Why I love you

My obsession with FRERARD (MCR) now continues with fanfiction :)
Warning on explicit material.


30. Birthday

Frank’s POV

Flash! The light made me blink sharply and I saw dots of white cloud my vision.

“Jesus, Alisha! Get it away from me!”

I heard Alisha laugh and I rubbed my eyes to regain my vision. All my friends were gathered around me; Bob, Ray, Alisha, Mikey. And Gerard, his hand in mine. It felt so right.

“It’s your birthday! I’m allowed to take photos on your birthday.”

She looked down at her camera, examining the photo. She sighed, muttering something about my eyes being closed and looked around for more prey. Bob and Ray were sat to one side, almost on top of each other, kissing as per usual! Alisha flashed the camera their way causing them to jump. They flinched and turned to her, where she sat laughing at them and Bob gave her the finger. Ray just looked annoyed but flapped Alisha’s camera away, his lips already on Bob’s again. She just rolled her eyes before turning towards me again.

“Seriously, one more picture and I will break your camera!”

Mikey laughed at Alisha’s down hearten expression. She made her mouth droop and gave a fake cry.

“But I haven’t got one of you and Gerard yet!”

I turned to Gee, his face looked a little worried at the prospect of having his picture taken. Though his scar was a lot better than it had been, I knew how self-conscious he was about it.

“Gee, we don’t have to-“

“No! It’s fine, Frankie!”

He flashed me the smile I loved so much, making me grin straight back at him.

“Are you su-“

He silenced my lips with him, making me be quiet as our tongues entwined.

“Will you ever stop worrying about me?”

He pretended to be annoyed but ended up giggling.


This made him smile even bigger and Alisha flashed her camera at him. I would have to get a copy of that one! We posed for a couple more, us kissing, Gerard kissing my cheek while I smiled at Alisha. We even got a big group one, Alisha setting up a timer then running as fast as she could back to us, falling over Bob and Ray and landing on me. Gee laughed hard, his teeth on show and I sighed happily. He really was so beautiful. Afterwards Gee came up to me, his face lighting up when I rose on my tip-toes to kiss his forehead.

“What’s up, honey?”

I could tell he wanted to tell me something, his grin a little lopsided and his face excited.

“I have to show you something. Do you mind if we leave for a bit?”

I shook my head. We went to the exit.

“Is Gerard giving you your birthday present, Frankie?”

Alisha grinned at me cheekily and I gave her the finger, earning me one back. We both waved at the others, promising to catch up later. Gerard led me by the hand, pulling me along. He still looked excited, an expression which suited his face. He led me behind the back of the school, somewhere I had never really been before. He took me up to a tree, which had low branches so that you could sit comfortably underneath without people gawping. Because it was autumn, the leaves had turned orange and yellow, most still on the tree but enough had fallen to make a soft surface to sit on under the tree. Once we were under in, it was like we were sealed off from everyone, I couldn’t even see the school from here.

“Wow! This is great, Gee!”

He nodded at me, his hand letting go of mine to go into his school bag. I continued looking around, sitting down on the leaves and pulling Gee down next to me. He giggled as he fell on his arse and shoved my hand from out under his bum, still giggling and blushing furiously. I loved making Gee blush. He pulled something out of his bag and handed it to me. It was a present, neatly wrapped in red wrapping paper, my favourite colour.

“I’m sorry if you don’t-“

I pulled him in for a long kiss, only pulling away when I thought of the present that I wanted to open.

“Shhh! Thank you.”

I smiled at him, producing one from him and turning back to my present. I turned it over, feeling for the cello tape and in the end, not wanting to wait any longer, ripping it open. It was a photo frame, red and square. In the frame was a drawing that Gee must have done himself. It showed me and Gerard, our foreheads against each other’s, looking into each other’s eyes. He had captured our eyes perfectly, the love clear. In the picture I was wearing my shirt and low slung tie while Gee wore a jacket and shirt, similar to mine. I was biting my lip ring, like I sometimes do when I get nervous and looking at him, a hint of a smile on my face. Gee’s face was lit up in a big smile which seemed to spread off his face and onto the paper, the light from it making the image of me seem even more beautiful. But not as beautiful as he was. Our hands were entwined, our fingers lightly sketched and the word ‘Frerard’ written in italic writing over the top. It was a cute pet name that the guys had taken to calling us. I had to prise my eyes from the picture to look at Gee, who looked embarrassed as he looked down at the picture.

“Oh, Gee! It’s beautiful, truly beautiful!”

He blushed darkly, shaking his head but I held up my hands, clutching both sides of his face in mine and making him look at me. His eyes looked uncertain but I was still taken aback by the amount of love and trust his eyes still shone with when he looked at me.

“Truly beautiful!”

He smiled and I bit my lip, staring at him, my eyes big so as to capture as much of his beauty as I could. He reached up his hands until they were over mine and we stayed staring into each other’s eyes, until I sighed giving in first and leaning in to kiss him. I wanted this moment to last forever.

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