Last First Kiss [DISCONTINUED]

Drama, Love and One Direction, Hally has what every directioner could ever want, but is it all it's made up to be?


41. Warm Embrace, Big Surprise



Her flawless skin was practically glowing in the moonlight,

"Believe you can sing yet love?"

laughed Louis as he tried to get over the fact that Zayn was desperately in love with himself. He was speaking to Hally, but she simply knodded and took in a deep breath,

"Not really,"

she sighed, slowly beating her eyelashes at me,

"but your just gonna keep nagging me otherwise."

I wrapped my arms around her waist and she grinned at me. The campfire roared beside us, we were all sat in a circle, gazing into the fire, the last night had been crazy.





His eyes met mine and I was locked in another universe. Zayn pulled a strand of my blonde hair away from my eyes and placed his lips on my forehead,

"I love you."

I whispered gently into his chest,

"I love you more."

He replied, his breath warm on my head. He pulled away from me, just to be pulled back in by the bear hug I was pulling him into. Zayn laughed appreciatively and I smiled back at him, I sat on his lap and rested my head on his shoulder. It was like heaven.





I wanted to take out my guitar and a bag of marshmallows but it seemed everyone was too involved with their love lives to actually sing. I wanted to get involved with mine but before I could move, Carol already had. She'd placed her lips on mine, leaving me short for breath but I was soon kissing with her.

"I can't believe we were nearly separated forever."

she whispered, out of breath and struggling to stay straight faced,

"Neither can I."

I whispered back, my hand moving to the back of her head and clasping her hair. 





He pulled me into a warm embrace, smiling whilst he kissed me. I grinned back and kissed him, loving every moment of it. His hands fell down to my waist, holding me tight, like he never wanted to let go, I put my hands on his shoulders and kept them there, I didn't want to hold tight because I didn't want to make him uncomfortable so I just held a firm grip. I didn't want to speak because then we'd have to stop but if I tried to speak I would just be speaking into his mouth. He knew I loved him, I knew he loved me, why would I have to tell him again? There wasn't any 4 words other than 'I love you Harry' or 'I love you Hally' which could signify our love for each other, was there?





I wanted to show the ring to her, but I didn't know what her reaction would be. If I knew she would cry and smile then tell me yes then I would be straight onto it. Those four words would be so easy to say, but saying 'Will you marry me?' and then being rejected would be the worst thing imaginable. She was 17, nearly 18, I was 18. What was wrong? I could feel the small shape of a box in my back pocket, the one containing the ring. I'd bought it just before we went to the camp but I want to surprise her. I wanted her to say yes. She had to say yes. I pulled away from her and stared deeply into her eyes,

"I love you, you know that don't you?"

I whispered softly into her neck,

"I know that, I love you too."

I took several deep breaths and began to speak again,

"I'd do anything for you, I want to do everything for you, I'd love you forever."

A smile flickered on her lips and I managed a nervous smile back. I was going to say it, I needed to say, there was no better time. I pulled her up, off from the log we were sitting on and right by the fire, it felt like everyone was staring but I carried on, my hands entwined with hers and I took another deep breath,

"Hally Richardson."

She nodded before widening her eyes as she saw me get down on my knees, she had to say yes,

"Will you marry me?"





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