Why I love you

My obsession with FRERARD (MCR) now continues with fanfiction :)
Warning on explicit material.


8. A stranger comes to play

“Frank, come back!”

Mikey’s voice chased after me as I ran blindly through classrooms and corridors. Just wanting to get away from it all. Away from them. Away from him. I remembered his smiling, laughing face as I had entered. He was glad to be shot of me, happy to be apart from me. While I had sat crying for the first part of the day in a cubicle at school as I thought of living without him, my Gee. I couldn’t risk seeing him, seeing my friends for fear that I would burst into tears at the sound of his voice or the mention of his name. While Gerard had been with MY friends in MY den. Laughing and joking around. I bet they had never laughed so hard in their lives as they thought of me sad and alone while they buddied up to their new friend! Well, what did I care!? About Gerard, ha! He was history! I had ended it and walked out. I had chosen to leave him for the sad, pathetic loser that he was. He was so sad that he chose to cut his arms, to self-harm, He was so pathetic that he refused to talk to someone about it. Refused to talk to me! His boyfriend, the love of his fucking life! Or so I had stupidly thought. Yet a part of me had still broken, never to be healed as I had held him bawling when I had discovered his scars. I didn’t love him. I hated him. Hated him for what he has done to me.

Suddenly a foot came out of nowhere and I went flying, head over heels. I heard Mikey gasp as I hit the floor in a heap. Blind pain came from my head and my eye sight was blinded as blood gushed from a cut I couldn’t see. I heard the faint sound of laughing. Some idiot popular kid, no doubt. Normally I would have broken his fucking neck but I didn’t have the energy. Just lying there, my exterior crumpled and broken, a mirror image of how I felt on the inside.

“Frank! Frank, are you okay?!” A voice which could only have been Mikey’s spoke into my ear, trembling as he waited for a reply.

“Ummm…” I tried to speak but it hurt to move my head. Mikey’s face dropped as he tried unsuccessfully to raise me to my feet. I was too heavy for him. I closed my eyes so as to keep the stinging heat which gushed from my head away from my eyes. Suddenly, two small arms gripped me from underneath and carried me away.  I tried to squint to see who was carrying me but decided to keep my eyes closed so as to avoid any more pain. I felt the person uneasily use a foot to open the door before us and felt myself being put down on a surface of some kind. Footsteps stepped away from me and I held my arms out blindly.

“Please, don’t leave me,” the desperate voice sounded nothing like my own but it made the person freeze and turn towards me. I felt their hands find mine and I gripped them tightly, not wanting to let go. Their body was inches away from mine as whoever-it-was’s hands moved away from my own hands to examine the cut on my head.

“Ouch!” I scowled to myself, annoyed for being such a child. At least I hadn’t cried.

The person stopped what they were doing and stood silently beside me. I hadn’t realised it before but their other hand had been circling lightly on my back soothing me and protecting in a small way from the pain I was feeling. I felt lonely without it there.

“Don’t stop,” I spoke out into the silence, “Please!”

I wondered for a second if the person here was Gerard. Suddenly a pair of lips found my own and traced their outline with their tongue causing me to shiver. They stepped away from me again but now I was sure that they wouldn’t leave me. I heard the sound of the paper towel dispenser and then running water, realising we were in the boys toilets. A firm hand guided my own to the wet paper towel and held it there for me, stemming the flow of blood. Another towel dried the blood which had soaked my face, enough so that I could open my eyes.

“Hi,” I smiled at the figure standing beside me.


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