Last First Kiss [DISCONTINUED]

Drama, Love and One Direction, Hally has what every directioner could ever want, but is it all it's made up to be?


33. Twitter Storm



It was too much, I had to do it. I loved her, she was my life, my soul, the reason that I breathed, the reason my heart beated but everything was too pressured. The fans, Directioners as they like to call themselves, were being amazing with me and Dani yet it seemed not all were the best. They were giving my girlfriend death threats, death threats?!? How are they loyal fans if they are discriminating the person I loved? I know not all of them did it but it was just those few that set me off, that caused that twitter storm, the storm that had just started to strike.





I scrolled through the lists and lists of direct messages, mentions and interactions, taking each comment like a knife through the heart.


@HallyR @harrystyles You can do so much better than that slag Harry!

@HallyR What were you thinking @harrystyles, she's a right whore. There are so much people better than her

@harrystyles This thing with @HallyR better just be a one night stand, serves her right being in hospital. Die already.

@HallyR Leave @harrystyles alone you ugly slapper, you don't deserve him, he can do way better than you.


@HallyR Go jump off a cliff.

@HallyR Your so ugly, commit suicide or something. #SoGlad your in hospital.

@HallyR Gonna come visit you tonight, break your life support #goodbye


Tears were falling from my eyes and onto my iPhone, I quickly wiped them away as Harry walked in with a hot chocolate and a sandwich,



I managed a small smile but Harry noticed that things weren't right,

"What's wrong? Are you in pain? Do you need a nurse?"

"No, Harry I'm fine."

I locked my phone as he leant over to see what I was doing,

"Give me your phone."

"No, Harry there's nothing wrong."

"Give me your phone, now."

I gave up as it scared me to see him angry, his hand brushed past mine as he picked up my phone and typed in my password. His face dropped immediatly as I hadn't closed my twitter page when I locked it,

"Hally?!? How could you not tell me about this?!?"

The tears began to fall again and my I threw my self at him as I sobbed madly,

"Oh, baby..."

His arms felt so warm around me and I cried into his shoulder for at least 10 minutes running, the warmth of his arms was just so amazing that I had to force through the last tears. Harry pulled a strand of hair out of my eyes and brushed away a tear,

"Do you think I am a slag and a whore?"

Harry stared at me, stunned into silence, I knew it was a stupid question but my mind was so full of doubt and all the hate was overwhelming,

"You want me to answer to that? I could never imagine you thinking that about yourself. Your beautiful, I love you. You are not any of those things they have said and I have full rights to report them to the police Hally. Trust me, your amazing just the way you are."

He kissed my forehead gently and wrapped his arms around me once more before handing me my food,

"I knew you liked chicken sandwiches."

I smiled at him childishly and thanked him for the food,

"It's christmas in a month you know."

"Yeah, I know."

"I know exactly what to get you."

I stared at him in shock,

"I never expected you to get me anything Harry! You already bought me that wonderful bear in Harrods which cost loads. I have nothing to buy you."

"Hally, I don't care if you don't get me anything, all I want from you is your love. Just being with you is a gift."

Harry always said such poetic speeches, it was amazing and I smiled gratefully, inside, I still felt dreadful for not having enough money to buy him anything,

"Did you hear that Liam and Danielle had broke up?"


I yelled, how could they break up?!? They were so perfect together! I loved them as a couple, I bet it was all those directionators on twitter. God, I felt like slapping each and every one of them,

"Yeah, they had a massive fight last night and Liam decided to end it all between them. Twitter has been raging since."


"I know."

"I feel so sorry for him, I feel like it's all my fault. That pressure last night must of been so bad, god..."

"It's not your fault babe."

He kissed my forehead again and I snuggled into him,

"I hate these Twitter Storm's."

"Me too love, me too..."





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