting his lip, not trying to stop a smile this time but looking generally nervous. Aw, he's shy. My hands worked their way into his shirt instead, stroking and feeling my way down from his chest to his stomach, stopping to tease his nipples. He shivered and his arms moved away from his sides. In one swift movement, his hoodie came off to reveal his naked torso, pale but other than that perfect against the bed sheets. He seemed shocked but just kissed me in response, our chests rubbing against each other, two bodies becoming one. I pulled off of him and pushed him on top of me now, not caring that he was bigger, just wanting to feel him pressing against me, like I had been to him. He quickly got the message, clambering on me, his hips pressed against mine, making me gasp as he slowly moved them back and forth.

My gasp seemed to encourage him as he became faster and faster with his motions. This only increased the hardness of myself against him. I breathed in sharply and gently pushed him off me before anything more happened. I was on top of him again, playing with his hair and kissing his chest, once again moving down to his stomach. But this time I didn't stop only continuing. I brought down his fly with my teeth (an old trick) and he tensed with anticipation for me. I carefully removed his trousers and boxers to reveal his full self to me, large and sweaty from his jeans where they had been pressed up against the denim for some time, I think. He looked up at me, anxious for me and like he couldn't wait for me anymore, he grabbed my neck and pushed me towards him. Yet, I stopped him, using my teeth to pull at foreskin and nipping lightly on his end. He gasped at my teasing and tried to push himself further into me, raising his hips. I gave in to him, sucking gently on him like a lollipop, moving in and out. His breathing only increased and I helped him move his hips up and down to the rhythm of my sucking. It became harder for me to keep him in time as I got quicker, pulling him deeper into me and deep throating him, swallowing to create motions that his whole body seemed to shake too.

Gerard pulled me off him suddenly, his eyes wide with an expression I couldn't place. With my hands quick and nifty, I flipped him onto his back and started to pull down my pants. My hands were fumbling too much to really do it properly so he helped me, his hands clamping my sweaty ones, pulling my jeans down until I was completely naked and we were pressed up against each other.

"Do you want me to ..." My voice was quiet and full of lust, dropping off as he nodded his head eagerly. Carefully I slid my finger into him. He wasn't ready and immediately tightened around me. I gasped a little before biting his ear lope and tracing his spine with my spare hand. He started to relax as my finger ran down his back and played it like a piano, relaxing us both. Another finger joined my first and they began rubbing his insides, tickling his spot, making him whine like a little girl. I made a noise like a laugh as I added another finger. This was too much teasing and Gerard knew it.

"Frank..." The whisper came out of him. He panted as I moved my fingers around inside him.

"Yes Ger-rrard," I played with the 'Gerr' in my mouth, making him groan at the noise.

"I want you inside me nooo..." at the words I increased the speed of my fingers, stopping his words sharply.

"Fran...." He tried to speak my name. Gently I pulled out my fingers and used them to grasp onto his large erection, slowly pumping. Then a sudden heat ran through me as I pulled inside him. For a second, we were still. This felt so right, so real. Then I began to move my hips in and out, pumping him in time to my rhythm. There was nothing he could do but pant and rock back and forth for me.

"Frank-eyyyy..." The noise was lust filled and was harsh. I could hear his breath quickening as he leaned over. I increased my pumping and I knew neither of us would last much longer.

"Gerraaaard ... Gerrrrrard .... Gerraaarrrrddd!" My voice got louder as I felt myself tense inside him and I blew my load. I finished him off, he spunked all over my hand and then sparked out on his bed, naked and panting. I lay on top of him, still inside him, still breathing heavily. Slowly he pulled out from under me, standing up by his bed, grabbing a t-shirt from the floor and cleaning himself with it carelessly. He kneeled down next to me and kissed me once, a long and passionate one, leaving me speechless as he handed me the shirt to clean myself with. Once I was clean and had at least attempted to get some of the cum off of his bed sheets, we lay together under his covers embracing, my head on his chest. Like it should always be.


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