Dear mum and dad, Love Euloo Wirree


1. Dear mum and dad


Dear mum and dad

It has now been six years since I was removed. I do not know if you will ever get this letter, I do not know where you are or whether you are alive or not, but I really hope that you will receive this letter, because I miss you all a lot. My life has changed completely since I got here. Everything is just so different. You know that I’m not a child anymore. I am now a young lady. Just the way my lovely sister, Alkoomie was right before I was taken away from you. We girls all sleep in the same room. When we turn sixteen, we get our own bed, so I just got my own bed, but I’m sharing it with a little girl named Alinga anyway. She reminds me of me when I first got here so I want to take care of her. They make us work for them, and I can tell you, we work really hard, because we know the penalty of not doing our job properly. If we are not doing our job properly, we will be whipped. It hurts so badly. They whipped me once, when I first got here. I was lonely and I was scared. I did not understand what they were saying to me, and I felt sick and tired, so I just ran off. Or at least I tried to. But they were a lot faster than me, so they caught me real quickly. I mean, I was only a little girl, I was ten years old, what could I have done to get away? So I learned that day. I did not want to be whipped ever again. Even though I was so scared, I did what I had to do with no excuses, and I still do. I do everything they tell me to. They make us go to church every single day. Even the youngest children, who do not understand a word of what the white people are saying, have to go to church more than once a day! They make us listen to something we do not believe in. I do not understand it. Why can we not believe in what we want to? Why do we have to follow their rules? Why will they not let us be us? It is funny to think that when I was brought here, I did not really understand what was happening and now it is just too late for me to fight against it. The only thing I can do is to hope that one day all this will end. I do not want to be here anymore. I just want to go home. I want to see you all again. If I got the chance, I would try to find you. I want to come home. I want to be with you again.

Love Euloo Wirree, your daughter who was taken away from you, and put in an Aboriginal settlement and internment camp.

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